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Yemen: Qur’an ‘Healer’ Kills Newlywed Woman While Treating Her For ‘Demonic Possession’

Only Truth can set someone free, not lying wonders. It’s pretty clear to me who really needed to be exorcised of demons …

2 Thessalonians 2:9-10, “The coming of the [lawless one] is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.”

The Qur'an: It'll Even Heal The Fear Of Death

The Qur’an: It’ll Even Heal The Fear Of Death

VOR – “An unnamed Yemeni man has allegedly stomped on a woman’s neck to rid the patient of what he believed was a demon in her body. Cops arrested the Quran healer, who supposedly treats and cures those with ailments by chanting verses from the holy Quran, when a patient was found dead, according to a local newspaper.

The newspaper said that the relatives of a 23-year old woman brought her to the spiritual doctor saying she suffered from psychological problems. The husband, who had just married the woman, said that the healer told them that she was suffering from a demonic possession and magic and that he had to use forces to treat her.

The healer began stepping on her neck as a way to ‘exorcise a demon from her body’. It has been reported that once the man heard about his wife’s death, he collapsed. Treatment centers, which use the verses of the Quran to heal, can be found in many different locations in Yemen. According to healers, this ritual can help cure mental and physical diseases.” Source – The Voice of Russia.

Flashback: Lying Wonders: President of Islamic Health Research Association Claims Reciting the Qur’an Can Cure Incurable Diseases – “‘Quran Therapy’, a unique method to treat patients suffering from incurable and deadly diseases, is becoming popular, as a large number of patients have been cured. These views were expressed by President of Islamic Health Research Association, Dr. Muhammad Riaz while talking to APP. Dr Riaz said since the Holy Quran is an enduring miracle of Allah Almighty, which provides cures for human illnesses, both mental and physical… he said it could successfully cure deadly diseases especially liver cancer and Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-C.” Read more.

Flashback: The Lying Wonders Of  ‘Sharia Medicine’: Egyptian Clinic Treats People … With Camel Urine – “A recent Egyptian TV program showed how Islamic Sharia law’s many prescriptions do not merely clash with modern-day concepts like free speech and religious freedom, but even with medicine and science. On September 16, popular TV persona Wael El-Ibrashi hosted Dr. Zaghlul al-Naggar, a prominent Islamic thinker and Chairman of Egypt’s Committee of Scientific Notions in the Quran, on the topic of medical science and Islam. Inevitably the idea of drinking camel urine as a form of therapy—first proposed in the 7th century by Muslim prophet Muhammad—came up. Not only did Dr. Naggar promote this practice, but he made the staggering announcement that right now in Egypt a medical center in Marsa Matrouh actually specializes in treating people with camel urine, all in accord with the prophet’s advice.” Read more.

Flashback: Chad: Children Starve To Death As Islamic ‘Doctors’ With ‘Healing Gift From Allah’ Throw Common Sense Into The Wind – “On the day of their son’s surgery, the family woke before dawn. They saddled their horses and set out across the 12-mile-long carpet of sand to the nearest town, where they hoped the reputed doctor would cure their frail, feverish baby. The neighboring town, almost as poor and isolated as their own, hosts a foreign-run emergency clinic for malnourished children. But that’s not where the family headed. The doctor they chose treats patients behind a mud wall. His operating room is the sand lot that serves as his front yard. His operating table is a plastic mat lying on the dirt. His surgical tools include a screwdriver. And his remedy for malnourished children is the removal, without antiseptic or anesthesia, of their teeth and epiglottis…” Read more.

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  1. anonymous
    12/27/2013 at 4:08 PM

    These people lack comon sense and the quack doctors are criminels who take advantage of them.


  2. 12/27/2013 at 5:49 PM

    Let’s All go back to the “Dark Ages!!!”


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