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Israel: Muslims On Temple Mount Attack Jewish Visitors Following Call To Protect Al Aqsa Mosque

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Inscribed: "God is only one God.  Far be it from his glory that he should have a son."

Inscribed: “God is only one God. Far be it from his glory that he should have a son.”

By Kochava Rozenbaum, INN – “Police forces were dispatched on Wednesday to break up Muslim stone throwers who were targeting Jewish visitors on the Temple Mount (Har Habayit).

As soon as stones were thrown and riots broke out, police forces stepped in to make arrests.

Security forces were prepared for a riot as this incident follows renewed incitement by Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raed Salah, who called for Muslims to physically prevent Jews from visiting the Temple Mount last week.

Yesterday, the leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel was arrested on charges of ‘incitement against Israel and regarding the Temple Mount,’ and is currently being questioned by police.

This morning’s attack on Jewish visitors is likely connected to Salah’s claim last week to his followers that Israel is planning to ‘break in’ to the Temple Mount, on which the Islamic Al Aqsa compound is located, built atop the ruins of two Jewish Temples.

After warning of the alleged ‘danger’ of increased Jewish prayer at the site, Salah called on Muslims from across Israel – from the Negev and Galilee, Akko and Haifa – to descend on the Temple Mount to prevent the ‘dangerous mass invasion into Al Aqsa’ with their bodies.” Read more.

Flashback: Israel: Muslims Mortified After Thirsty Jewish Child Drinks From Muslim Water Fountain On Temple Mount – “A status update posted Sunday on the popular Arabic ‘Damascus Gate Now’ Facebook page shows a close-up of a Jewish child drinking from a water fountain atop the Temple Mount, with accompanying text attacking the child, accusing him of acting with ‘audacity and boldness,’ as a ‘thief’ stealing water from the mosque. The page, which boasts a surprising 127,000 ‘likes,’ writes: ‘After the departure of Ramadan…in poured the Zionists,’ adding, ‘the thief steals from our mosque to drink.’” Read more.

Flashback: Al-Aqsa Group Says Temple Mount Is An Islamic Site, Demands Jewish Prayers Cease Because They’re ‘Defiling The Holiness’ Of Western Wall – “An Israeli Arab group, ‘The Al-Aqsa Heritage Institute,’ on Thursday issued a statement demanding that Israel halt its plans to bring more Jews to the Kotel (Western Wall) – which, the group claims, is holy not to Jews, but to Muslims. In fact, the group says, Israel is ‘defiling the holiness of the site’ by conducting Jewish prayers there. In Jewish tradition, the Kotel is the outer retaining wall of the Holy Temple, which stood on the Temple Mount, approximately at the same location as the Al-Aqsa Mosque… In Islamic legend, however, the Kotel is a Muslim site – famous as the wall that Muhammad used to tie up his donkey when he ascended to heaven on his ‘night journey’ from the Temple Mount.” Read more.

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