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Muslim Writer: If We Have ‘Islamic History Month’ For Muslims, Why Not Months For Everybody Else?

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And if we have to stick with the program and actually ignore Islam’s true history, can we at least talk about its future instead? …

2 Thessalonians 2:8, “And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming …”

Ottawa Police HQ displays the banner celebrating Islamic History month (Photo: Shabnam Assadolahi)

Ottawa Police HQ displays the banner celebrating Islamic History month (Photo: Shabnam Assadolahi)

By Tarek Fatah, Toronto Sun – “Did you know we’re just completing what Canada’s Parliament has declared as ‘Islamic History Month’?

Yes, all Octobers in Canada shall be an opportunity for you infidels to learn from my people.

Learn about our often bloody history of conquest and enlightenment, including how we Muslims slaughtered our own Prophet Mohammed’s family, right up to modern times when we committed genocides in Bangladesh and Darfur and tried to kill innocent school girls like Malala Yousafzai.

It’s amazing how Canada is providing us Muslims the opportunity to reconcile the crimes and accomplishments of our forefathers, without us having to fear for our lives.

So, now that we have allotted October to Muslims, how about designating every month of the year as a ‘History Month’ for all the religious (and other) groups in Canada?

Let us start with the Sikhs and designate November as ‘Sikh History Month’.

And what better month to designate as ‘Christian History Month’ than December?

If Catholics and Protestants do not wish to share December, we can have a coin toss and the loser gets January.

We are now left with seven more months (February, as you all know, is already designated as ‘Black History Month’) to distribute to the other dozen or so religious communities of Canada.

Here is how I propose we should designate the remaining months of the year (and I am hoping some bright MPs in the House of Commons are listening) Read more…

Germany: Police Chasing Suspect Are Forced To Run For Their Lives From Suspected Muslim Mob

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It appears that the article believes it doesn’t need to mention the identity of the violent mob, but in numerous past examples this behavior has been typical of Muslim street gangs time and time again. If this incident were any different the article would have likely gone out of its way to identify who the perpetrators truly were, but sometimes it’s silence that speaks volumes …

Aachener Zeitung (Translation) – “A policeman attempting to arrest an offender is suddenly overrun by 10 to 15 people who insult and threaten him. The officer manages to escape, calling for backup, but even they need to withdraw.

Reason: Now gathered are 50 to 60 aggressive people opposing the police. What looks like scenes from a Hollywood movie about tough New York street gangs becomes quite real on Thursday night in Aachen Ostviertel, provoking heated debates at the police headquarters in Aachener Soers the next day.

‘There are some people who probably believe they live in law-free areas,’ says police spokeswoman Sandra Schmitz at the request of the AZ regarding the extremely troubling incident. ‘This is a development that we will not tolerate under any circumstances.’

The whole incident started on Thursday around 7 pm in the Alsace road. A police car was traveling there at the same moment a 20-year-old wanted on an arrest warrant was leaving a restaurant. Recognizing the man, one of the police officers immediately began chase. The officer followed him on foot, but then quickly becomes the hunted himself.

A group of 10 to 15 people who were passing by the two also gives chase — and started chasing the policeman. ‘You die, pig’ they yell at the officials, ‘we’ll get you and break you.’

After the police manage to escape and call for backup, several patrol cars arrive. The police won’t necessarily find the 20 year-old, who has appeared repeatedly as a perpetrator of violence and this time was wanted for counterfeiting offenses.

But again, clearly inferior in number, officials find themselves in the middle of the street with a group of 50 to 60 people and leave the scene. ‘These are situations where you would rather first retreat for the purpose of de-escalation and strike back later,’ says Schmitz.

Two criminal charges of the breach of peace will be delivered immediately against the 20-year-old and a 26-year old, who is known to the police. The investigation of the other people running under ‘unknown’. The police are silent on any further measures being considered.

What is next is unease among citizens and in the corridors of the Bureau. ‘The colleague was really afraid for his life,’ says Schmitz. ‘Just imagine if he had stumbled while running, or had drawn his service weapon.'” Source – Aachener Zeitung.

Flashback: Downfall Part 2: German Politicians Welcome Introduction Of Sharia Law In Germany, ‘Good For Integration’ – “Most politicians in Germany have gotten the message: The quickest way to spark a career-damaging controversy is to make a facile comment about Nazis or the Holocaust. Media critics and political opponents are quick to pounce. But that isn’t the only way to attract unwanted attention, as Jochen Hartloff, the interior minister of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, found out this week. In an interview with the Berlin tabloid BZ, Hartloff said that Sharia law, in a ‘modern form,’ would be acceptable in Germany.” Read more.

Flashback: Germany: Hundreds Of Radical Islamists Riot In Bonn, 29 Police Officers Injured, 2 Stabbed – “Clashes erupted in Germany when police tried to separate competing rallies by an ultraconservative Muslim group and a small far-right march, injuring 29 officers, authorities said Sunday. More than 100 Salafist protesters were briefly arrested. The trouble in the western city of Bonn started late Saturday when hundreds of Muslims protested against the rally of about 30 supporters of the local far-right party Pro NRW, which has angered Muslims by showing unfavorable cartoons depicting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. Strict Muslims oppose any depiction of their prophet. About 110 Salafist protesters were arrested after they started attacking security forces with stones and bottles, police said. Two of the injured police officers were hospitalized with serious wounds after being stabbed.” Read more.

