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Libya: Group Of Muslims Tie Up And Execute Christians For Refusing To Convert To Islam

09/30/2013 12 comments

May our Heavenly Father receive them into His loving arms …

John 16:2b-3, “… the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing a holy service for God. This is because they have never known the Father or Me.”

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Morning Star News – “A group of Muslims robbed two Egyptian Christians living in Libya, then tied up and shot them to death after the two Copts refused their demand to convert to Islam, relatives said.

On a rural road in Derna District in northeastern Libya on Wednesday (Sept. 25), a group of Muslims surrounded Waleed Saad Shaker, 25, and Nash’at Shenouda Ishaq, 27, demanded their belongings and started beating them. During the strong-arm robbery, the relatives said, the Muslims demanded that Shaker and Ishaq recite the shahada, the declaration of conversion to Islam. When the two Orthodox Coptic Christians refused, the group of Muslims tied them up and shot them.

Later that day, a shepherd found Shaker and Ishaq in the desert, and they were taken to Derna Hospital. Shaker was dead upon arrival at the hospital, according to a member of Ishaq’s family who requested anonymity. Gamel Saleem, a cousin of Shaker who saw his body, said the skull had been beaten in. Shaker’s death certificate identifies injuries to his head as the cause of death.

Ishaq initially survived the attack, and before he died he was able to give details about the assault to a relative, also resident in Libya. Escorting the body back to Upper Egypt for burial, the relative relayed the details to Ishaq’s family and the Shaker family.

No one has been arrested in connection with the killings. The attack marks the third time in two weeks that a Coptic Christian has been robbed and killed in Derna District, which along with the surrounding region is known as a hotbed of extremist Islamic activity.” Read more.

Flashback: Mass Arrests Of Christians, Reports Of Torture, Inconsistencies In Official Statements – ‘What Is Going On In Libya?’ – “Last week’s news of four Christian missionaries in Libya placed under arrest, possibly facing the death penalty for ‘proselytizing,’ is apparently the tip of the iceberg. Yesterday, Arabic media reported that over 100 Christian Copts from Egypt, who appear to have been living and working in Libya, were recently arrested in Ben Ghazi—also on the accusation, or pretext, of being ‘Christian missionaries.’” Read more.

Flashback: Situation Critical: Muslim Fundamentalists Driving Christians From Libya – “… Islamic fundamentalism now governs decisions in Libya. Before the overthrow of Gadaffi about 3% of Libyans were Christians but many hard-line Islamists were active in the battle against Gadaffi. Now in many areas they wield considerable power. Only a few thousand Christians now remain in Libya and many of them are expatriates. Christian Copts, many from Egypt, have also suffered. In December 2012 two Egyptian Copts were killed in a blast at a Coptic Church in the town of Dafniya …” Read more.

Flashback: Benghazi Friday Sermon: Destroy Christians And Jews, ‘The Time Has Come For Us To Adopt A Firm Stance …To Detonate Our Wrath Upon Them’ – “Indeed, oh Muslims, the time has come for us to adopt a firm stance, and to detonate our wrath upon them, with deeds they will not be able to ignore. Let us stab them in their main artery, the secret behind their power. Let us stab them in their economy. The Prophet Muhammad said: ‘Wage Jihad against the polytheists [Christians], using your wealth, your hands, and your tongues.’ Oh Allah, destroy the rancorous Christians. Oh Allah, destroy the rancorous Christians, and the corrupting Jews. Oh Allah, destroy them …” Read more.

‘Perfectly Round Ball Of Fire’ Reported Over Delaware, ‘I’ve Never Seen Anything That Big’

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Delaware Online – “A large fireball was seen streaking through the night sky by at least 21 people – three of them from Delaware – about 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Witnesses reported the sighting on the American Meteor Society’s website.

Middletown-area resident Dan Foraker said he also spotted it, and described the meteor as a ‘perfectly round ball of fire.’

Foraker, who lives near Drawyers Creek off Shallcross Lake Road, said he was sitting outside talking on the phone with his son about the Redskins game, when all of a sudden a ball of fire appeared over the line of trees.

‘I’ve never seen anything that big. I didn’t know if there was a plane going down,’ he said. ‘It lasted for about six seconds and went down behind the trees. I didn’t hear a sound, but I was waiting to hear a loud boom.’

Foraker said he called police and a county officer showed up later and said that the state police helicopter was the only aircraft that had been up in the air about that time.

A supervisor with the New Castle County fire board today said no calls were received about that time and no one was dispatched on any calls for a plane down.

