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Syrian Rebels’ Other Ultimatum To Christians: ‘Convert To Islam Or You Will Be Crucified’

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Just like beheading, crucifixion is allowed under Sharia lawlessness as well. For peaceful purposes …

Revelation 13:15, “The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.”

The Washington Post – “Sami Amir is used to the deep echoing rumble of the Syrian army artillery pounding rebel positions on the outskirts of Damascus. It’s the thump of mortars launched from an Islamist-controlled neighborhood that scares him to death.

The mortars have repeatedly hit in his mainly Christian district of Damascus, al-Qassaa, reportedly killing at least 32 people and injuring dozens of others the past two weeks.

‘You don’t know when and you don’t know where they hit,’ says Amir, a 55-year-old Christian merchant. ‘Life here is often too difficult.’

Rebel shelling into the capital has increasingly hit several majority-Christian districts, particularly al-Qassaa, with its wide avenues, middle class apartment blocks, leafy parks, popular restaurants and shopping streets busy with pedestrians.

The shelling and recent rebel assaults on predominantly Christian towns have fueled fears among Syria’s religious minorities about the growing role of Islamic extremists and foreign fighters among the rebels fighting against President Bashar Assad’s rule. Christians believe they are being targeted — in part because of the anti-Christian sentiment among extremists and in part as punishment for what is seen as their support for Assad.

Though some Christians oppose Assad’s brutal crackdown on the opposition and the community has tried to stay on the sidelines in the civil war, the rebellion’s increasingly outspoken Islamist rhetoric and the prominent role of Islamic extremist fighters have pushed them toward support of the government. Christians make up about 10 percent of Syria’s 23 million people.

‘When you bring a Christian and make him choose between Assad and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, the answer is clear,’ said Hilal Khashan, a political scientist professor at the American University of Beirut, referring to the al-Qaida branch fighting alongside the rebels. ‘It doesn’t need much thinking.’

The rebels have targeted other Syrian minorities, particularly Alawites, the Shiite offshoot sect to which Assad belongs and which is his main support base. Altogether, ethnic and religious minorities — also including Kurds and Druze — make up a quarter of Syria’s population. The majority, and most rebels, are Sunni Muslim.

But Christian areas have recently been the focus of fighting…

Youssef Naame and his wife Norma, an elderly Christian couple from Maaloula, described how bearded extremist Islamists stormed the northeastern village early last month chanting ‘God is Great!’

‘The jihadis shouted: Convert to Islam, or you will be crucified like Jesus,’ Youssef said with a shaky voice in his daughter’s al-Qassaa apartment.” Read more.

Flashback: Amputations, Beheadings, Crucifixions: Witness The True Face Of Sharia Law In Yemen – “Al Qaeda committed ‘truly shocking’ human rights abuses including crucifixions and the beheading of an alleged sorceror during its 16 months in control of a southern region of Yemen, a report by Amnesty International claimed today. The London-based charity has also released a video which appears to show a suspected thief having his hand amputated by the Ansar al-Sharia militia, which seized power of the Abyan governorate in February 2011.” Read more.

Flashback: Sudan: Christians Under Increasing Pressure As Sharia Law Imposes Amputation, Crucifixion, Stoning – “Hudud, a specific category of punishment within the penal code of sharia (Islamic law), is unspeakably barbaric in Sudan. And this barbarism has not diminished in recent years… Crucifixion is also a punishment under Sudanese hudud. It is the punishment for apostasy (leaving the faith of Islam), but other crimes as well…” Read more.

Flashback: Crucifixion and Amputation: Egyptian MP Proposes Sharia Law Punishments for Murder, Theft Crimes – “The People’s Assembly Proposals and Complaints Committee discussed in a meeting Tuesday a bill proposed by MP Adel Azzazy from the Salafi-oriented Nour Party that would apply Islamic law for certain crimes. The proposed law calls for the application of ‘Heraba,’ an Islamic penalty for criminal actions …” Read more.

