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Yet Again: Police In Pakistan Torture Christian Man To Death

For peaceful purposes. An all-too common symptom of a nation infected by the plague of Sharia law is the gross mistreatment of Christians. And women. And Jews. And everyone else, including other Muslims

Qur’an Sura 8:55, “Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve [non-Muslims] …”

By Jibran Khan, AsiaNews – “For police, Sabir Masih committed suicide by hanging himself.  Medical reports show instead that he died from ‘severe internal injuries’ caused by ‘torture and abuse.’

The 24-year old Pakistani Christian man died from the brutal treatment he received under police interrogation after he was arrested on unfounded charges of theft.

In order to extract a confession, the agents did not hesitate from using force, causing injuries that proved fatal.

The Catholic Church and members of civil society want justice, exemplary punishment for the perpetrators and an end to the violent deaths of ordinary citizens, innocent victims of so-called law enforcement officials.

A father of two, Sabir Masih was arrested on Tuesday on charges of theft. Police brought him to the Kohsar Police Station in Islamabad, considered a ‘model’ facility after undergoing a major retrofit to improve its efficiency and humane treatment of prisoners.

Held overnight, the young man was interrogated at length. As soon as they found out that Sabir had been arrested, his family rushed to the police station to say that he was not involved in the theft since he had been at work for the whole day and had returned home after that.

‘He did not commit any crime,’ they shouted in a loud voice, in vain.

In order to get a confession, police used force – a common practice in Pakistan. This in turn caused severe internal injuries that led to Sabir’s death overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday.

After his death, officers tried to explain the signs of violence by claiming that the young man had committed suicide by hanging himself in cell.

In an attempt to cover up the matter, top police officials also ordered the family to bury him today. The latter however refused, demanding instead an autopsy.

Preliminary results confirm in fact that Sabir Masih died from internal injuries caused by abuse. Nothing indicates that he hanged himself.

An investigation has been launched into the case, but no action has yet been taken against those responsible.” Read more.

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