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The Islamization Of America In 2013

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It’s not OK for physicians to welcome a disease that seeks to destroy the body of a patient, but it’s OK for politicians to welcome a religion that seeks to destroy the soul of a nation? …

By Pamela Geller, Breitbart – “Since I wrote my book Stop the Islamization of America and established the Stop Islamization of America initiative of my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), we have seen increasing accommodation and submission to Islam in the United States. This past year was a particularly good year for Islamic supremacists, who are working furiously in this country to impose Sharia (Islamic law) — and in particular, the blasphemy laws under the Sharia.

The Islamic supremacist approach is stealthier here in the States than it is in Europe, where we see no-go zones, mass car burnings, etc., because Europe currently has a much bigger Muslim population than the U.S. does. More on Muslim immigration here.

That kind of aggression is in our future, for nothing is being done to prevent its coming here. The few of us who dare to speak against Sharia and jihad are blacklisted from the mainstream media’s major newspaper and broadcast outlets. Trimmers (those who soften the message about Islam or speak of ‘Islamism,’ an artificial word making a distinction without a difference) and Islamic apologists are dusted off and trotted out to make some inane comment whenever the mainstream media cannot avoid covering a jihad news story (such as the Boston Marathon jihad bombing). But the effective true voices against Islamization, such as myself, Robert Spencer, Wafa Sultan, and Ibn Warraq are rarely seen these days.

It’s never been as bad as it is now, and we have never been proven so right as we were in 2013. In the U.S., in a survey released at the end of 2012, almost half of the Muslims in America said that they thought parodies of Muhammad should be subject to criminal prosecution. One in eight thought that insulting Islam should be a death penalty offense. Forty percent said that they shouldn’t have to obey U.S. laws, but should be subject only to Islamic law.

These findings should have come as no surprise; they weren’t much different from those of a May 2013 survey of Muslims worldwide. The survey showed that the harshest Sharia punishments enjoy broad support among Muslims the world over: ‘72% of Indonesian Muslims, 84% of Pakistani Muslims, 82% of Bengladeshi Muslims, 74% of Egyptian Muslims, and 71% of Nigerian Muslims supported making Sharia the official state law of their respective societies.’ 85% of Muslims in Pakistan, 81% in Afghanistan, and 70% in Egypt supported the most brutal aspects of Sharia, such as amputating the hands of thieves. 86% of Muslims in Pakistan, 84% in Afghanistan, and 80% in Egypt supported stoning for adultery. 75% in Pakistan, 79% in Afghanistan, and 88% in Egypt favored executing those who leave Islam. ‘91% of Iraqi Muslims and 99% of Afghan Muslims supported making Sharia the official state law of their respective societies.’

And in America, wherever Islamic law and American law conflict, it is increasingly American law that gives way. Islam is even taught in public schools, according to a report at The Blaze:

An elementary school teacher in Chesapeake, Va. has been charged with simple assault after a parent claimed her daughter’s hand was cut open as a result of the teacher yanking her arm aggressively while trying to teach students an “Islamic hand sign.”

In November 2012, a Muslim mother went on trial for beating her teenage daughter after the girl refused an arranged marriage and was seen at school talking to a boy who was not her planned husband. Her devout Muslim father stabbed his daughter in the neck, leaving a wound an inch and a half long, and admitted that he tried to kill her. This couple was freed: the mother got two years of probation.

This was Arizona. Not Yemen, not Iran, but Phoenix. This is the Sharia in America, for honor violence is not merely sanctioned in Islam, it is encouraged.” Read more.

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Somalia: Al-Shabab Islamists Announce Fatwa On The Internet That Bans … The Internet

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They’re Islamists. Hypocrisy, contradictions and nonsensical decrees are all part and parcel of the convoluted teachings religion known as “Islam.” Don’t be surprised if they issue a new fatwa from the local Halal restaurant banning beans and garlic …

Hadith, Bukhari 176, “Allah’s Messenger said, ‘A person is considered in prayer as long as he is waiting for the prayer in the mosque as long as he does not do Hadath.’ A non-Arab man asked, ‘O Abu Huraira! What is Hadath?’ I replied, ‘It is the passing of wind (from the anus) …”

Hadith, Bukhari 5451, “It was said to Anas ‘What did you hear the Prophet saying about garlic?’ Anas replied, ‘Whoever has eaten (garlic) should not approach our mosque.'”