Pakistan: Dozens Of Women Stabbed At Stores Because ‘It Was Against The Sharia Law For Women To Go Shopping’

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According to Ground Zero Mosque Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, 90% of “Allah’s” Sharia law is fully consistent and compatible with the US constitution and American laws because “the areas of difference are small and minor.” Even if that were true — which it isn’t — it would mean nothing. After all, the DNA of a chimpanzee is about 96% similar to that of Albert Einstein’s …

Qur’an Sura 33:33a, “And abide quietly in your homes, and do not flaunt your charms [as women] as they used to flaunt them in the old days of pagan ignorance; and be constant in prayer, and render the purifying dues, and pay heed unto God and His Apostle …”

Hadith, Bukhari 5096, “[Muhammad said] The worst sin and distraction from virtue that I have left for man is woman”

By Owais Jafri, The Express Tribune – “The Sahiwal district police officer has announced a Rs200,000 cash prize for anyone who helps the police arrest the people who have been stabbing women in shopping areas.

On Saturday, DPO Syed Khurram Ali had suspended Cheechawatni Station House Officer Abid Hussain from service for failing to arrest the gang members. The SHO had been given four days to track the suspects.

The DPO said that a criminal gang had recently surfaced in Cheechawatni. He said the gang members stabbed women ‘for leaving their houses after sunset’. He said most of the women were attacked in shopping areas.

Police said at least 25 cases had been reported in October so far. In most cases, they said, the victims were accompanied by brothers and husbands waiting in the parking area while they went shopping.

Dr Asim Nawaz at the tehsil headquarters hospital told The Express Tribune that two to three women were being brought to the hospital every day since October 6. He said most of them had been stabbed in the shoulders, back and arms. Some had also been attacked on their faces.

He said four women were brought to the hospital on Saturday. Three of them were referred to the district headquarters hospital in Sahiwal.

One of the injured woman, who did not want to disclose her identity, told The Express Tribune that a masked man stopped her and asked why she was out in the market unaccompanied. She said she ignored him and walked away but he stabbed her in the shoulder.

The DPO said the incidents had caused alarm among residents, who were not allowing their women to leave home or go shopping on their own.

He said they had also led to low attendance at girls’ schools and colleges. He said some working women had requested the police for deployment at major roads.

He said most cases had been reported from Ahmed Nagar, Ali Town, Block No 10, Block No 19, Kamalia Road, and Gyarawala Mor. He said the victims had not been robbed.

He said the injured women had told police that the assailants had told them that they were not allowed to leave their homes and that ‘it was against the Sharia law for women to go shopping’.” Source – The Express Tribune.

Flashback: Sharia Lawlessness Creeping In America

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Obama Loses The Middle East ‘And Soon He Will Have Lost The World’

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Proverbs 19:21, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

The Panderer-in-Chief who encouraged, emboldened and empowered Islamists in the Middle East is now responsible for losing it. Many things can be said about irony, but sometimes irony speaks for itself …

Egyptians to Obama: Stop Supporting Terrorism

Egyptians to Obama: Stop Supporting Terrorism

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag – “There are things that Obama just doesn’t understand. Like math. And health care. And alliances.

Alliances are as vital to foreign policy as a website that works is to online health care enrollment, but Obama has given every sign of not understanding the concept of alliances. When Hillary Clinton came to Moscow bearing her misspelled Reset button, the button was real and reset every alliance to zero.

During his two terms, Obama has managed to wreck nearly every alliance the United States had. The only alliances that survived were so low-pressure that even he couldn’t manage to destroy them.

Obama’s alliance vandalism pushed aside allies and courted enemies. If a country hated the United States, overtly and openly, then he was there bowing to it as low as he could go. If a country had an existing alliance with us, it was in big trouble.

From Latin America to Eastern Europe to the Middle East, the shock waves of the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton reset passed leaving behind destroyed relationships and empowered enemies.

