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Iranian Ayatollah: The Coming Mahdi Will Behead Western Leaders

For diabolical peaceful purposes. When it comes to beheading and Islam, you can’t think of one without thinking about the other …

By Reza Kahlili, The Daily Caller – “A leading ayatollah of Iran’s Islamic regime is promising that Western leaders will be executed by the Islamic messiah, the state-owned media outlet Mehr news reported Saturday.

‘When Imam Zaman [‘Mahdi,’ the last Shiite Imam] comes, he will behead the Western leaders,’ warned Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani, the interim Friday prayer leader of Tehran and a member of the Assembly of Experts, the body that chooses the supreme leader. ‘However, Imam will not harm the oppressed nations,’ he said.

The Shiite clerical establishment in Iran believes that at the end of times, the 12th Imam, Mahdi, a ninth century prophet, will reappear with Jesus Christ at his side, kill all the infidels and raise the flag of Islam in all four corners of the world.

A video revealed in 2011, ‘The Coming Is Upon Us,’ showed regime intentions: change in the Middle East, destruction of Israel and the coming of Mahdi. The video, produced by the regime, was to be distributed in the Middle East.

Kashani compared the Western leaders as ‘tag rags’ and criticized Europe’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, for her recent visit to Tehran in which she met with female dissidents. The purpose of Ashton’s visit was to discuss with regime officials the ongoing negotiations over Iran’s illicit nuclear program. However, in a sign of support for human rights, she met with several dissidents.

‘They come to Iran, and in the name of human rights, they meet with this and that,’ Kashani said. ‘However, they commit the most heinous crimes in the region and the world.’

U.N. human rights officials recently raised an alarm about violence against women, torture and at the pace of execution in Iran. In two and a half months of this year alone, 176 people have been hanged.” Read more.

Flashback: ‘Prepare For War’: Iran Says Syrian Crisis Is A Prelude To The Coming Of Islamic Savior, The Mahdi – “A high Iranian politician believes the Syrian revolution could be the catalyst for sparking a worldwide conflagration that will usher in an era of Muslim domination of the world. ‘One can smell from the crisis in Syria the coming … of the end of times and the coming of the last Islamic messiah,’ said Ruhollah Hosseinian, a member of the Islamic regime’s parliament… Hosseinian told the audience that they should prepare themselves for war. ‘The coming of his highness is assured …'” Read more.

The ‘Perfect Human Being’: Can An Islamic Antichrist Present Himself As God And Receive Worship, Yet Remain A Servant Of ‘Allah’? – “According to Sunni and Shi’a Islam, the Mahdi (or 12th Imam) is believed to be ‘the infallible intercessor between Allah and faithful Muslims’ [1]. The Iranian President even described the Mahdi today as ”The Ultimate Savior” of the world [2]. The significance of this claim cannot be overstated… According to Biblical Scripture, anyone who would proclaim himself to be the ‘intercessor’ between man and God or the ‘savior’ of the world would be attributing to himself a title or position that is exclusive to God alone, therefore presenting himself as God.” Read more.

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