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‘Having A Blast … Literally’: California Convert To Islam Posts The Joy Of Jihad On Facebook, Arrested For Aiding Terrorists

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Hadith Sahih Muslim 1:33, “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah …”

By AP, Daily Mail – “A 24-year-old Muslim convert who had been licensed to work as a security guard has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempting to join Al-Qaeda and lying on a U.S. passport application to aid international terrorism.

Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen, who also went by the name Hasan Abu Omar Ghannoum after converting to Islam, was arrested on Friday in Santa Ana while waiting to board a bus to Mexico, the FBI said.

Officials said he planned to become a foot soldier for the terrorist group and had spent time in Syria.

Facebook page with the name Hasan Abu Omar Ghannoum, the same identity Nguyen used in his passport, documented a trip to Lebanon last year and a crossing into Syria.

In January, Ghannoum wrote: ‘I’m doing well in Syria … having a blast here, and I mean literally.’

The Garden Grove, California, resident was ordered detained on the grounds of danger and risk of flight during a brief federal court appearance in Orange County. He is a U.S. citizen.

The four-page indictment alleges Nguyen attempted to work under the direction of Al-Qaeda, but no details of the alleged terrorism act were provided.

The Orange County Register reported Nguyen went to Syria in December after hearing about the civil war.

‘He said that he wanted to protect his brothers,’ Nguyen’s sister, Minh Ngoc Nguyen, said. ‘He would want to help other people.’

Nguyen lived with his parents, two sisters and two brothers in Garden Grove. Another brother lives in Nevada and serves with the Army.” Read more.

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Islam In America: Could The Kenyan Mall Slaughter Happen Here? News Flash: It Already Has …

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“We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country” – President Barack Hussein Obama to the Turkish Parliament, April 2009 …

Zechariah 5:3a, 8a, “… This is the curse [“alah“] that goes out over the face of the whole earth … This is Wickedness …”

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A Salt Lake City police officer inside the Trolley Square Mall Feb., 12, 2007, the night of the shooting

A Salt Lake City police officer inside the Trolley Square Mall Feb., 12, 2007, the night of the shooting

By Paul Sperry, New York Post – “After Islamic gunmen attacked the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, the collective reaction from the US media was to speculate whether such terror could happen here, as if a jihadist assault on a mall inside America had never before been tried.

CNN was typical: ‘Can it happen here? Yes, say security experts, but it hasn’t.’

News flash: it did.

On the evening of Feb. 12, 2007, a young Muslim man walked into the Trolley Square mall in Salt Lake City with a pistol-grip, 12-gauge shotgun and a 38-caliber revolver and opened fire on shoppers, killing five and wounding four others, including a pregnant woman.

Police say he ‘sought to kill as many people as possible.’ He had a backpack full of ammunition, enough firepower to massacre dozens of innocent people. But fortunately, an off-duty cop returned fire and eventually, with the help of other police, put an end to the terrorist’s life and grand plans.

Twice as many people were killed at the Utah mall than the Boston Marathon. Yet the attack garnered few national headlines.

Local media wrote it off as the act of a madman, parroting the quick conclusion of law enforcement.

Officially, the FBI declared the mass shooting was not an act of terrorism.

‘We were unable to pin down any particular motive,’ said Tim Fuhrman, then-special agent in charge of the bureau’s field office in Salt Lake City. ‘Unfortunately, his motivations went to the grave with him.’

But the FBI ignored much of the shooter’s background.

A Salt Lake City police officer inside the Trolley Square Mall Feb., 12, 2007, the night of the shootingPhoto: AP

The shooter was Sulejmen Talovic, an 18-year-old Bosnian immigrant named after Suleiman the Magnificent, the 16th-century jihadist-turned-sultan.

As early as 2004, police were called to Talovic’s school after it was discovered that he was looking at Tek-9 semiautomatic firearms on the Internet and boasting that his ‘grandfather was in the jihad.’

It was a reference to the 1990s holy war between Bosnian Muslims and Christian Serbs in which his grandfather was reportedly killed.

Apparently, Talovic had prepared for his own martydom. He told a friend before the attack that ‘tomorrow is going to be the happiest day of my life, but it will happen only once.'” Read more.

Changing Times: The Latest In Islam’s Revisionist History

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Daniel 7:25a, “He will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law …”

When the Prophet Daniel wrote that Antichrist would intend to “change” or “make alterations” to times and law, it is quite clear that the “law” was a direct reference to the desired implementation and subjugation of Sharia Law upon all non-Muslims, regardless of where they lived. But seeking to make changes to the “times” was likely not referring to switching Greenwich Mean Time with Mecca Time or replacing the Gregorian calendar of Christianity with the Hijri calendar of Islam. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the alteration of “times” is a direct reference to something we’re witnessing this very day both inside and outside the Muslim world: the rewriting of history …

By Joe Herring & Dr. Mark Christian, American Thinker – “Many are familiar with the concept of revisionist history — the rewriting of past events to reflect a particular bias — but there is a contemporary example that receives far too little attention in our American media, that being the history of Jews in the Middle East.

Palestinian apologists have made a major industry out of creating a past for themselves by distorting the archeological record.  What cannot be distorted is ignored, and what cannot be ignored has, in some cases, been destroyed.  Not surprisingly, this particular form of historical reconstruction invariably finds the lowly Jew to be an interloper in the Middle East — not only now, but throughout all of discernable history.

One such apologist, Mr. Maen Rashid Areikat, ‘honored’ our fair city of Omaha, Nebraska recently when he spoke at the invitation of the Global Studies Conference at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Mr. Areikat is the director-general at the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Negotiations Affairs Department and a close advisor of Mahmoud Abbas.  He is presently the chief representative of the PLO delegation to the United States.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently described Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani as ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing.’  He might wish to apply that description to Areikat, a man for whom the phrase may well have been coined.

Mr. Areikat’s message is a simple one.  Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians and, by extension, to Islam.  Of course, his message has far fewer sharp edges when he delivers it to non-Muslims.  He adopts a folksy, world-weary tone when calling for a Palestinian state, as if he has been single-handedly standing up to the recalcitrant Israeli leadership, and while desperate for help, he remains too humble to ask.

In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal last year, Areikat presented the case that a Palestinian state is in Israel’s best interests.  He championed the preferred narrative of the anti-Israeli left with a deftness born of mindless repetition, repeating the long-debunked argument that the Jewish claim to Jerusalem is no stronger than that of the Palestinians.  He goes on to contrast the ‘brutal’ Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza against the Palestinian Authority’s altruistic efforts to normalize relations.

When he is not as guarded in his speech, Areikat reveals the white bone of Islamic inflexibility.  Asked in an interview if the Jews ever had a Temple in Jerusalem, he demurred, saying Read more…

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