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EU, UK: Stabbing And Beheading While Praising The God Of Islam Is Not “Religiously Inspired Terrorism”

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That’s the conclusion one would have to draw if they were to take at face value the fact that EU member states reported no “religiously inspired” terror attacks whatsoever during 2013. Their failure to report such incidents, however, shouldn’t be all that surprising. After all, why would they want to report something they’re determined to pretend doesn’t even exist? …

Revelation 18:3a, “For all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries …”

By Nicolai Sennels, Jihad Watch – “A small detail in EuroPol’s report ‘European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2014′ underlines the cowardice of the EU and the UK when it comes to confronting Islamic terrorism:

European Union (EU) Member States reported no terrorist attacks specifically classified as religiously inspired terrorism for the 2013 period. However, in at least two attacks, the role of religious radicalisation appears to be evident. On 22 May 2013, an off-duty British army soldier was murdered in the vicinity of army barracks in Woolwich, London (UK). The attackers initially used a car to run him over, before repeatedly stabbing him with bladed weapons. The two suspects – British Muslim converts of Nigerian descent – were arrested at the scene. Further arrests of their associates were made from May onwards. The assailants were self-organised but previously had links to radical Muslim groups in the UK (al-Muhajiroun and its later incarnation, the Sharia4 movement).16 One of the suspects was also believed to have attempted to travel to Somalia in the past in order to join Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahidin (HSM, Young Mujahidin Movement). Both attackers were convicted of the murder in December 2013.

On 25 May 2013, just three days after the aforementioned attack, a French soldier was targeted in a non-fatal knife attack in La Défense near Paris (France) by an individual who converted to Islam and radicalised in an extremely short period of time.

Source – Jihad Watch.

Digging Deeper: “Religious Terror” In Europe Increased 35 Percent In 2013, 216 Terror Cases In One Year – For those who are interested in political violence, the enormous difference between Left and Right wing terrorism shown in the chart here is also interesting. From EuroPol’s report “European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2014: ‘Significant increase in arrests for religiously inspired terrorism from 159 in 2012 to 216 in 2013.'” See chart.

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Huge Threat: Swedish Spy Chief Warns Of Rising Islamic Terrorism, “We Haven’t Seen Anything Like This Before”

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In just two years Sweden has seen more people learning violent jihad than they’ve seen in the last 10 years. The government’s immigration policies and submissiveness to the ideology that spurs this behavior is partly to blame, and will do nothing but ensure that the problems they’re seeing today will only worsen tomorrow …

Al Rod Al Anf, Volume 2, Page 182: “You see [Allah] will soon make you inherit their land, their treasures and make you sleep with their women.” (The Words of Mohammed as Recorded by Ibn Hisham)

By Alistair Scrutton, Reuters – “Sweden’s biggest security threat comes from around 200 Islamists in the country with the potential for involvement in militant attacks, including young people radicalized after joining the war in Syria, the state’s spy chief said.

Increasing Russian espionage and signs of ‘war planning’ from Moscow since the Ukraine crisis took second place in Sweden’s overall security assessment – although it did not see any increased immediate threat, Anders Thornberg said.

Sweden has long taken a standoffish position in international affairs, avoiding even the world wars of the last century. But military roles in Afghanistan and missions to Mali have undermined that formal neutrality and made Sweden more of a target, said Thornberg, who has spent over two decades at SAPO.

‘We are talking about a couple of hundred people that are supporting or are willing and capable to carry out terrorist attacks in Sweden or planning a terrorist attack in Sweden against targets in neighboring countries or other places in the world,’ Thornberg told Reuters.

Thornberg, head of the SAPO security police, said there were more radicalized Swedes involved in Syria over the past two years than in the past 10 years of other insurgent campaigns.

Several Western states have voiced concern about the risk from youths returning home trained for jihad after joining disparate rebel groups, which include foreign al Qaeda insurgents, in Syria.

‘It’s a huge threat,’ Thornberg said. ‘We have seen through the years before that a lot of people were traveling to Afghanistan, to Yemen, Somalia, other countries, learning how to do jihad.’

‘But it was over a period over 10 years. Now in just two years we have seen more people than totally in the last 10 years,’ he added. ‘We haven’t seen anything like this before.'” Read more.

Flashback: För Sverige …

And Hell Followed: Islamic Terror On The Rise In Africa

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And where Islamists rise, death and destruction quickly follows …

Qur’an Sura 4:74, “Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.”

Christian News Network – “In the days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, al-Qaida became a household name. But today, other extremist Islamist groups, many in Africa, are vying for headlines.

Recently, the group Boko Haram gained international infamy after it abducted more than 250 schoolgirls. Since 2009, Christians in northern Nigeria have borne the brunt of Boko Haram violence, which has included attacks on churches, schools and government installations.

Now Libyan Christian leaders fear Boko Haram could spread its influence into their country as a result of a renegade former general’s campaign to purge the chaotic country of Islamist militants.

But Africa is home to several other extremist groups.

In the Central African Republic on Wednesday (May 28), a group known as the Seleka militia attacked a Catholic church in the capital, Bangui, where Christians were seeking refuge, killing at least 30 people.

The group emerged in September 2012, and the following year it rampaged through the country, attacking churches and missions, before overthrowing the government in March 2013. The group has since lost ground and is now involved in a cycle of revenge attacks against the pro-Christian anti-Balaka rebel group.

Somalia’s al-Shabaab has claimed attacks on churches, public places and public transportation in East Africa. The group, which got its start in 2006, began escalating the number of attacks in Kenya in 2011 when that country sent its troop to Somalia to fight the Islamists. Last week, al-Shabaab said it was shifting its war to Kenya.

Extremist groups are not unique to Africa, said Jesse Mugambi, a professor in the University of Nairobi’s department of philosophy and religious studies. Al-Qaida-related groups are on the rise in Syria and Yemen, among other spots.” Read more.

Flashback: Islam In Africa: ‘An Invisible Genocide Where Sadistic Killers Slaughter And Execute Thousands Of Christians’ – “The UN does nothing, the world is silent, and most Western citizens, who know little about Africa, do not know it is happening. The goal is creating a big African-Islamic continent. Christians must be killed or expelled. Fom Nigeria to Sudan, it is raging, the ‘Odium Fidei’, the war of religion. A genocide epitomized not by the images of Sydney Pollack’s ‘Out of Africa’, which presents a continent that is rich and attractive, but by the Nigerian village of Dogo Nahawa, where Islamists, armed with machetes, killed 300 Christians, mostly women and children.” Read more.

Flashback: Expert: Islam Is ‘Metastasizing Worldwide’, Muslims Are ‘Feeling Empowered To Resurrect An Islamic Caliphate’ – “A leading expert on Islamic terrorism says al-Qaida is different but as dangerous as ever because the U.S. failed to lead properly … more and more in the West are finally acknowledging the destruction radical Islam leaves in its path, but she said Americans should not hold their breath waiting for moderate Muslims to begin lashing out at extremist acts… Al-Qaida has evolved greatly from how it functioned around the time of the terrorist attacks in September 2001. Instead of a powerful central organization, it now exists primarily as many different regional organizations spread out from east Asia to North Africa and each group largely appears to be making their own decisions.” Read more.

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