Warning: Someone Might Expose The

Warning: Someone Might Expose The “Religion Of Truth” For The Lie That It Is

By Sudarsan Raghavan, The Washington Post – “In recent years, Somalia’s al-Shabab militia has banned smoking, playing soccer, watching movies, wearing bras, anything it deemed Western. Now, the al-Qaeda-linked group has targeted something else common in most of the rest of the world: the Internet.

In a statement — published on the Internet, of course — the militia said it has disallowed the use of the Internet in areas it controls and gave 15 days for telecommunications operations to comply. To those who refuse, the militia vowed retaliatory measures.

‘Services known as mobile internet and fibre optics must be stopped in Somalia,’ the militia said in a statement issued on the Facebook page of its al-Andalus radio station, according to a translation by the BBC. ‘Any firm or individual who does not comply will be seen to be working with the enemy and will be dealt with in accordance with Islamic law.’

For the past seven years, al-Shabab has sought to overthrow Somalia’s Western-backed government, imposing strict interpretations of sharia, or Islamic law, in areas it controls. Today, the militia has lost control of the Somali capital, Mogadishu, and other key cities but remains a potent threat and still controls large swaths of the countryside. It continues to wage an insurgency, marked by suicide attacks and car bombings. In September, al-Shabab asserted responsibility for the siege of the Westgate Premier Shopping Mall in Nairobi, killing and injuring scores.

The Internet ban could very well hurt the militia’s ability to address its followers and spread propaganda. The militia frequently uses Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to disseminate its views, including during the assault on the Westgate, where it used Twitter to provide real-time commentary on the militants and the situation inside the mall.

Somalia, a country of about 10 million people that has been besieged by war and famine for more than two decades, has more than 126,000 Internet users …” Read more.

Flashback: Somalia: Islamist Group Bans Television As Harmful To Islam, Owners ‘Will Be Accused Of Being An Infidel’ – “Using loudspeakers mounted on vehicles, al-Shabaab banned the people of Barawe from watching television, saying it harms their Islamic principles, and ordered them to turn in their televisions and satellite dishes to al-Shabaab officials. The militants announced the ban October 28th and gave residents five days to hand over their equipment to the Barawe municipal office, said Mursal Yarisow, a 54-year-old traditional elder in Barawe.” Read more.

Flashback: Somalia: Islamist Group Bans Triangular Samosas Because They Might Remind People Of The Trinity – “Somalia’s al-Shabaab group has banned samosas after ruling the popular snacks are ‘offensive’ and too Christian. Militant Islamist fighters last week used vehicles mounted with loudspeakers to announce the bizarre ruling across the regions of the war-torn country it controls. The extremist group has offered no official explanation for the ban on the triangular snacks … It is now thought islamist militants have taken offence at the three-sided samosa’s supposed resemblance to symbol of the Christian Holy Trinity.” Read more.

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Retired US General: The Muslim Brotherhood Is Inside The Obama Administration

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Yet even more confirmation of what we already knew …

By Bob Unruh, WND – “Retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney, who served as both assistant vice chief of staff and commander in chief of U.S. Air Forces Europe, has surprised interviewers on a radio program by confirming the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood inside the U.S. government.

The Islamic supremacist movement’s influence on Washington was reported in ‘Impeachable Offenses: The Case to Remove Barack Obama from Office’ by New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott.

The book documents that Obama aided the rise to power of Islamic extremist groups in the Middle East as members served on important national security advisory boards.

The book confirms the Obama administration may have exposed national security information through Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, who has deep personal and family associations with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another key figure with Muslim Brotherhood ties is Mohamed Elibiary, a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council.

McInerney was being interviewed Thursday by WMAL in Washington about a tell-all book by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates that strongly criticizes President Obama and Vice President Biden for making politically motivated decisions regarding national security.

McInerney said Gates was doing the nation a service by exposing decision-making in the Oval Office but said he should have done it sooner. He also noted that the Muslim Brotherhood influences have been causing major problems throughout the Middle East.

