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Swedish Campaign Against Islam Critics: Stab Them And Rape Their Children

Because stabbing critics and raping their children is, you know, much better than allowing them to question Islam …

By Nicolai Sennels, Jihad Watch – “The political climate in Sweden is extreme. Whoever comes to the country and claims that he or she is from Syria gets permanent residency status and is allowed to fly in his whole family. The daily shootings, regular bombings and the fact that Sweden has become the country in the world with most rapes, only surpassed by South Africa, is not mentioned in the media or by the politicians. The only party that dares to speak out — the Swedish Democrats — is regularly attacked with bombs and arson attacks.

Recently, there was a demonstration against racism and Nazism, and the Swedish Democrats (I know several of them, happy and friendly people!) planned to join. AFA (the ironically named Anti Fascist Action), which falsely categorizes Swedish Democrats as Nazis, put up posters reading, ‘Stab a Nazi and rape his children!’ and ‘Stay home today, Thoralf!’

For the record, Thoralf Alfsson of the Swedish Democrats stayed home for security reasons.” Source – Jihad Watch.

Muhammad’s Critics And Their Deaths – “An authoritarian ruler must get a grip. The first policy that he imposes on his people shuts down free speech that expresses dissent and criticism, especially if the speech questions the leader. He takes any questioning of his opinions and decisions as a personal insult of him, the head of state, and therefore a threat to his society. Muhammad laid down severe restrictions on such free speech. He assassinated many who insulted him. In the Quran, he promises death and eternal damnation if anyone deviates in words and action from Allah and his messenger… These rules are broad and ambiguous; therefore, they can shut down any criticism of Muhammad, Islam, or the Quran. It is no wonder that critical investigation of the truth claims of Islam and the violence and immorality in Muhammad’s life and in the Quran can never prevail in Islamic lands when the sword of Muhammad hangs over the scholars’ head.” Read more.

Flashback Sweden: Don’t Criticize, Just Submit

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