The American Meteor Society, meanwhile, is investigating 21 reports from witnesses who saw this fireball over Washington, D.C., Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia and West Virginia between 7 p.m. and 8:13 p.m.” Read more.

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Obama Hanging Hopes For ‘Productive Nuclear Negotiations’ With Iran … On A Phony Fatwa

09/30/2013 13 comments

Obama cites a faked Iranian fatwa banning nuclear weapons while ignoring the one that permits them. Hanging high hopes on hoaxes will do nothing but leave you hanging high and dry. All of Iran’s enemies understand this, except for the only one needed to stop them

Hadith, Al Bukhari 4.268, “Allah’s Prophet [Mohammed] said, ‘War is deceit.’”

Fox News – “President Obama could be hanging his hopes for productive nuclear negotiations with Iran on a hoax, according to one Middle East-focused think tank.

On Friday, Obama cited a ‘fatwa,’ or religious edict, from Iran’s all-powerful Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, banning the pursuit of nuclear weapons.

‘I do believe that there is a basis for a resolution [because] Iran’s Supreme Leader has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons,’ Obama told reporters.

But although talk of such a fatwa has been around for at least eight years, there’s no evidence it was ever issued, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, which flatly called the fatwa a hoax. MEMRI claims the phony fatwa is promoted by Iranian diplomats and Turkey’s Islamist prime minister, Recep Erdogan.

‘There is no such fatwa. It is a lie from the Iranians, a deception, and it is tragic that President Obama has endorsed it,’ MEMRI Founder and President Yigal Carmon told

In July, the Iranian website Tasnimnews, which is linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, published an extensive list of 493 fatwas from Khamenei dating back to 2004. None forbade the pursuit of nuclear weapons. Carmon noted that Khamenei in 2012 was asked directly about the morality of pursuing nuclear weapons, and his answer was telling.

The question asked to Khamenei was, in light of a Koran teaching that orders Muslims to ‘prepare against [non-Muslims] whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah,’ is it also ‘forbidden to obtain nuclear weapons, as per your ruling that their use is prohibited?’

Khamenei’s answer, according to MEMRI, was ‘your letter has no jurisprudential aspect. When it has a jurisprudent position, then it will be possible to answer it.’

Carmon said if a fatwa against the pursuit of nuclear weapons existed, Khamenei would have cited it.” Read more.

Journalist: Saudis, Gulf States ‘Shocked’ By Obama-Rouhani Chat – “Israelis are not the only ones concerned with the apparent warming of relations between Iran and the United States; Saudi Arabia has leveled sharp criticism against U.S. President Barack H. Obama for conducting a phone conversation with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani… ‘If the Americans do not take the necessary steps against Iran, the states of the Middle East will have to deal with a nuclear Iran’ …” Read more.

Flashback: Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Uses ‘Fatwa’ To Disguise Nuclear Intentions – “New evidence indicates Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wants nuclear weapons and he created a religious-based ruse to deceive the world into joining new talks. The leader intends to use those talks to buy more time to harden his weapons program, prevent an attack, and persuade world powers to lift sanctions… A just unveiled 2009 internal International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) document summarizes a conversation with then Iran’s president, Ayatollah Khamenei. The ayatollah explained ‘During a [1984] meeting …the spiritual leader Iman Khomeini had decided to reactivate the nuclear program’ [because possessing nuclear weapons] ‘was the only way to secure the very essence of the Islamic revolution from the schemes of its enemies … [and] bring the world under Islamic rule.” Read more.

All Across The Muslim World ‘Christians Are Being Kidnapped, Terrorized, Tortured, Raped And Murdered’

09/30/2013 5 comments

And all for peaceful purposes. It’s the Muslim world’s perverted version of “interfaith outreach” where the only messages speaking loud and clear are all those written in blood …

Qur’an Sura 5:33, “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement”

Qur’an Sura 25:52, “Therefore listen not to the Unbelievers, but strive against them with the utmost strenuousness, with the (Qur’an).”

A blood sacrifice offered to the god of Islam

Kenya: A blood sacrifice offered to the god of Islam

By Simon Kent, Sun News Network – “Just another bloody week for the Christian diaspora.

A church is bombed in Pakistan and 85 people are killed while more than 140 more are maimed. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility.

Violence and civil unrest rocks Damascus and Aleppo, forcing Syrian churches to close their doors, possibly forever.

Thousands of elite Philippine troops battle Muslim guerrillas of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) who raze churches before they occupy the key port of Zamboanga.

Christians in the southern Egyptian town of Dalga are forced to watch as a Muslim mob set fire to an ancient monastery and steal its contents.

