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Earthquakes, Animals Fleeing Yellowstone Spark Fears Of Volcanic Eruption

Sounds like something out of an Roland Emmerich movie …

Potential Ashfall Of An Eruption

Potential Ashfall Of An Eruption

RT – “Videos of bison seemingly fleeing Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming have sparked concerns among some bloggers that recent seismic activity could trigger the eruption of the park’s so-called supervolcano.

According to Epoch Times, multiple videos of such incidents have been posted online recently, one of which shows a herd of buffalo allegedly leaving the park and ‘running for their lives.’ Although people behind the discussion acknowledge there’s no way to predict when the park’s massive volcano could erupt, they believe the reaction of the Yellowstone’s animals could signal some kind of alert.

On March 30, Yellowstone was struck by the most powerful earthquake it has experienced since 1980 – a 4.8 magnitude quake that did no damage, but that some believe could be connected to the various animals’ movements.

‘Whether I believe this, or whether I don’t believe the story or not, I don’t know. I can tell you this story I saw this morning about the buffaloes running the street … whether or not it’s because of any activity in Yellowstone or not, I don’t know,’ said blogger Jay Lee, according to the Times.

‘But I’ll tell you this, whatever the case may be, that their running away from Yellowstone is an alert of some sort.’

Another video uploaded to YouTube, this time by self-described ‘survivalist’ and ‘search-and-rescue expert’ Tom Lupshu, claims, ‘Biologists aren’t sure if there’s been a stunning decline in the herd or if other factors have skewed the tally.’ Lupshu also said that helium releases in the area are 1,000 times above normal levels, and accused the US Geological Survey of not reporting small quakes occurring near the volcano.

‘Herds of bison running for their lives on the public roadways and they were not being chased or rounded up, the bison were running down the mountain slopes onto roadways running right past a filming crew,’ he added. ‘They detect something vast and deadly. The Yellowstone Supervolcano is the only thing there that would fit the bill.’

The supervolcano – which was found last year to be 2.5 times larger than previously thought – has not erupted in over 640,000 years, leaving some to speculate that a blast is overdue. If and when it erupts again, the volcano could potentially spew ash over large swathes of North America and cause trouble around the entire planet.

‘It would be a global event,’ Jamie Farrell of the University of Utah told the Associated Press last year. ‘There would be a lot of destruction and a lot of impacts around the globe.'” Read more.

Flashback: Is the Yellowstone Supervolcano Due For An Eruption? – “If the volcano located under Yellowstone National Park were to erupt, there would be catastrophic consequences. Scientists claim that a trace of ash and soot would cover almost all of the United States. The volcanic material lifted into the sky would block out the sun for a period of time, causing a global temperature decrease. The ash, combined with lower temperatures, would kill most crops—leading to a nationwide food crisis. ” Read more.

  1. 04/03/2014 at 12:27 AM

    Reblogged this on Dogma and Geopolitics.


  2. 04/03/2014 at 2:41 AM

    This is an amazing video. It is as though the Lord has whistled for them, that they might escape the coming destruction. It would appear that the animals have their ears more in tune with GOD’s voice, then do most people. They are heeding HIs call to safety. Perhaps, this is a warning for us as well.


  3. Russ
    07/22/2014 at 7:12 PM

    You might want to consider how dangerous fracking in this area would be. This area is currently being targeted. “hydraulic fracking is now proposed in the Roscoe/Dean area (Oct. 24 Billings Gazette), as well as the Bearcreek area, approximately 80 miles from the edge of the Yellowstone caldera, our neighboring sleeping supervolcano.”
    Read more:
    Could fracking awaken Yellowstone supervolcano?
    November 03, 2013 12:00 am


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