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Powerful 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Mexico City

Quake downgraded to 7.2 by the USGS …

Associated Press – “A powerful magnitude-7.2 earthquake shook central and southern Mexico on Friday, sending panicked people into the streets, where broken windows and debris fell, but there were no early reports of major damage or casualties.

The U.S. Geological Survey said it was centered northwest of the Pacific resort of Acapulco, where many Mexicans are vacationing for the Easter holiday.

It was felt across at least a half-dozen states and Mexico’s capital, where it shook for at least 30 seconds. Around the region, there were reports of isolated and minor damage, such as fallen fences, trees and broken windows. Chilpancingo, capital of the southern state of Guerrero, where the quake was centered, reported a power outage, but service was restored after 15 minutes.

In Acapulco, 59-year-old Enedina Ramirez Perez was having breakfast, enjoying the holiday with about 20 family members, when her hotel started to shake.

‘People were turning over chairs in their desperation to get out, grabbing children, trampling people,’ the Mexico City woman said. ‘The hotel security was excellent and starting calming people down. They got everyone to leave quietly.’

The quake struck 170 miles (273 kilometers) southwest of Mexico City, where people fled high rises and took to the streets, many in still in their bathrobes and pajamas on their day off.

‘I started to hear the walls creak and I said, `Let’s go,” said Rodolfo Duarte, 32, who fled his third-floor apartment.

‘This is really strong,’ said Gabriel Alejandro Hernandez Chavez, 45, an apartment building guard in central Mexico City. ‘And I’m accustomed to earthquakes.’” Read more.

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  1. 04/18/2014 at 11:20 AM

    The sad good news, we dont have to send them aid, they all live in the USA now


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