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Historian: We Are Now Watching ‘The Effective Extinction Of Christianity From Its Birthplace’

Matthew 24:22,27, “And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened… For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.”

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Historian Tom Holland:

Historian Tom Holland: “Medieval scale of horror …”

Lapido Media – “MIDDLE EAST historian Tom Holland told a briefing in London last night that the world is watching the effective extinction of Christianity from its birthplace.

In an apocalyptic appraisal of the worsening political situation in the region, a panel of experts provided a mass of evidence and statistics for the end of the region’s nation states under the onslaught of militant Islam.

‘In terms of the sheer scale of the hatreds and sectarian rivalries, we are witnessing something on the scale of horror of the European Thirty Years War,’ said Holland.

‘It is the climax of a process grinding its way through the twentieth century – the effective extinction of Christianity from its birthplace.’

The event titled ‘Reporting the Middle East: Why the truth is getting lost’ at the National Liberal Club in Whitehall, sought answers to the ‘anaemic’ coverage of attacks on Egypt’s Christians on 14 August.

Pre-planned destruction of scores of ancient churches, monasteries, schools, orphanages and businesses had gone unreported for days across the West, Nina Shea, Director of the Hudson Institute Religious Freedom Centre in Washington said.

After the Islamists swept multiple elections during the first revolution in 2011, US newspapers asking how it would change Egypt suggested merely that women would be prohibited from wearing skimpy clothes, and Sharm el-Sheikh would close as a tourist destination.

This was ‘utterly trivial’ she said.  Persecution of Copts, who dated their church to Gospel writer St Mark in Alexandria, was at its worst since the fourteenth century, with ‘horrific levels of violence’.

‘It has been the worst persecution in 700 years against the oldest, largest remaining Christian minority in the Middle East.’

The media had failed to ask the most basic questions, she said.  ‘Why were the Copts singled out, what was the significance and purpose of the attacks?’ A fourth-century church dedicated to St Mary – whom Muslims were supposed to revere – and that was a UNESCO World Heritage site, had been destroyed and designated as a Muslim prayer space.

Nina Shea:

Nina Shea: “Horrific levels of violence …”

It was 200 years older than the Bamyan Statues in Afghanistan, yet the mainstream media had ignored its demise.

Yet there was enough evidence to show that the violence was part of a plan to ‘drive out the Copts, to terrorise them into leaving’, she added.

Lapido Chief Executive Dr Jenny Taylor who organized the event which was co-hosted with foreign policy think tank Henry Jackson Society, said the media’s job was impeded by ‘secular blinders’.

They tended to report the Middle East’s religions as a ‘variant of a Westminster debate’ with ‘left-wing underdogs versus right-wing overdogs and the Christians getting lumped in with the overdogs if they get mentioned at all.’

Holland said Egypt was not a developing nation, which needed help to emerge as a Western democracy but had been the world’s first state, with a civilization on a level with China and Iran.  In Roman times, it had been the world’s bread basket.

Now it was the single largest importer of wheat anywhere on the planet.

The audience which packed the National Liberal Club’s David Lloyd George Room in Whitehall, heard a litany of atrocities and devastation covered by Arabic-speaking foreign correspondent Betsy Hiel of the Pittsburgh Tribune, on the ground in Cairo throughout both revolutions.

The Coptic Church in UK’s General Bishop Angaelos, former secretary to the predecessor Pope Shenouda, spoke in detail of distortions in media coverage that were mere presuppositions aggravating the situation on the ground.

Some reports had even suggested Egypt was undergoing a civil war – absurdly referring to a ‘field hospital’ in a mosque in the ‘leafiest’, most affluent part of Cairo.

‘Egypt will never have a civil war.  Its demographics just don’t fit that scenario.’

Muslims had often protected Christians. The church and civil society together were against the extremists.  Many Muslims had turned against the Brotherhood when it became clear there was no economic plan.

In answer to a question from the floor he agreed there had been what felt like ‘silence’ from Western churches, governments and indeed Western Muslims after the attacks, which belied Islamist propaganda that the West colluded with Christians.

Shea also spoke about Syria.

Christians in Syria were now ‘caught in the middle’, she said.  There was a shadow war against them by rebels, with jihadis and al-Qaeda factions deliberately attacking Christians.

‘When they conquer a town they set up sharia courts and mini sharia states.  The Christians are fleeing.  Given the choice to be killed or to leave, they leave.  If they stay, the jizya tax is imposed, and then raised.  If they cannot pay they are killed.’

She said Christians dared not go to refugee camps run by rebels as they would be recruited to fight.

The so-called Damascus Plan drafted by the Free Syrian Army for after the war ends, included retribution killings against any who did not oppose Assad.” Source – Lapido Media.

  1. 09/23/2013 at 12:41 PM

    It is terrible what is happening in the Middle East, but to write off Christianity as a force is an oversimplification. Sixty percent of the Church remains in Syria, according to a report from two days ago. The underground Church is actually growing. People are meeting in homes in Saudi Arabia (of all places) undercover, as was done in China right after the revolution. The Arab Church continues to grow in Israel and there is a hunger among many Jews. Granted it is not a pretty picture, but neither was the one China. The growth of the Church appears to be cyclical everywhere. It is faltering in the states. It is faltering in South Korea. Still, by evangelical counts, some 16,000 people are coming to the Lord EVERY DAY! Although much of the article may be true, some of the gereralizations are questionable.


    • 09/25/2013 at 8:02 PM

      You’re right, some of the generalizations ARE questionable, as it would take an encyclopedia numbering in the thousands of volumes to be “more” specific of all the horrendous, despicable “Acts of Terrorism” that have been and are being perpetrated in the name of Islam! The ONLY generalization made is “…some, 16,000 people coming to the Lord EVERY DAY!…” ONLY…16,000? Where? What country? Coming from where? Are these “converted” from another religion?


      Is this simply the number of “births” to Christians on a daily basis?

      You say “…Sixty percent of the Church remains in Syria…” I believe that! BUT, what you fail to report, is that sixty percent of the Population of Syria “was” Christian…TEN YEARS AGO! Today, I doubt, it’s more than twenty percent!!!

      btw…ANYTIME Christians are being “persecuted” of course, the “underground Church” is going to GROW!


  2. ICA
    09/23/2013 at 1:38 PM

    Let’s consider where Christianity was just a couple of generations ago in the Middle East, and where it is now today. It has gone from an estimated 20% or more in the early 20th century all the way down to about 4 or 5% today. For instance, there were an estimated 2 million Christians living in Turkey around 1920. Today their number is in the thousands. Syria went from 30% Christian down to less than 10%, and it’s dwindling. If this trend were to continue it would not look good for the overall Christian population at all in a generation or two. In the aftermath of 9/11 we have seen Christian persecution increase exponentially. In Iraq, for instance, the number of Christians went from 1.4 million under Saddam Hussein down to an estimated 500,000 today because of Islamic persecution. Persecution and the threat of death is forcing scores of Christians to emmigrate elsewhere, and low birth rates compared to Muslim birth rates isn’t helping. On the other hand, there definitely seems to be a revival in many areas. Even though the Beast lashes out against the Church in Satan’s effort to destroy it, as you and I know, he will ultimately fail. Christ will return to deliver His People.


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