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Police In Oslo, Norway: ‘We Have Lost The City’ To ‘Foreign’ Criminals

10/30/2013 6 comments

An ideology that espouses Sharia lawlessness will never respect the rule of law

Matthew 24:12, “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”

By Nicolai Sennels, Islam verses Europe – “Oslo is experiencing a tsunami of robberies these months, and according to the police, all robbers have a foreign background – many of them are Somalis and Moroccans. According to Oslo police, all rapists have an immigrant background.

“Sturla Nøstvik ( 36 ) sensed no danger before he was beaten in his forehead with a gun. It was the start of a 50 minute long hell as a hostage. The robbers became insecure and threatened Sturla to make him say that the robbers were not dark-skinned, but white. Sturla assumes they are of Somali origin.

Women are raped in the night in Oslo, the amount of robberies is increasing fast. In the last ten years, more than 4,000 people have been robbed in the Oslo center and Greenland (Muslim dominated area) area, mostly by young men.

Sturla Nøstvik is robbery victim #351 in Greenland this year alone, while in the same period more than 50 rapes in Oslo have been reported. Police visited Sturla Nøstvik when he was at the emergency room for treatment after the robbery . …. He is blind in his left eye, so he is so glad it went did not go worse. The cut in the forehead is just above the healthy eye.

The police told me that everyone has a right to feel safe, but they are unable to prevent robberies. ‘We’ve lost the city’, they said.”

Source – Islam verses Europe.

Flashback: Norway: Immigrants Of Muslim Descent Have A 400% Higher Crime Rate Than Native Norwegians – “Violence. Why are some cultures much more prone to it than others? The narrator of the video below opens the segment by pointing out locations from which the overwhelming majority of violent offenders originate. And it isn’t hard to figure out the one common denominator that connects them all …” Read more.

Flashback: Cleric At Islamic ‘Peace Conference’ In Norway Admits: True Muslims Are All ‘Extremist’ Muslims – “Because true Islam is “extreme” Islam. Every once in a while the religion of lies decides to acknowledge a morsel of truth. Just don’t expect to hear about it in the mainstream dhimmedia …” Watch video.

Flashback: Norway: Muslim Politician Wishes Hitler Could Come Back And Finish The Job – “Jews are being harassed on facebook by AUF members (Youth Labor Party) and AP politician Khalid Haji Ahmed because of the escalating conflict with Hamas. On Monday afternoon, an AUF member shared this message on Facebook, according to Hamar Arbeiderblad. ‘Damn Jew whores (…) wish Hitler could come back and shower you a little more.’” Read more.

Flashback: Islamic ‘Rape Wave’ in Norway Continues: Last 45 of 48 Rapes in Oslo Committed by Muslims, Anti-Semitic Gov’t Ministers Excoriate … Israel – “Norway is suffering from an unprecedented wave of rapes that are largely being perpetrated by Muslim immigrants against local women, according to Yehuda Bello, an acclaimed Israeli blogger whose special interests include Norway. Bello, who understands Norwegian and has Norwegian contacts, reported that from January to late October, 48 rapes were confirmed to have been carried out in Oslo alone, 45 of them by Muslims.” Read more.

Pakistan: Christian Family Accused Of Blasphemy, Threatened With Death For Refusing To Convert To Islam

10/30/2013 1 comment

Someone should buy BBC’s Martin Bashir and CAIR’s Nihad Awad a couple of airline tickets so that they can each explain first-hand to these would-be killers just how “peaceful” and “compassionate” and “kind” Islam is supposed to be and how “terror must always be condemned and rejected” …

The “Prophet” Mohammed, Al Bukhari Hadith 2977, “I have been made victorious with terror.”

Never mind …

By Jibran Khan, AsiaNews – “A Pakistani court has indicted three people for proffering death threats against the family of Boota Masih, 58, a Christian man killed in mid-September in an incident involving accusations of blasphemy. Siding with the dead man’s family, activists with Life for All and the Masihi Foundation, along with Church and civil society leaders, have called on the authorities to arrest the murderer and do something to stop the persecution of the Masihs’ who are only guilty of being Christian. Unfortunately, they are up against the usual reticence (if not the connivance) of police and prosecutors in such cases.

Everything began for the Masih family on 16 September when Muhammad Asif killed their main breadwinner after accusing him of blasphemy. The Muslim businessman attacked his victim at the Liaqatabad Gold Market in Karachi in broad daylight. Using a knife, he cut his throat, finishing him off with a dozen stabs, all this in the plain view of other workers and some police officers, who did not intervene and left the murderer all the time he needed to escape unmolested.

The next day, a member of the Liaqatabad Jewellers Association belatedly came to the dead man’s defence, saying that he ‘had never seen or heard him speaking against anyone, ever.’ The victim had worked at the market for 30 years.

For his family, the accusation of blasphemy was but an excuse to kill him, a way to remove a business rival. When they reported the murder, police initially refused to start an investigation.

The story took a turn for the worse when, on 24 October, a group of armed men broke into the Masih home, threatening to kill its members if they did not withdraw their complaint and convert to Islam.

Instead of complying with the threats, the Masihs went to police the next day to file another complaint. Last Sunday, law enforcement authorities took into custody Muhammad Nadeem and two accomplices, for carrying out the punitive raid against the bereaved family. Yesterday, their case went before a judge. Still, the murderer Muhammad Asif is still a fugitive.

Fr Arshad Gill, a priest in Karachi, spoke to AsiaNews about this ‘sad story’ in which the victim is ‘an innocent man’ and his family is told to convert to Islam or die. For him, the case epitomises the situation of Pakistan’s minorities, forced to live ‘in conditions of profound insecurity’ in which events such as this one tend to exacerbate the situation.” Read more.

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