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Yet Again: At Least 15 More Killed, Hundreds Flee After Islamists Attack Nigerian Villages

There’s no word on the religious makeup of the village, but if history is any indication then Christians were the primary target …

Hadith, Sahih Muslim 1:33a, “The Messenger of Allah [Mohammed] said: ‘I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah, and they establish [Islamic] prayer …”

Vanguard – “Suspected Islamist gunmen shot dead 12 people in two separate attacks on villages near Nigeria’s border with Niger while three others drowned in a river while fleeing, locals said Sunday.

The attackers, thought to be from the Boko Haram militant group, on Thursday shot dead seven people in Gashigar village, a fishing community in Borno state, close to the Nigerian border with neighbouring Niger, the locals said.

Three others drowned in the river while fleeing from the night raid, they added.

The attack came four days after a similar one on two other neighbouring villages — Yawuma-ango and Jabulam — in which gunmen shot dead five people, a former deputy local government council chairman in the district, Talba Gashigar, said.

He said most residents of Gashigar village had fled to Niger after the marauders arrived in a convoy of three vehicles and ‘countless motorcycles’ and destroyed dozens of homes and shops.

‘We all had to flee. Men, women and children had to cross over to neighbouring Niger for our dear lives,’ he added.

Police authorities in Maiduguri, the state capital, confirmed the Gashigar village attack but gave no details.

State police spokesman, Gideon Jibrin, denied a charge by Gashigar that security men were not present in the area.

A total of 19 people were killed in a car bomb attack on a busy market in Maiduguri last Tuesday blamed on Boko Haram militants, the police said.

Witnesses reported that another five people were killed in a separate attack on Tuba village also allegedly carried out by Boko Haram gunmen, just hours after the market explosion.” Source – Vanguard.

Flashback: Nigeria: ‘Islamic Warrior’ Delighted In Chopping Off Heads, Says Islamic Agenda Is To Force Worship Of Allah, Wipe Out Christians – “Ask him and he bluntly tells you, ‘If we ask our victim, ‘Will you become a Muslim or not and he or she refuses, we will slaughter him like a goat…’ He talked of himself as an Islamic warrior who take delight in chopping off people’s head with a stroke of his dagger… ‘You people have only been hearing of Boko Haram, but there are other deadly Islamic groups who are also part of Boko Haram sect … Whenever we heard that any of the sects were fighting Christians, we would always join them …” Read more.

Flashback: Islam In Africa: ‘An Invisible Genocide Where Sadistic Killers Slaughter And Execute Thousands Of Christians’ – “The UN does nothing, the world is silent, and most Western citizens, who know little about Africa, do not know it is happening. The goal is creating a big African-Islamic continent. Christians must be killed or expelled. Fom Nigeria to Sudan, it is raging, the ‘Odium Fidei’, the war of religion. A genocide epitomized not by the images of Sydney Pollack’s ‘Out of Africa’, which presents a continent that is rich and attractive, but by the Nigerian village of Dogo Nahawa, where Islamists, armed with machetes, killed 300 Christians, mostly women and children.” Read more.

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