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Canada: Man Converts To Islam, Travels To Syria, Dies For “Allah”

In other words, he dies for nothing. Islam. It’s driven by death, followed by hell …

Isaiah 24:6a, “Therefore the curse [“alah“] has devoured the earth, And those who dwell in it are desolate …”

Romans 3:16-17, “Destruction and misery are in their ways; And the way of peace they have not known.”

By Nick Logan, Global News – “A Canadian man who converted to Islam and went to Syria to fight with rebels has reportedly been killed in the civil war-ravaged country.

The death of Nova Scotia-born, Calgary-raised Damian Clairmont, who changed his name to Mustafa al-Gharib, was reported on Wednesday. He was reportedly fighting with the al-Qaeda-linked group Jabhat al-Nusra.

According to reports, al-Gharib was killed by the Free Syrian Army, in fighting near Aleppo. There was no clear indication of when exactly he died.

Foreign Minister John Baird acknowledged the reports of al-Gharib’s death to media in Washington D.C. on Wednesday and said ‘there is probably more than one Canadian fighting with the opposition.’

On a Twitter account belonging to Abu Turab Al-Muhajir, who describes himself on social media as an ‘‘American ‘Jihadi’ or [whatever] they are calling it,’ a post about al-Gharib read: ‘My Bro …. Abu Talha al-Canadi Executed by #FSA! InshAllah we will meet in Jannah! May Allah accept your Shahada!'” Read more.

Flashback: Russia: Female Actress And Break Dancer Converts To Islam, Trades In Boom Box For Suicide Vest – “The female suicide bomber that killed prominent Dagestani cleric Said Atsayev earlier this week had been a theater actress and member of a breakdance troupe before joining the republic’s Islamist movement, national media reported Thursday. Aminat Kurbanova, born with the ethnic Russian surname Saprykina, graduated from Dagestan State University’s drama school in Makhachkala and went on to work in the city’s Russian-language Gorky Theater, Kommersant reported, citing an unspecified law enforcement source… Reports said Kurbanova converted to Islam after marriage and became a member of Dagestan’s radical Islamist insurgency …” Read more.

Flashback: France: Two Brothers Convert To Islam, Fall In Love With Death, Die In Syria – “Nicolas Bons, a young convert to Islam from a comfortable middle class French background, has died fighting in Syria barely four months after his half-brother met the same fate, their father said Monday. In a story that has provoked bewilderment, the mother of 30-year-old Nicolas was informed by text message from the frontline that her son had been ‘martyred’ on December 22 in a suicide truck bombing in the Syrian province of Homs, the father, Gerard Bons, told AFP by phone from his home in French Guiana. Nicolas’s half-brother Jean-Daniel had died in fighting at the start of August. He was 22 and had been introduced to radical Islam by Nicolas …” Read more.

Flashback: The Muslim Suicide Convert: ‘It’s Gotten So Bad That Converting To Islam Is Almost A Form Of Suicide’ – “Both of the suicide bombers who struck in Russia were Muslim converts. They follow a long string of Muslim terrorist converts, including the murderers of British soldier Lee Rigby, who were sentenced last month, and Terry Lee Loewen, who plotted to car bomb the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport that same month. Muslim converts engage in terrorism at a higher rate than Muslims. It’s gotten so bad that converting to Islam is almost a form of suicide.” Read more.

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