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Ottawa: Jordanian Muslim Visiting Canada Has Sudden Urge To Go On Rape Spree

Hadith, Bukhari 5096, “[Muhammad said] The worst sin and distraction from virtue that I have left for man is woman”

CBC News – “Ottawa police have charged a 25-year-old man who was in Canada on an expired student visa with six sexual assaults across the city that happened over a 14-month period.

Yousef Hussein, 25, was charged with six sexual assaults that happened between August 2012 and October 2013. (Facebook)

Yousef Hussein, who also owns a small company called RJ Moving, is charged with six counts of sexual assault, three counts of overcoming resistance, two counts of breaking and entering and two counts of committing an indecent act.

Hussein made a brief court appearance by video on Friday and is scheduled to return to court on May 21.

His lawyer told reporters his client was a Jordanian national who had never had any interaction with police before. Hussein’s wife was also in attendance at the courthouse.

Police sources said they were led to Hussein after a man living in the same west Ottawa apartment building called them after seeing a surveillance video police released in the winter.

Police then tracked Hussein and later searched his apartment. They also asked for suspects to come in for saliva samples and polygraph tests to narrow their suspect list, sources told CBC News.” Read more.

Revelation 9:21, “And they did not repent of their murders … or their sexual immorality …”

Flashback: Canada: Muslim Cleric Wants To Force All Women In Toronto To Wear Burkas, Head Scarves And Face Veils … Or Risk Being Raped – “But don’t worry, this enlightened Muslim cleric only wants all non-Muslim women to dress like Muslim women because he cares so much for their safety.  Indeed, nothing shows you care more for the inferior sex than blaming them for being sexually assaulted. Because they’re asking for it, right? Besides, if Muslim men are unable to control sexual temptation, then neither can all non-Muslim men, correct? After all, the prophet of Islam said it, so it has to be true. But here’s an idea: Instead of forcing all non-Muslim women to conform to a Muslim dress code, how about we just force all Muslim men to stay indoors? Wouldn’t women then be much, much safer?” Read more.

Flashback: UK: Muslims Account For 4% Of British Population, Yet Are 200 Times More Likely To Commit Sex Crimes – “These numbers, that Muslims who consist of only 4% of the UK population have 200 times the number of sexual perpetrators than any other group, is only a small number of the actual reality. It only represents cases that have come to light. The more cases that are prosecuted, the higher that number goes. Michael Coren interviews UK’s mosque buster Gavin Body on Muslim child pimping in the UK, a rampant and widespread crime taking place all across the country that has been covered up and protected by local Muslim politicians and Muslim police officers.” Read more.

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