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Rumors Of War: Israel Said To Be Working With Saudi Arabia On Iran Strike Plan

11/16/2013 9 comments

Even though they’ll work with Israel in an attempt to neutralize an imminent Iranian threat, they’re still teaching Muslims around the world to “fight the Jews and kill them.” Saudi Arabia’s days are numbered …

Isaiah 21:1-2, “An oracle concerning the Desert by the Sea: Like whirlwinds sweeping through the southland, an invader comes from the desert, from a land of terror. A dire vision has been shown to me: The traitor betrays, the looter takes loot. Elam, attackMedia, lay siege! I will bring to an end all the groaning she caused.”

The Saudis know that tiny little Israel packs a mighty big punch

The Saudis know that tiny little Israel packs a mighty big punch

The Times of Israel – “Israel is working on coordinating plans for a possible military strike with Saudi Arabia, with Riyadh prepared to provide tactical support to Jerusalem, a British newspaper reported early Sunday.

The two countries have both united in worry that the West may come to terms with Iran, easing sanctions and allowing the Islamic Republic to continue its nuclear program.

According to the Sunday Times, Riyadh has agreed to let Israel use its airspace in a military strike on Iran and cooperate over the use of rescue helicopters, tanker planes and drones.

‘The Saudis are furious and are willing to give Israel all the help it needs,’an unnamed diplomatic source told the paper.

The report comes as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the midst of a blitz to lobby against a deal and cobble together an international alliance opposed to an agreement that allows Iran to continue enriching uranium.

On Sunday, Israel will welcome French president Francois Hollande, who a week earlier put the kibosh on a deal between six world powers and Iran that would ease sanctions in return for initial steps toward curbing enrichment.

Netanyahu on Friday urged France to remain firm in its pressure on Iran ahead of a new round of talks on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program in Geneva, kicking off Wednesday.

After meeting Hollande, Netanyahu will head to Moscow on Wednesday to meet with President Vladimir Putin and lobby against the deal.

Iran’s bid for the bomb ‘threatens directly the future of the Jewish state,’ Netanyahu told CNN recently, in a short preview clip of an interview broadcast on Saturday. As the prime minister of Israel, he stressed, he had to care for ‘the survival of my country.’

CNN reported that Netanyahu also said in the interview that he would do whatever it was necessary to do in order to protect Israel. The full interview will air Sunday morning.

Should a deal be reached, according to the diplomatic source, a military option would be back on the table.” Read more.

Flashback: Wars And Rumors Of War

Seattle: Burqa-Wearing Teens Attack 9-Months Pregnant Woman

11/16/2013 11 comments

I could see this possibly happening in a place like Istanbul, but Seattle? Granted, I don’t know if these teens were Muslim, but it does serve to remind us of one of the reasons why burqas need to be banned …

By Steve KigginsQ13 FOX News – “A woman who was nine months pregnant was attacked and rob by two teenagers wearing burqas last Tuesday in North Seattle. Now, police are asking for help finding the attackers.

According to police, the pregnant woman was walking on Nov. 5 near the intersection of Pinehurst Way NE and NE 113th Street when two female teens dressed in all black and wearing burqas approached the woman and asked if they could use her cell phone.

The expectant mother said no, and that she would place the call for them. That’s when the girls, between the ages of 13 and 15, knocked the woman to the ground and tried to rob her before fleeing.

It is unclear if the victim suffered any injuries or needed any medical attention. Police called to the scene and police weren’t able to locate the suspects.” Read more.

Flashback: Turkey: Pregnant Women In Public Are ‘Immoral And Unpleasant’ – “‘It is against our civilization to use fanfare to announce a pregnancy. Pregnant women also should not go around in public with those bellies. It’s not aesthetic’, Inancer said on public TRT 1 TV channel. ‘After seven or eight months, future mothers should only leave the house by car with their husbands to get some fresh air, and only in the evening. Instead we see them all over television. It’s unpleasant. This is not realism, it’s immorality’.” Read more.

Flashback: Non-Muslim Students Made To Wear Muslim Burqas … In Texas – “There’s a new controversy in Texas involving the online public school curriculum called CSCOPE, which already has been the subject of heated debate and state legislative hearings. There are reports now that students were made to wear Muslim burqas as part of their public school lessons.” Read more.

Flashback: The ‘London Taliban’ Attempting To Impose Sharia Law in Britain – ‘Wear A Headscarf Or We Will Kill You’ – “Women who do not wear headscarves are being threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremists intent on imposing sharia law on parts of Britain, it was claimed today. Other targets of the ‘Talibanesque thugs’, being investigated by police in the Tower Hamlets area of London, include homosexuals.” Read more.

Flashback: Canada: Muslim Cleric Wants To Force All Women In Toronto To Wear Burkas, Head Scarves And Face Veils (Or Risk Being Raped) – “Canadian laws should be changed to require women to ‘cover themselves’ to prevent sexual assaults, says an Islamic street preacher in Toronto. Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana, a 33-year-old Islamic convert, called for legal change in response to recent sex attacks at York University… Atangana, who plans to distribute his views on paper in the coming weeks, went on to state that ‘the reason … a woman gets raped is because of the way she (dresses)’ …” Read more.

China: Policemen Killed After Axe-Wielding Muslims Attack Police Station

11/16/2013 4 comments

VOR – “Two policemen and nine suspected Islamist militants were killed in a clash when rebels attacked a police station in the Uyghur-majority Xinjiang province of northwest China today.

Nine axe-wielding assailants were shot dead during an attack on a police station in China’s restive Xinjiang province, state media reported Saturday.

The attackers killed two auxiliary police officers before they were themselves gunned down, according to the Xinhua news agency.

Quoting police, Xinhua said the attackers armed themselves with knives and axes and that two police officers were also injured alongside the two that were killed. The agency gave no further details.

The assault comes at a time of heightened tension within Xinjiang following a fiery attack in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square last month which the government blamed on ‘terrorists’ from the province backed by international Islamist militants.

Beijing blamed the attack on Uighur separatists backed by the violent Islamist militant East Turkestan Islamic Movement.” Read more.

Flashback: China: At Least 21 Dead After Suspected Islamists Go On Killing Spree In Xinjiang – “A confrontation involving axes, knives, at least one gun and ending with the burning down of a house left 21 people dead in China’s troubled far-west region of Xinjiang, a government spokeswoman said on Wednesday, calling it a ‘terrorist attack’. It was the deadliest violence in the region since July 2009, when Xinjiang’s capital, Urumqi, was rocked by clashes between majority Han Chinese and minority Uighurs that killed nearly 200 people.” Read more.

Flashback: China: Rioters Shout ‘Allah Is The Only God’ While Hacking People To Death– “Police shot down 14 rioters who attacked a police station in Hotan city of Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Monday, a Communist Party official in Hotan said Wednesday. The official, who declined to be named, said the attack left four people dead, including an armed police officer, a security guard, a woman and a teenage girl. At least three others were injured… Shouting frantic religious slogans like ‘Allah the only God’, the rioters ran to the top floor and police opened fire to stop them, said an anonymous policeman with the police station.” Read more.

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