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Egyptian Fatwas: Women Only Created For Sex, Swimming Women Are Adulterers, Touching Bananas Forbidden …

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Daniel 11:37a, “Neither shall he regard the God [YHWH] of his fathers [Abraham and Ishmael], nor the desire of women …”

By Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute – “As the full ramification of the Muslim Brotherhood’s year in power continues to be exposed, a new study by Al Azhar’s Fatwa Committee dedicated to exploring the fatwas, or Islamic decrees, issued by the Brotherhood and Salafis — the Islamists — was recently published.

Al Azhar, in Cairo, is considered by many to be one of the oldest and most prestigious Islamic universities in the world. The study, written by Al Azhar’s Dr. Sayed Zayed, and entitled (in translation), ‘The Misguided Fatwas of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis,’ reveals a great deal about how Islamists view women.

The Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm summarized some of the Al Azhar study’s main findings and assertions on November 15 in a article entitled (in translation), ‘Muslim Brotherhood fatwas: A woman swimming is an ‘adulteress’ and touching bananas is ‘forbidden.”

According to the report, ‘fatwas issued by both groups [Brotherhood and Salafis] regard women as strange creatures created solely for sex. They considered the voices of women, their looks and presence outside the walls of their homes an ‘offence.’ Some went as far as to consider women as a whole ‘offensive.”

The study addressed 51 fatwas issued during the rule of ousted president Mohamed Morsi. Among them, the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis ‘permitted wives to lie to their husbands concerning politics,’ if the husband forbids her from being supportive of the Islamists or their agenda; she may then, through taqiyya [dissimulation] — a Muslim doctrine that permits deceit to empower Islam — still be supportive of the Islamists while pretending to be against them.

The study similarly revealed that some of these fatwas decreed that women who swim in the sea are committing ‘adultery’ — even if they wear a hijab: ‘The reason behind this particular fatwa, from their point of view, is that the sea is masculine [as with many other languages, Arabic nouns are gender specific, and ‘sea’ is masculine], and when the water touches the woman’s private parts she becomes an ‘adulteress’ and should be punished.’

Moreover, ‘Some of these fatwas also forbade women from eating certain vegetables or even touching cucumbers or bananas,’ due to their phallic imagery, which may tempt women to deviate.

Other fatwas decreed that ‘it is unacceptable for women to turn the air conditioning on at home during the absence of their husbands as this could be used as a sign to indicate to neighbors that the woman is at home alone and any of them could commit adultery with her.’

One fatwa suggested that marriage to ten-year-old girls should be allowed to prevent girls ‘from deviating from the right path,’ while another prohibited girls from going to schools located 25 kilometers away from their homes.

Another stated that a marriage is annulled if the husband and wife copulate with no clothes on.

These fatwas also sanctioned the use of women and children as human shields in violent demonstrations and protests, as these are considered jihads to empower Islam.

Even slavery was permitted, according to the study: ‘the people who issued these fatwas demanded the enactment of a law allowing divorced women to own slaves,’ presumably to help her, as she no longer has a man to support her.” Read more.

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Russia: 15 ‘Extremists’ Arrested In Moscow With Weapons, Explosives … And Qur’ans

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The police diffused what could have been a potentially explosive situation …

These [‘moderate’ and ‘immoderate’ Muslim] descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” – Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 2007

Коран: The Russain word for "Qur'an"

Коран is the Russain word for “Qur’an”

RT – “Moscow police have arrested 15 members of Takfir Wal-Hijra, an extremist organization. The cell had a stash of weapons and explosives, which was seized in the police raid.

The cell was exposed and busted thanks to ongoing investigations into crimes not related to terrorism, the Interior Ministry reported. Members of the group were involved in various acts of crime to fund their activity.

Fourteen radicals were arrested overnight in the east of the city, while another was apprehended hours later at a different location.

Police seized three improvised explosive devices complete with detonators. One of the bombs was designed to be belt-stripped.

Among other items discovered were bomb components, handguns, grenades, ammo and extremist literature, the ministry statement said.

Takfir Wal-Hijra is a radical Islamist organization, which was formed in Egypt in the 1970s.

Members of the group adhere to one of the most fundamental forms of Islam and observe very strict rules, including a ban on being photographed, documented and often even talked to by non-members.

It was not reported to have any cells in Russia or neighboring countries until about five years ago, Elena Suponina, head of the Center for Asia and Near East of the Russian Institute for Strategic Research told RIA Novosti.

The expert added that the cell detained in Moscow may not have a direct connection with Egyptian ranks of the organization, but rather just used the well-known name.

‘Still since they share the ideology and are prepared to resort to violence to reach their goals, they are certainly dangerous,’ she said.” Read more.

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