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New York: Muslim Man Arrested In ‘Knock Out The Jew’ Game

Not up to blowing up a Jewish place of worship? Knock out a Jew instead …

By Rocco Parascandola and Thomas Tracy, New York Daily News – “A 24-year-old Jewish man was pummeled in Borough Park on Friday and cops are trying to figure out if it was a hate crime, another vile example of the ‘knockout game’ — or both.

Police charged Amrit Marajh, 28, with punching Shmuel Perl around 2:45 a.m. on 18th Ave.

Marajh faces charges of third-degree assault, assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime. Three other men allegedly with Marajh at the time of the attack were taken into custody but released, police said. He was awaiting arraignment Saturday afternoon.

Just before the beatdown, one of the men was ‘talking about knockout,’ Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

Perl was wearing a yarmulke. At least one of the men in the group yelled an anti-Semitic slur, cops said.

‘I was able to hear them speaking loudly about this knockout game,’ Perl said in a YouTube interview with the Orthodox magazine Dee Voch. ‘The group surrounded me. As I tried to get away, one stepped toward me and with a closed fist hit me in the face.’

As he stumbled away from the suspect, he and his pals yucked it up, Perl said.

‘They called after me, ‘Come back! I can do this! I can knock you out!” he said.

Restaurateur Adel Mansour, 65, witnessed the aftermath of the confrontation and said Perl had a ‘big bump’ on his head.

‘He was in fear for his life,’ said Mansour.” Read more.

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  1. 11/25/2013 at 12:18 PM

    “PROOF” that Muslims are “Imbeciles!!!”


  2. 11/26/2013 at 7:11 AM

    The knockout game is a hate crime. Apparently, the Obama administration can’t be bothered with crimes against Jews. If we were to start pissing on Mosques, you can bet that the president would rush to the podium to condemn the acts, calling them “crimes against humanity.” He would have Harry Reid draft new pissing laws, the DOJ would jump into action, promising to identify, and flush out the culprits, who would consist entirely of Jews, and Christian Zionists, of course.
    The whole country would come to a screaming halt. Obama would embark on another world apology tour, bowing to every terrorist and Imam on the planet. A national emergency would be declared, Marshal Law enacted, and our Constitutional rights would be suspended indefinitely, i.e., forever! Lastly, all religions except Islam would be banned, by Executive Order.


    • 11/26/2013 at 10:46 AM

      Soon, almost every American will be bowing down!

      “ALMOST!” There ARE those of us that will NOT “bow down!!!”


      • 11/27/2013 at 9:10 AM

        Wicked men love power, the one thing that they can’t stand is somebody who will not capitulate to their demands. Unfortunately for us we become their targets, but only for a short while. It infuriates them when we obey the living GOD, instead of them.


  3. Susan
    12/20/2013 at 11:58 PM

    I say stop locking these Muslim criminals up and deport them back to their country of origin. If they are American born Muslims; deport them to their father’s country. That would be worse than our jails. If they don’t like us they need to GO BACK FROM WHENCE THEY CAME!!!


    • 12/21/2013 at 6:44 AM

      There is one link that unites Islam, homosexuals, and Atheists, a hatred for the GOD of Jacob and His Son Yeshua. Their hatred is so all consuming that these three groups, who would normally have no tolerance for each other, can set aside their differences to unite in hatred against the GOD of Israel and against His children.


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