Poland learned that Obama cared more about showing Vladimir his flexibility than about defending the nations liberated from the grasp of the red bear. Israel learned that Obama would put Iran first and Egypt and Tunisia found out that Obama only had eyes for the Muslim Brotherhood.

It took a lot for Obama to lose the Saudis, but now even they have turned on him. America’s greatest Middle Eastern frenemy was an enemy who pretended to be our ally. The frenemy game had paid off for Saudi Arabia with American soldiers being sent off to protect the House of Saud, but by Obama’s second term, the Saudis had figured out that they could do better by being our open enemies than by pretending to be our friends.

The Saudis, who had always been noted for being subtle, stopped being subtle when a member of one of their think tanks openly declared, ‘We are learning from our enemies now how to treat the United States.’

There is no better metric of contempt in a region where everyone wears a false face than honesty like that. The Saudis have decided that we are no longer even worth lying to. They believe that we have become so worthless that they can Read more…

Syria: ‘Religion Of Peace’ Rebels Reject Peace Talks As 115,000 Now Reported Dead, 50% Of Population In Poverty

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War, death, pestilence, famine. Behold the destructive fruit of “Allah’s” religion

Isaiah 48:22, “‘There is no peace,’ says the LORD, ‘for the wicked.’”

By Elad Benari, INN – “Powerful armed groups in Syria said on Sunday that attending peace talks or negotiating with the regime would be an act of betrayal, AFP reported.

The joint declaration by the 19 Islamist groups fighting to topple President Bashar Al-Assad cast further doubt on whether the long-delayed peace talks dubbed ‘Geneva 2’ will actually go ahead.

It comes as the UN-Arab League peace envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, prepares to travel to Damascus on Monday, according to pro-regime newspaper Al-Watan.

‘We announce that the Geneva 2 conference is not, nor will it ever be our people’s choice or our revolution’s demand,’ the groups said in a statement read out by Suqur al-Sham brigade chief Ahmad Eissa al-Sheikh in a video posted online.

‘We consider it just another part of the conspiracy to throw our revolution off track and to abort it,’ said the statement, according to AFP.

The 19 rebel groups warned that anyone who went to such talks would be committing ‘treason, and … would have to answer for it before our courts.’

The statement comes weeks after dozens of major insurgent groups across Syria said the Western-backed opposition umbrella grouping, the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), had ‘failed.’

The Syrian National Council, a key group within the SNC, had said it would not attend proposed peace talks in Geneva and would quit the Coalition if it participated.

This group was later followed by nearly 70 rebels groups which declared that the SNC had failed and announced they no longer recognize the Western-backed group.” Read more.

UN: Syrian Civil War Deaths Reaches 115,000, Half Of Country Now Living In Poverty – “Syria’s war has destroyed livelihoods and collapsed the economy, leaving more than half the country’s population in poverty, according to a report commissioned by UN agencies this month. Some 115,000 people have been killed and millions displaced since the war broke out in 2011, and the report warned that the economic devastation wrought by the conflict could be felt for years to come.” Read more.

Flashback: Syria: Polio Cases Spark Alarm Over Rise Of Pestilences Including Flesh-Eating Parasites Due To War – “The World Health Organisation has recorded the first suspected outbreak of polio for 14 years in Syria, sparking renewed alarm at the collapse of health care caused by the country’s civil war. Doctors in Syria are also seeing a flare-up of typhoid, hepatitis, and the flesh-eating parasite, leishmaniasis, blamed partly on the inability to administer a proper vaccination programme and partly on poor living conditions …” Read more.

Food And Agriculture Organization: Civil War Pushes Syria To Famine – “The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has voiced serious concern over food availability in Syria, especially for vulnerable groups, as a result of the civil unrest in the country. The U.N. agency cited figures from the Syrian Central Bureau of Statistics that show inflation rose by about 15 percent during June-December last year, driven mainly by sharp increases in food prices and fuel shortages that have had an impact on transportation costs.” Read more.

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