Then he added, ‘We’ve got Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. government today.’

Asked by the talk-show hosts for their names, he said, ‘I haven’t got their names exactly but there’s a list of them, at least 10 or 15 of them in the U.S. government.’

He cited the organization’s influence in Homeland Security and the secretary of state’s office under Clinton, where Abedin has worked.

‘Her parents are Muslim Brotherhood. And her intuitions are in that direction,’ he said.

‘There are a whole host of people in this government.’

He said Islam experts Frank Gaffney or Claire Lopez would have the details.

Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, has created a publication called ‘The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration,’ which addresses the issue that was brought to the attention of Congress in July 2012 by Republican Reps. Michele Bachmann, Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert, Tom Rooney and Lynn Westmoreland.

The lawmakers asked the inspector generals at the departments of Homeland Security, Justice and State to investigate, prompting Democrats and Republicans to rush to Abedin’s defense.

However, as WND reported, Abedin worked for an organization founded by her family that is effectively at the forefront of a grand Saudi plan to mobilize U.S. Muslim minorities to transform America into a strict Wahhabi-style Islamic state, according to an Arabic-language manifesto issued by the Saudi monarchy.” Read more.

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Ireland: Man Showing ‘A Keen Interest In Islam’ Hears Voices In His Head, Beheads His Own Mother

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Perhaps Mr. Dunleavy wanted to know what it felt like to imitate Mohammed, the self-proclaimed “prophet” of Islam who himself also heard voices in his head. Dunleavy got his wish: “I might be evil” he said …

1 Timothy 4:1, “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons …” – “A MAN accused of beheading his mum and burying her in a shallow grave told a pal ‘I might be evil’ a murder trial heard today.

James Dunleavy, 40, had been showing a keen interest in Islam, after also experimenting with Buddhism and New Age beliefs.

He told a pal that he had been hearing voices in his head and that the Koran would not protect him.

Shop manager Mohammed Razaq – who used Dunleavy’s bedroom to pray when he could not get to his local mosque – told the High Court in Edinburgh of their conversations – just weeks before the dismembered remains of Dunleavy’s mother were found in a secluded woodland clearing.

Mr Razaq, 40, said there was a bond between them ‘like brothers’ and he had a set of keys for Dunleavy’s flat, which was above in shop in Edinburgh’s Balgreen Road.

He went on to tell how their friendship broke down soon after Dunleavy’s mum, Philomena, 66, came from her home in Marino, Dublin, to visit her son in late April last year.

Mr Razaq witnessed a conversation when Dunleavy was angry and agitated because his mum had split with his dad and moved in with another man.” Read more.

Flashback: UK: Muslim Man Hearing Voices In His Head Knifes Random Student To Death – “A teenage gap-year student was knifed to death in the street in broad daylight by a ‘laughing’ stranger in Manchester, a jury has heard. Kieran Crump-Raiswell, 18, was heading to look for a job when Imran Hussain, 27, walked up to him and ‘without warning’ stabbed him four times in the chest, Manchester Crown Court was told. Witnesses to the shocking scene in Whalley Range said Hussain appeared to be ‘sniggering’ as he ran to his car and drove off … Hussain went on to claim he had been hearing ‘threatening and abusive voices’ and that he travelled to the two cities to confront them.” Read more.

Flashback: Boston Bomber Heard Voices In His Head, ‘Someone Is In My Brain’ – “Tamerlan traveled to Dagestan and immersed himself in Islam… When he returned to his local mosque, with a whole new look, Tamerlan repeated the concept of someone in his brain … ‘Larking, too, found his young friend changed in several ways on his return. Much more serious than he had been, Tamerlan insisted that Larking grow a beard, ‘to honor the prophet Mohammed.’ Larking complied. He also pressed Larking to remove his wedding ring, saying that most Muslims did not wear gold, but Larking refused. The last time Larking and Tamerlan sat together in the rear of the mosque, Tamerlan once again mentioned the voices in his head. This time, as Larking recalled it, he seemed afraid. ‘He said, ‘Someone is in my brain, telling me stuff to do,’ ‘ recalled Larking.'” Read more.

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