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Speaking Truth: Israeli PM Delivers Powerful Speech Describing Ties Between Palestinian Leadership, Nazis

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Are you listening, Barack Hussein Obama? Whether in America or abroad, any attempt to rewrite history will never succeed in rewriting truth

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Gaza's Nazi Salute

‘Palestinian’ Nazi Salute

By Gil Ronen, INN – “In a surprisingly powerful and frank speech at Bar Ilan University, delivered in a calm and almost informal manner, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu tied between the Palestinian national movement and the Nazi regime in Germany.

At the heart of the oration was the determination that Arab rhetoric notwithstanding, the ‘territories’ and ‘settlements’ are not the heart of the territorial conflict between Jews and Arabs – but that the conflict stems from the historic refusal of the Arabs to accept a Jewish state.

Netanyahu provided quotes and evidence showing that the supreme leader pf the Palestinian Arabs in the first half of the 20th century, Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini, was actively involved in encouraging Adolf Hitler and his henchmen in their project of annihilating the Jewish people.

The Jewish-Palestinian conflict began, said the prime minister, in 1921, when Arabs attacked Beit Haolim in Yafo (Jaffa), which housed new Jewish immigrants. They murdered several Jews, including famed writer Yosef Haim Brenner.

‘My own grandfather had arrived at Yafo, to the same house, one year earlier,’ said Netanyahu. ‘This attack was not against territories or settlements,’ he noted. ‘It was against the immigration of Jews to the Land of Israel.’

The prime minister went on to list Arab pogroms against Jews in 1929 – when the Jewish community in Hevron was annihilated ‘with endless cruelty’ – and later in 1936-39. In 1947, the Arabs refused to accept a partition plan that gave the Jews a state, he said. In 1967, again, Arab nations formed ‘a ring of strangulation’ around Israel – but then, too, ‘there were no territories. There was no occupation. Unless Tel Aviv and Yafo are occupied.'” Read more.

Hadith, Tabari 7:97, “The morning after the murder of Ashraf, the Prophet declared, ‘Kill any Jew who falls under your power.’”

Flashback: Nazi Ideology: A Muslim’s Religious Duty

Jonesing For Jihad: A Psychological Examination Of Islamic Terror

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Although the culture of death’s addiction to “infidel” blood is spiritually rooted, here is a good, albeit brief, read that examines one psychologist’s own attempt to explain terrorism’s thirst …

Matthew 6:22-23, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”

Serial Killer: Normative Behavior In The Islamic World

Serial Killer: Normative Behavior In The Islamic World

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag – “This is a somewhat interesting take on the psychology of Muslim terrorists. Some of this may deal more with suicide bombers than conventional fighters, since it takes place in Israel, but it may have wider applications.

For 20 years I studied and interviewed Islamist mujahedeen (jihad fighters) imprisoned in Israeli jails, examining their inner worlds and discovering the obsessive thoughts leading them to carry out terrorist attacks.

They were addicted to fantasizing about an alternative reality, describing their compulsions in metaphors similar to those used by obsessive gamblers and drug addicts. They likened them to “worms” (duda in Arabic) burrowing into their brains and driving them to seek not another game of cards or a fix, but dead Israelis, Americans, Europeans, or anyone else they considered infidels.

They did not try to resist their compulsions or consider that their actions might be wrong, because they felt completely controlled and manipulated by the concept of jihad, which dictated their behavior in every sphere of life.

Or as the Koran says, ‘Jihad is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not.’ (Koran 2:216)

There is no psychopathology among Muslim terrorists. That is, none of them can be diagnosed as having a recognizable mental illness, even those who attempted to carry out suicide bombing attacks. What remains to be examined is whether or not there is a collective pathology, and if it is a question of a society, many of whose members find it difficult to suppress violence and control their urges and anger.

The problem here lies in the limitations of language or rather modern ideas that treat horrifying behavior using the illness metaphor. Cultural pathologies that tap into the worst instincts of people are hardly unusual throughout history.

The terrorists I interviewed told me that waging jihad is, for the mujahed, the way to partake of Allah’s mercy for themselves and the members of their families, and to go directly to paradise without the Islamic “tortures of the grave” and without undergoing a painful examination by angels before they are allowed to enter.

In America, someone who killed people because of a pathological obsession with post-death tortures would be considered insane. In the Muslim world, he would be considered… Muslim.

And that is why Read more…

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