All played out against the backdrop of a shopping mall terror attack in Kenya where Muslims are asked to leave before hostages are taken.

Yes, just another instalment of terror that is matched only by the silence of political leaders refusing to speak in support of the persecuted.

From Algeria in the west to Iran in the east and deep into Asia, Christians are being kidnapped, terrorized, tortured, raped and murdered.

Their fate looks to be at risk in the very heartlands that first inspired their faith, as well as in the furthest-flung corners of the globe.

The cause is aggressive Muslim fundamentalists seeking to cleanse Christians from land they have occupied for thousands of years.

Their fate is barely remarked and little acknowledged – with Canada among the honourable exceptions.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has used a variety of stages and occasions to defend Christians along with a host of other persecuted minorities.

Here are a few instances:

‘I stand with Roman Catholic priests and other Christian clergy and their laity, as they are driven underground to worship in China while their leaders are detained,’ he said in 2011.

Here was Baird 12 months later.

‘We (Canada) were the first major country to speak out about the attacks against Egyptian Coptics following the events in Nag Hammadi … and we deplored the New Year’s Eve attacks in Alexandria. And in Iraq, where al-Qaida has driven out many Christians and minorities, we implemented a program to resettle refugees.’

In the latter example, Baird cited Franklin Roosevelt who observed on the eve of global war: ‘Where freedom of religion has been attacked, the attack has come from sources opposed to democracy.’

All sorts of religions are attacked for a variety of reasons, yet Christians appear to be alone as they robustly back their right to exist.

When it comes to specific acts of Muslim-on-Christian violence, the silence is deafening.” Read more.

Nigeria: At Least 15 Christians Killed After Muslim Gunmen Siege Village, Burn Down Homes

09/30/2013 6 comments

For the cause of their most “gracious” and “merciful” deity …

Qur’an Sura 2:191-193, “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-Muslims] … fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”

Morning Star News – “Muslim herdsmen killed 15 Christians in Nigeria’s Kaduna state Saturday morning (Sept. 28), two days after suspected Islamic extremists in Yobe state killed an Anglican pastor and his son, sources said.

The ethnic Fulani Muslims in Kaduna state in central Nigeria, where attacks against Christians have increased markedly in the past year with the aid of outside Muslim extremists, invaded predominantly Christian Zangang village in the Kaura Local Government Area from the east and south, ‘killing the villagers and burning down houses,’ said the Rev. Yakubu Gandu Nkut.

‘The Fulani Muslim herdsmen lay siege to the village, while at the same time attacking Christians there using guns to kill and burn down their houses,’ Nkut told Morning Star News. ‘They attacked the village between the hours of 6 and 8 a.m.’

Nkut, pastor of an Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) congregation in Zankan, about five kilometers (three miles) from Zangang, said the gunmen also had machetes and knives. While a Kaduna state police spokesman said 11 were killed, Nkut gave the names of 15 Christians slain: Christopher Bakwap, Benjamen Ganda, Ladi Madugu, Adam Yakubu, Julius Barnabas, Garba Kushuwah, Martha Musa, Michael Aboi, Gaje Lufuwai, Kefas Yusfu, Dauda Yusu, Joshua Bikau, Andrew Bikai, Sheying Immanuel and Gideon Adamu.

Kumai Badu, chairman of Kaura Local Government Council, told Morning Star News by phone that 15 Christians were killed, several others were wounded and hundreds were displaced. Those who have fled have taken refuge in Manchok, he said.

The attack was the third this year by Muslim herdsmen on Zangang village, sources said. In those assaults, Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed ‘several’ Christians and also destroyed homes, they said.” Read more.

Flashback: The Killing Of Christians In Kaduna

David Wood Explains The Nairobi Mall Massacre (Video)

09/30/2013 1 comment

By David Wood, Answering Muslims – “Western leaders and the media assure us that the recent terrorist attack at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya has nothing to do with Islam, and that, by killing unbelievers, the terrorist group al-Shabaab is violating the commands of Allah and Muhammad. But what happens when we open the Qur’an to see what it teaches? We find that Islamic history has been repeating itself for fourteen centuries.” (Source).

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The “Prophet” Mohammed, Al Bukhari Hadith 2977, “I have been made victorious with terror.”

Qur’an Sura 33:21, “Indeed in Allah’s Messenger (Mohammad) you have an excellent example to follow for him who hopes in (meeting with) Allah and the Last Day…”

Qur’an Sura 8:12b, “… terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.”

Qur’an Sura 4:89, ”They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies … seize them and kill them wherever you find them …”

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