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Brunei: Non-Muslims Who Share Their Faith To Face $20,000 Fine And 5+ Years In Prison

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But women can still drive and Christians can still wear crosses and display them in their homes. For now …

1 Corinthians 1:18, “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

Borneo Post – “Non-Muslims in the Sultanate are allowed to wear their respective symbols of faith such as the crucifix, rosary or other religious paraphernalia in their vehicles or homes, said the Deputy Syariah Prosecutor yesterday during a special briefing on the Syariah Penal Code Order 2013 that was held at the Philippine Embassy in Jln Kebangsaan, ©BRUDIRECT.COM reported.

‘It is stated in the constitution that we give freedom for non-Muslims to practice their faith among themselves, in the allocated premises without being threatened by authorities’ added Hjh Fatimah Awg Hj Ahmad, Deputy Syariah Prosecutor from the Islamic Law Unit, Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA).

This was one of many questions raised by Filipino community members living in the Sultanate since they are the biggest non-Muslim expatriates in the country that actively practicing their faith.

Hjh Fatimah however reminded that spreading any religion other than Islam in Brunei is considered as a propagation of religion other than Islam to a Muslim or person without beliefs or in similar context. A hefty fine of BND$20,000 will be imposed together with a jail sentence of not less than five years on those found guilty.

Another question raised was on the issue of whether women will be prohibited from driving under the new Order, to which the Deputy Syariah Prosecutor replied ‘No’. She proceeds to explain that the authorities understand women in the Sultanate drive for a valid reason, saying that ‘we are not going that far, we understand that women (in Brunei) must drive whether to go to work, to pick up their children and other things. We are not going to say women should not drive, we are not that extreme. Women will continue to drive in Brunei’.

The idea that women should not be allowed to drive was first suggested by a person named ‘Jaya’ (assumed to be a pseudonym) who wrote a letter to Saturday 22 2014 edition of Borneo Bulletin for the Opinion section. In the letter, he asserted that women must not drive alone and that our youths are going wet and wild listening to Western music. When his suggestion first surfaced on the social media, it was negatively received by many people, with a few individuals pointing out that such prohibition does not exist anywhere in Al-Quran, hadith, and Islam in general.

Another key topic discussed was segregation between non-Muslims men and women in places such as staff living quarters; a common practice by employers as well as at public establishments such as cinemas, restaurants and even public transportation.

‘As of now there is no prohibition’, said Hjh Fatimah …” Read more.

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Sudanese Cleric: Death And Destruction In The Name Of Allah Leads To Order, Not To Chaos

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Ecclesiastes 9:18, “Wisdom is better than weapons of war; but one sinner destroys much good.”

In this fallen world, sometimes the restoration of peace and freedom inevitably necessitates a “just” war. Nonetheless, because we value human life we must declare even these reluctantly, wisely, and only in response to an aggressive enemy. In Islam, however, war against non-Muslims is necessitated even in the midst of relative peace. It must be willingly sought, not in response to any real act of aggression, but in response to the call of a religion that values death in the cause of “Allah” above all else. In darkened minds such as these, peace absent from Islam is absent of peace and is the mandate upon which a perpetual state of war must exist, one that is incumbent upon all Muslims everywhere to fight …

Qur’an Sura 4:76a, “Those who believe [in Islam] fight in the cause of Allah …”

Hadith, Sahih Muslim 1:33a, “The Messenger of Allah [Mohammed] said: ‘I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah, and they establish [Islamic] prayer …”

Sudanese Cleric Sheik Muhammad Ali Al-Jazouli, 1/31/2014 – “Allah said: ‘Fight them until there is no more strife and Allah’s religion prevails.’ The purpose of Jihad is to prevent strife. Jihad is not strife. Allah says that if not for Jihad, there would be chaos… Allah says that Jihad brings order. The shedding of the blood of infidels [non-Muslims] is for the sake of purification and security… The killing of an infidel, the bombing of an embassy, the killing of US diplomats, or the killing of Rafidite Shiites do not constitute chaos. These are great, noble, and blessed steps towards order…” Watch more backwardness below.

