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Barack Hussein Obama: ‘The Taliban Are Not Our Enemies And We Don’t Want To Fight Them’

“Radical Muslims” are not the President’s enemy. The real enemy is all those Conservative Christians

Matthew 7:16a, “You will know them by their fruits …”

By Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag – “It’s one compulsive liar who hates America and supports terrorists quoting another one. But it seem plausible enough.

Karzai confirmed that the Obama Administration actually told him that the Taliban, which provided al Qaeda its base of support for September 11, was not an enemy of the U.S. He said:

Last year, during my visit to Washington, in a very important briefing a day before I met U.S. President [Barack Obama], his national security adviser Tom Donilon, and senior White House officials, generals, and intelligence officials, the national security adviser met with me. He told me: “The Taliban are not our enemies and we don’t want to fight them.”

If Obama really believes that, and certainly his willingness to negotiate with the Taliban and to release high-ranking Taliban prisoners, without at least exchanging them for Sgt Bowe Bergdahl still being held in captivity, suggests he does, why are we still there?

Al Qaeda was hardly a presence in Afghanistan during Obama’s surge. So why did Obama approve a massive military surge? He repeatedly claimed it was against Al Qaeda, but there were something like 100 Al Qaeda there.

As he justified sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan at a cost of $30 billion a year, President Barack Obama’s description Tuesday of the al Qaeda “cancer” in that country left out one key fact: U.S. intelligence officials have concluded there are only about 100 al Qaeda fighters in the entire country.

A senior U.S. intelligence official told ABCNews.com the approximate estimate of 100 al Qaeda members left in Afghanistan reflects the conclusion of American intelligence agencies and the Defense Department. The relatively small number was part of the intelligence passed on to the White House as President Obama conducted his deliberations.

So under him over 1,500 American soldiers died fighting an enemy that Obama never believed was our enemy? And they died because he tied their hands with rules of engagement that did not let them defend themselves.” Source – Frontpage Mag.

Flashback: Rotten Fruits

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  1. 12/03/2013 at 6:50 AM

    Not surprising! We are Obama’s enemies; I’ll make a short list: Christians, religious Jews, straight people who refuse to accept gay marriage, whitey, patriots, conservatives of all stripes, Americans in general, truth seekers of all colors, and anyone who disagrees with him. What a SOB!


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