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Syria: At Least 9 Children Killed After Islamist Rebel Mortars Hit Christian School, Bus In Damascus

According to Islam, it is permissible to kill innocent children for the cause of “Allah” and his “prophet.” After all, to their beastly minds an infidel, even if they’re a little child, is still an infidel …

A Muslim asked Muhammad “about the polytheist whose settlement were attacked at night when some of their offspring and women were smitten [killed]. The Prophet … said: They are of them [infidels]” (Abu Dawud no. 2666; Bukhari, Jihad, no. 3012; Muslim nos. 4321-4323)

A picture released on November 11, 2013 said to show debris at a classroom in the St. John of Damascus school after it was hit with mortar rounds (AFP Photo/)

A picture released on November 11, 2013 said to show debris at a classroom in the St. John of Damascus school after it was hit with mortar rounds (AFP Photo)

Bangkok Post – “Nine children were killed and 27 people wounded when mortar rounds hit a school and a school bus in the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday, state television reported.

‘The toll in the terrorist targeting of the St. John of Damascus school with mortar rounds has risen to five dead, all of them children, and 27 injured,’ a news alert on Syrian state television said.

Another four students were killed when a mortar hit the vehicle they were in, in the central Bab Sharqi district of the capital, state news agency SANA said, adding that the driver was also killed.

Six others inside the bus, including four more students, were wounded in the ‘terrorist attack,’ SANA said.

The regime of President Bashar al-Assad uses the blanket term ‘terrorists’ to refer to the opposition.

Earlier, the interior minister told the official Al-Ikhbariya channel that 11 children had been hurt at the school in the majority Christian district of Qassaa, in central Damascus.

Both incidents took place in majority Christian district of the capital.

Rebel fighters arrayed in districts on the outskirts of the capital regularly launch rockets and mortar rounds at central neighbourhoods, causing damage and sometimes fatalities.” Read more.

Flashback: Video: Syrian Rebel Admits Using Chemical Weapons, ‘We’ll Kill Their Women And Children’ – “Looks like America’s Islamist ‘allies’ in Syria have already crossed President ‘I-Didn’t-Set-A-Red-Line‘ Obama’s red line long ago. Unfortunately for many lawmakers, even news like this will not be enough to sober up the ‘inebriated johns’ who continually rationalize the irrational …” Read more.

Flashback: Nigeria: Islamists Slaughter 30+ In Wedding Convoy, ‘They Targeted Everybody … Muslims, Christians And Children’ – “The Qur’an explicitly commands Muslims to never befriend Christians. According to Islam, all those who fail to heed this command are numbered among them, and all those who want to live in peace with the infidel will die with the infidel for peaceful purposes. This is the nature of the Beast, not only in Nigeria, but all across the Islamic world …” Read more.

Flashback: Saudi Arabia: ‘Religion Of Peace’ Scholar Calls For The Savage Killing Of Infidel Women And Children – “The Saudi Wahhabi cleric and the faculty member at the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud, Dr. Saad al-Durihim, called Iraqi Mujahideen (al Qaeda terrorist groups) to kill Shiite women and children in order to cause more terror and fear among Iraqi people. Dr. Saad al-Durihim, in his Twitter called Mujahideen to increase cruelty and murder or even captive women and children to scare more people.” Read more.

  1. 11/12/2013 at 2:40 AM

    The real name of Allah is Satan. How do I know this? There is NO place in the Ignoble Quran where “allah” aka Satan claims to love his followers…….on the other hand everything about Yahweh and his son Yeshua, (Jesus) speaks of love. For this reason, Jesus submitted to the hands of cruel men and to the instrument of torture and death, the Cross of Calvary to atone for the sins of an unsaved and wicked world of men….including Muslims, if they will believe in Him and accept Him as Savior and LORD. Not only that. Jesus was not merely a prophet of the Most High God, but died and is risen from the dead by the supernatural power of God, whereas Mohammed, whom is claimed to be “Allah’s” prophet, died but remains somewhere in an unknown grave, never having risen from the dead.


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