Shot Across The Bow: Enormous Asteroid To Zip Between Earth And Moon Wednesday

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We’ve been seeing a lot of close ones lately. It’s only a matter of time before one of these big ones hits …

FOX News – “Talk about a close shave!

An asteroid 100 feet wide is set to squeak past the Earth early Wednesday evening, soaring fewer than 218,000 miles from our planet — slightly closer than the orbit of the moon itself.

Called asteroid 2014 DX110, the extraterrestrial visitor will stay a safe distance away from our planet, experts say. But as it barrels by at 33,000 miles per hour, the comet will present quite a spectacle. You’ll be able to watch the flyby in a live webcast directly through the website of the Slooh space telescope, as well as the site.

‘We continue to discover these potentially hazardous asteroids — sometimes only days before they make their close approaches to Earth,’ Slooh’s technical and research director, Paul Cox said in a statement a few weeks ago, before a very similar asteroid was discovered zipping past our planet.

‘Slooh’s asteroid research campaign is gathering momentum with Slooh members using the Slooh robotic telescopes to monitor this huge population of potentially hazardous space rocks. We need to find them before they find us!’

DX110 will make its closest pass at 5:07 p.m. EST.

The flyby of DX110 comes just over a year after two major near-Earth object (NEO) events on Feb. 15, 2013. That day, as scientists were tracking the extremely close pass of the 98-foot asteroid 2012 DA14, another, unrelated space rock unexpectedly exploded above Chelyabinsk, Russia, causing substantial damage to buildings that injured more than 1,000 people with falling glass.” Read more.

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UK: Muslims Account For 4% Of British Population, Yet Are 200 Times More Likely To Commit Sex Crimes

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Revelation 9:21, “And they did not repent of their murders … or their sexual immorality …”

The Muslim Issue – “These numbers, that Muslims who consist of only 4% of the UK population have 200 times the number of sexual perpetrators than any other group, is only a small number of the actual reality. It only represents cases that have come to light. The more cases that are prosecuted, the higher that number goes.

Michael Coren interviews UK’s mosque buster Gavin Body on Muslim child pimping in the UK, a rampant and widespread crime taking place all across the country that has been covered up and protected by local Muslim politicians and Muslim police officers. This is why Muslims should never be allowed in any form of government position. In fact, immigrants in general from poor and corrupt countries that adhere to ideologies completely contrary to human rights regulations should never be allowed in any form of government employment.

A miniscule number of Muslims speak out against child pimping in the UK. And out of an (unofficial) population of around 5 million Muslims not a single Muslim have formed organizations to combat the issue full on. But don’t you dare talking about the facts or you’ll be branded an Islamophobe.

From the YouTube account:

Alibhai-Brown illustrates her point by zeroing in on this sentence by Berelowitz & co.:

‘Perpetrators come from all ethnic groups, and so do their victims — contrary to what some may wish to believe.’ In response to which Alibhai-Brown offers this comment: ‘Yes, we know they come from all backgrounds. But that rather cutting second line is directed at people like me who believe that in some British cities — especially in the North of England — circles of sexual hell for young girls are run by gangs of Muslim men (most of Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage) who mostly prey on white girls….To generalise their crimes, and lump them in with all the other abusers across the country, is to deny what the victims of these men and their families are saying about the abuse that has gone on.’

Indeed. Of course, the OCC’s statement about perpetrators coming ‘from all ethnic groups’ is yet another example of the handy PC dodge whereby the link between Islam and pretty much any of its more horrific aspects can be swept away by means of a simple rhetorical formula.

For example:

‘Honor killings occur in a wide range of religions.’ Or: ‘Female genital mutilation is not an exclusively Islamic phenomenon.’

Or: ‘The practice of forced marriages is not restricted to Muslim families.’

All true — and all cynically designed to avoid the uncomfortable statistical reality, and to protect the speaker from being accused of racism or Islamophobia. (It’s no surprise that ITV’s brief online account of the OCC report actually made that insipid truism its headline: ‘Report: Child exploiters ‘come from all ethnic groups.’’)

‘The report,’ notes Alibhai-Brown, ‘points out that Read more…

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