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Sudan: Authorities Arrest, Imprison Yet Another Christian Woman For Allegedly “Leaving Islam”

Matthew 10:22, “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.”

Morning Star News – “As Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, sentenced to death for leaving Islam, gave birth early this morning in prison, another Christian woman in Sudan has been jailed for ‘apostasy,’ sources said…

In the town of El Gadarif on Sudan’s eastern border with Ethiopia, another Christian woman has been incarcerated under suspicion of having left Islam, Morning Star News has learned.

Immigration/Citizenship police questioned Faiza Abdalla, 37, as she was going to obtain her national identification number at an official building in El Gadarif on April 2, a source told Morning Star News. When she responded to officers’ questions about her religion that she was a Christian, they immediately arrested her based on her Muslim name, he said.

Her family had converted to Christianity from Islam before she was born but kept their former name, the source said.

‘They arrested me because I am a Christian,’ said Abdalla, originally from an area in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, where her parents raised her in an evangelical church.

As happened with Ibrahim and Wani, a court on April 8 terminated Abdalla’s marriage to her husband, a lifelong Catholic from South Sudan, on grounds that she had committed ‘adultery’ by allegedly having left Islam and married a Christian. Abdalla’s husband fled the country two years ago because of persecution.

Immigration/Citizenship officials, who are responsible for issuing national IDs, routinely search for those who have left Islam to arrest and force them to return to the religion, the source said.

‘Faiza Abdalla is a Christian, and her husband is a catechist,’ said a Christian in Al Gaderif who grew up with her in the same community.

Church leaders and Christian activists in Al Gaderif went to police to ask for the release of Abdalla, without success, the source said. Church leaders in the town say they are upset by a new wave of persecution against Christians.” Read more.

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