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UK: Muslim Man Beheads Girlfriend After ‘Hearing Voices’ In His Head

Here’s an update on this story. Sounds like they may have been the same voices that the “prophet” of Islam himself heard one dark and lonely night in a cave far, far away …

1 Peter 5:8b, “… the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

The Star – “A pizza delivery driver who beheaded his girlfriend while she was still alive ‘heard voices’ in his head, jurors were told.

Aras Hussein, aged 21, of Herries Road, Shirecliffe, Sheffield, claims to have believed he and 18-year-old Reema Ramzan had entered into a suicide pact together.

He admits the killing on the grounds of diminished responsibilty, but denies murder. Reema’s decapitated body was discovered in Hussein’s flat last June.

Jurors at Sheffield Crown Court were told Hussein, who arrived in the UK from Iraq as an asylum seeker when he was about 13, has declined to give evidence directly.

He has been assessed as suffering paranoid schizophrenia.

Karim Khalid, representing Hussein, read a report from consultant forensic psychiatrist Pauline Souflas, who assessed him at Rampton Hospital in March, when he gave an account of what he says happened on the day of the killing. Hussein said ‘voices’ told him to collect Reema from her home, and that the pair had made a suicide pact.

Hussein told Ms Souflas, ‘I heard voices in Kurdish, more than one voice, and they talked to each other. I said to Reema, ‘Let’s kill ourselves’. She did not say anything. She picked up two knives. Reema stabbed my chest, I stabbed her chest. I heard voices saying ‘police are watching you’.’

Giving evidence in court yesterday, Ms Souflas said she believed Hussein to be suffering from schizophrenia.

She said he told her he believed the police had been watching him on camera, and during his last assessment Hussein ‘appeared to have been occupied with internal voices or experiences’.” Read more.

Flashback: Ireland: Man Showing ‘A Keen Interest In Islam’ Hears Voices In His Head, Beheads His Own Mother – “A MAN accused of beheading his mum and burying her in a shallow grave told a pal ‘I might be evil’ a murder trial heard today. James Dunleavy, 40, had been showing a keen interest in Islam, after also experimenting with Buddhism and New Age beliefs. He told a pal that he had been hearing voices in his head and that the Koran would not protect him. Shop manager Mohammed Razaq – who used Dunleavy’s bedroom to pray when he could not get to his local mosque – told the High Court in Edinburgh of their conversations – just weeks before the dismembered remains of Dunleavy’s mother were found …” Read more.

Flashback: UK: Muslim Man Hearing Voices In His Head Knifes Random Student To Death – “A teenage gap-year student was knifed to death in the street in broad daylight by a ‘laughing’ stranger in Manchester, a jury has heard. Kieran Crump-Raiswell, 18, was heading to look for a job when Imran Hussain, 27, walked up to him and ‘without warning’ stabbed him four times in the chest, Manchester Crown Court was told. Witnesses to the shocking scene in Whalley Range said Hussain appeared to be ‘sniggering’ as he ran to his car and drove off … Hussain went on to claim he had been hearing ‘threatening and abusive voices’ and that he travelled to the two cities to confront them.” Read more.

Flashback: Boston Bomber Heard Voices In His Head, ‘Someone Is In My Brain’ – “Tamerlan traveled to Dagestan and immersed himself in Islam… When he returned to his local mosque, with a whole new look, Tamerlan repeated the concept of someone in his brain … ‘Larking, too, found his young friend changed in several ways on his return. Much more serious than he had been, Tamerlan insisted that Larking grow a beard, ‘to honor the prophet Mohammed.’ Larking complied. He also pressed Larking to remove his wedding ring, saying that most Muslims did not wear gold, but Larking refused. The last time Larking and Tamerlan sat together in the rear of the mosque, Tamerlan once again mentioned the voices in his head. This time, as Larking recalled it, he seemed afraid. ‘He said, ‘Someone is in my brain, telling me stuff to do,’ ‘ recalled Larking.’” Read more.

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  1. 04/11/2014 at 9:26 AM

    really, I find this story hard to believe. there is no way that there is a crazy Muslims. J/K most of them are crazy, just look, they are on a manhunt for a 9 month old baby for murder,


  2. 04/11/2014 at 5:37 PM



    One may almost say of popular Islam what Dr. Warneck does of the heathen Battaks of Sumatra: “The worship of spirits, with the fear underlying it, completely fills the religious life of the Battaks and of all animistic peoples. Their whole daily life in its minutest details is saturated with it. At birth, name-giving, courting, marriage, house-building, seed-time and harvest, the spirits must be considered.” What the Moslem belief in jinn involves can best be indicated by giving here the table of contents of one of the standard works on the subject called Akam ul Mirjan fi Ahkam al Jann by Mohammed ibn Abdallah al-Shibli who died 789 A.H. It is for sale in every Moslem city throughout the world. I follow the chapter headings without note or comment: the reader will pardon its literalisms:
    Introduction: Proof of the existence of Jinn.

    Moslems, People of the Book and the infidels of the Arabs agree on the existence of jinn.
    Great philosophers and physicians proclaim their existence –
    Beginning of creation of jinn.

    The origin of jinn is fire as the origin of man is earth.

