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UK: Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary Tells Shopkeepers At Anti-Alcohol March To ‘Fear Allah’

According to the “prophet” of “Allah”, alcohol is inherently evil and drinking it will always lead to physical and moral sickness. But camel urine is inherently wondrous and drinking it will always lead to physical and spiritual healing. Islam. It’s backwards in more ways than one

Adam Barnett, The Docklands & East London Advertiser – “Islamist firebrand Anjem Choudary used a march through Brick Lane today, which was hampered by opposition protests, to tell off-licence owners they must ‘fear Allah’.

Police had to separate demonstrators from Muslim group The Shariah Project from men thought to be from the EDL, delaying the demo at Osborn Street, and escorted the march through east London’s famous culinary quarter.

Turnout was low for the protest with only a handful of the group’s members attending.

The march was led by Mr Choudary, leader of the group al-Muhajiroun, who called on Muslims in east London to stop drinking or selling alcohol.

Using a mobile PA system he warned shopkeepers to ‘fear Allah’, while Abu Baraa, one of the organisers from Whitechapel, said Muslims who sell alcohol were ‘corrupting young people’.

Female protesters wearing Islamic face veils held placards saying ‘fear Allah! Don’t drink or sell alcohol!’ and ‘Islam is the perfect system for all mankind’.

Ahead of today’s demo, an East London Mosque official said the rally was a publicity stunt that would ‘antagonise local people and business owners’.

The march was organised by The Sharia Project, a group based in Waltham Forest with members in Whitechapel, to campaign against the drinking and sale of alcohol by Muslims in east London, which it says is sinful under Islamic law.” Source – The Docklands & East London Advertiser.

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  1. Emmanuelle
    12/16/2013 at 8:44 AM

    What are the English doing? Are they all gone from the UK?


  2. 12/16/2013 at 9:06 AM

    Try to imagine the extent of the spiritual blindness that is upon the followers of Allah. It is to the degree where they are willing to burn, decapitate, and rape their fellow man, or woman, without any hesitation or regret. Who in their right mind wouldn’t question these evil acts?
    If they were only willing to put down the sword for just a short while and read the bible they could be free.


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