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Pakistan: Muslims Beat Christians For Refusing To Convert To Islam

The Muslim attackers repeated a common Islamic accusation by stating that Christians were guilty of altering the Bible over the years while the Qur’an was perfect (despite discoveries of old Qur’anic texts revealing many aberrations). What Muslims obviously fail to consider, however, are the logical implications of the fact that Mohammed himself clearly believed the Bible was not corrupt during the time in which the Qur’an was being “revealed” to him and even called upon the Christians of his day to adhere to the Scriptures they already possessed: Since archaeological discoveries have proven that, unlike the Qur’an, the Biblical texts we have today are the same Scriptures that Christians had during Mohammed’s time, when could the Bible have possibly been corrupted, who corrupted it, and how was it corrupted? …

Isaiah 59:21, “‘As for me, this is my covenant with them,’ says the LORD. ‘My Spirit, who is on you, will not depart from you, and my words that I have put in your mouth will always be on your lips, on the lips of your children and on the lips of their descendants—from this time on and forever,’ says the LORD.”

Morning Star News – “Police in Islamabad have arrested three Muslims for pistol-whipping a Christian and his teenage nephews after they refused to convert to Islam, sources said.

The assailants in an Islamabad suburb allegedly have links to a banned Islamic extremist group. The primary suspect, Muhammad Nadeem, and others approached a 43-year-old Christian, low-level government worker Boota Masih, the night of Oct. 4 in the Khokhar Town area of suburban Islamabad, Masih said.

‘At around 9 p.m. my teenage nephews and I were standing in the street along with some Muslim neighbors when Nadeem and three of his accomplices approached us on two motorcycles,’ Masih said. ‘At that time we were discussing the recent terrorist attacks in Peshawar, including the one on a church [in which more than 80 Christians were killed and several dozen injured when two Uzbek suicide bombers targeted the Sunday service].’

The visitors joined the conversation, which turned tense when Nadeem said Christians had altered the Bible over the years and that Christianity was ‘a distortion of facts.’

‘He then bluntly asked me to convert to Islam,’ Masih said, adding that Nadeem told him, ‘Islam is the only true faith, and you must join us to fulfill Allah’s will. The West and Zionists are hatching conspiracies against Islam because they are scared of its rise and popularity in their countries … They know one day Allah will give the whole world in our control and every person will become a Muslim.’

Masih told Nadeem that he wasn’t interested in discussing religion with him, and that he should stop unnecessarily criticizing Christianity, he said.

‘The other Muslims present there also objected to Nadeem’s provocative remarks and told him to leave us alone, but he refused to leave, threatening instead that they would make sure that all Christians ‘seek forgiveness’ and ‘embrace Islam,’ or else they would have to face the ‘consequences,’’ he said.” Read more.

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