    Bodies of jinn.
    Kinds of jinn.
    Residence of jinn.
    Diversification of jinn.
    Demons’ ability of diversification.
    God gave different forms to angels, jinn and men.
    Some dogs are of the jinn.
    Jinn look at the private parts of man when exposed.
    What prevents demons from sleeping at men’s houses.
    Man’s Companion of the jinn, the Qarina.
    Jinn eat and drink.
    Some traditions concerning this subject.
    The Devil eats and drinks with his left hand.
    What prevents jinn from taking the food of man.
    Jinn marry and beget children.
    That jinn have responsibilities.
    Were there any prophets of jinn before the Prophet? The jinn are included in the mission of the Prophet.
    The jinn went to the Prophet and heard him.
    Sects of jinn.
    Worship of jinn with man.
    Reward of jinn.
    Infidels of jinn enter the Fire.
    Believers of jinn enter Paradise.
    Do the believers of jinn see God in Paradise? Prayers behind a jinni.
    A jinn passed between the hands of a praying man.
    A man kills a jinni.
    Marriage of jinn.
    Jinn expose themselves to women.
    Some jinn prevent others from exposing themselves to women.
    If a jinn cohabited with a woman must she purify herself? The hermaphrodites are the sons of the jinn.
    What if a jinn robs a woman of her husband?
    Prohibition of eating and burnt offerings of jinn.
    Jinn give fatwas.
    Jinn preach to men.
    Jinn teach medicine to men.
    Jinn and men quarrel before men.
    Jinn fear men.
    Jinn obey men.
    How to get refuge against jinn.
    The influence of the Koranic verses on the bodies of jinn.
    Why jinn obey amulets.
    Solomon was the first man who took servants of Jinn.
    What must be written for the sick.
    Jinn reward men for good and evil.
    How jinn cast down men.
    How jinn enter men’s bodies.
    Are the motions of the epileptic due to jinn? How to heal him.
    The plague is of jinn.
    The passions caused by Satan.
    The evil eye caused by Jinn.
    Its effect on men.
    Jinn are bound with chains in the month of Ramadan.
    The worship of jinn by men.
    Jinn foretell the mission of the Prophet. Heaven is guarded from them by shooting stars.
    Jinn told of the Prophet’s attack.
    Jinn told of his converts.
    Jinn told of Badr story.
    Jinn told of the murdering of Said ibn Ebada.
    It is allowed to ask jinn concerning the past, not the future.
    Testimony of jinn on the Day of Judgment.
    Jinn lament and eulogize several dead Moslems.
    Was Satan of the angels?
    Did God speak to Satan?
    Satan’s fault in saying he is better than Adam.
    Satan’s whispering.
    God’s name drives away the whisper. Stories concerning that.
    Satan’s call to man.
    Evil-doing is desired by Satan.
    How Satan seduces man.
    Satan is always with the one who contradicts others.
    The learned man is stronger than the pious before Satan.
    Satan weeps at the death of the believer for being unable to seduce him.
    Angels wonder at the escape of the believer’s heart from Satan.
    The four wailings of Satan.
    Satan’s throne is over the sea.
    Satan’s place.
    Satan gave his five children five positions.
    The presence of Satan at cohabitation.
    The presence of Satan at the birth of every child.
    Satan runs through man’s veins.
    Satans expose themselves to boys at night.
    What diverts Satan from boys.
    Satan sleeps on the vacant bed.
    Satan never takes a siesta.
    Satan ties three knots over the head of the sleeping.
    Bad dreams are from Satan.
    Satan never imitates the Prophet.
    The Sun arises and sets between the two horns of Satan.
    The sitting-place of Satan.
    Satan flees at prayer call.
    Satan accompanies the unjust judge.
    Satan walks in one shoe.
    Satan flees if man repeats El-Sajada.
    Yawning, sleeping and sneezing are from Satan.
    Haste is from Satan.
    A donkey brays when he sees a demon.
    Satan exposes himself to the people of the mosques.
    Satan’s pride not to have knelt down to Adam and to have seduced him to eat from the tree.
    Is Eden in heaven or on earth?
    Satan showed himself to Eve.
    Satan showed himself to Noah in the ark.
    Satan showed himself to Abraham when he was about to offer up Isaac.
    Satan showed himself to Moses.
    Satan showed himself to Zul Kifl.
    Satan showed himself to Job.

    Now all this – and nearly every chapter is a door to a world of groveling superstition and demonolatry – finds its parallel in the beliefs of the animist. Among them the earth, air and water are supposed to be peopled with spirits. They are most numerous in the forest and in the waste fields, where they lie in wait for the living, and afflict them with disease and madness, or drag them away to an awful death. “They prowl round the houses at night, they spy through the crevices of the partitions or come into the house in the form of some man or beast. Sometimes in epidemics they can even be seen. There are men who have the spiritual gift of being able to see spirits and souls. Sometimes these men see the spirit of the dead stepping behind the coffin and perching the soul of a living man upon it – the inevitable result of which is, that the man must die. The number of dangerous spirits to which human misery is traced back is legion. Names are given and attributes ascribed to spirits of particularly bad repute, such as the spirit who causes cholera: he is of a terrific size, and carries a mighty club with which he smites his victim to the earth.”


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