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Germany: Police Chasing Suspect Are Forced To Run For Their Lives From Suspected Muslim Mob

It appears that the article believes it doesn’t need to mention the identity of the violent mob, but in numerous past examples this behavior has been typical of Muslim street gangs time and time again. If this incident were any different the article would have likely gone out of its way to identify who the perpetrators truly were, but sometimes it’s silence that speaks volumes …

Aachener Zeitung (Translation) – “A policeman attempting to arrest an offender is suddenly overrun by 10 to 15 people who insult and threaten him. The officer manages to escape, calling for backup, but even they need to withdraw.

Reason: Now gathered are 50 to 60 aggressive people opposing the police. What looks like scenes from a Hollywood movie about tough New York street gangs becomes quite real on Thursday night in Aachen Ostviertel, provoking heated debates at the police headquarters in Aachener Soers the next day.

‘There are some people who probably believe they live in law-free areas,’ says police spokeswoman Sandra Schmitz at the request of the AZ regarding the extremely troubling incident. ‘This is a development that we will not tolerate under any circumstances.’

The whole incident started on Thursday around 7 pm in the Alsace road. A police car was traveling there at the same moment a 20-year-old wanted on an arrest warrant was leaving a restaurant. Recognizing the man, one of the police officers immediately began chase. The officer followed him on foot, but then quickly becomes the hunted himself.

A group of 10 to 15 people who were passing by the two also gives chase — and started chasing the policeman. ‘You die, pig’ they yell at the officials, ‘we’ll get you and break you.’

After the police manage to escape and call for backup, several patrol cars arrive. The police won’t necessarily find the 20 year-old, who has appeared repeatedly as a perpetrator of violence and this time was wanted for counterfeiting offenses.

But again, clearly inferior in number, officials find themselves in the middle of the street with a group of 50 to 60 people and leave the scene. ‘These are situations where you would rather first retreat for the purpose of de-escalation and strike back later,’ says Schmitz.

Two criminal charges of the breach of peace will be delivered immediately against the 20-year-old and a 26-year old, who is known to the police. The investigation of the other people running under ‘unknown’. The police are silent on any further measures being considered.

What is next is unease among citizens and in the corridors of the Bureau. ‘The colleague was really afraid for his life,’ says Schmitz. ‘Just imagine if he had stumbled while running, or had drawn his service weapon.'” Source – Aachener Zeitung.

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  1. 10/30/2013 at 5:50 PM

    Here in Los Angeles , the “suspect” would would be “DEAD!”


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