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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Attack Christian Homes, Throw Christian Girl From Building

For peaceful purposes, mind you. In July of 2013, Muslim Brotherhood supporters promised to create a “new Taliban” in Egypt after the ousting of Mohammed Morsi. Now, any rational human being would have thought that promising to become like those who sheltered Osama Bin Laden and his terror network before, during and after the attacks of 9/11 — and keeping that promise — would have spurred the Obama Administration to begin dropping support for Egypt’s “new Taliban” by now. But in the conveniently twisted world of Barack Hussein Obama, however, the Taliban are suddenly no longer our enemies. Such a title, coveted by terrorists the world over, is instead being reserved for Evangelicals, Catholics and “Islamophobes”

Birds of a feather ...

Birds of a feather …

By TONY G. GABRIEL and MARIAM RIZK, The Associated Press – “Egyptian security forces firing tear gas and water cannons on Friday broke up anti-government demonstrations by Islamists defying a draconian new law restricting protests.

Authorities are seeking to put down unrest by both Islamists and secular activists as a government-appointed assembly tries to finish a final draft on an amended constitution by early next week. The draft has raised criticism from democracy advocates for increasing powers of the military and president.

Since a popularly backed military coup ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July, his supporters have been staging near-daily protests calling for his reinstatement. The rallies have often descended into street clashes with security forces or civilians.

To quash pro-Morsi rallies, which have persisted despite a heavy security crackdown, the military-backed government issued the law Sunday banning protests without a police permit. On Thursday, a student was killed when police put down a march by Islamists from Cairo University…

Islamist supporters of Morsi held their latest rallies around the country and in multiple parts of Cairo, most of them numbering in the hundreds. Ten people were wounded in clashes and 183 arrested, according to emergency services and the Interior Ministry…

Secular activists did not hold rallies Friday, aiming to avoid association with the Islamists. The activists oppose the Islamists, seeing them as equally undemocratic as the new government — and are wary of being tainted as pro-Brotherhood at a time when a large swath of the public remains eager to crush Islamists.

‘Friday is the Brotherhood’s day,’ Mohammed Adel, a leading member of the secular activist group April 6, told the AP. ‘Even if we had the same cause, we will not protest with them.’

Meanwhile, Muslim residents of a village in southern Minya province attacked Christian homes, burning 10 houses and wounding 15 Christians, including a 15 year-old girl thrown from the third floor of a building, according to Ezzat Ibrahim, an activist who monitors minority rights.” Read more.

Flashback: Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi Declares ‘Death In The Name Of Allah Is Our Goal’ – “Egypt’s Constitution should be based on the Koran and Sharia law, presidential candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist movement Mohamed Morsi said. ‘The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal,’ Morsi said in his election speech before Cairo University students on Saturday night. Today Egypt is close as never before to the triumph of Islam at all the state levels, he said.” Read more.

Flashback: US Military Groups Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism, Islamophobia As Forms Of ‘Religious Extremism’  – “The U.S. Army listed Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of religious extremism along with Al Qaeda and Hamas during a briefing with an Army Reserve unit based in Pennsylvania, Fox News has learned. ‘We find this offensive to have Evangelical Christians and the Catholic Church to be listed among known terrorist groups,’ said Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty. ‘It is dishonorable for any U.S. military entity to allow this type of wrongheaded characterization.’” Read more.

  1. surj1936
    12/05/2013 at 11:47 AM

    Not until Christians start do exactly the same to muslims in their own countries, ie The West ,muslims will NEVER stop killing Christians. Have you ever wondered why Israel survives in the sea of its enemies? Because Israel will take the B.S like we do in the West.


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