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Finland: Church In Helsinki Vandalized With Islamic Graffiti, ‘Jesus Is A Muslim’

If the government of Finland continues protecting Islamist, their nation will no longer be Finnish. It will simply be Finished

Irony: Islam In A Free Society

Irony: Islam In A Free Society

The Seurakuntalainen via TT – “The premises of the Helsinki, The Living Word church has been the target of long-term vandalism. The windows of the church’s assembly have been repeatedly defaced with texts idealizing Islam.

The public spaces of the Helsinki Living Word Church has been vandalized during August, at least three times. The windows of the church premises are painted with slogans glorifying Islam and criticizing Western culture and values. The incident was first reported on Nuotta.com.

The Living Word Church is located in Eastern Pasila, right next to the Helsinki Islamic center.

The messages left by the vandals read among other things: (Aug 9) ‘Alluha Akbar’ [Allah is great], (Aug 20) ‘Jesus is a Muslim’ and (Aug 25) ‘Islam is the answer’. Earlier this summer, the church windows were defaced with eggs.” Read more.

Flashback: Finland: Muslim Men Sneak Into Country, Ask Passers-By If They Are Finns Only To Attack Them If They Answer ‘Yes’ – “On Wednesday two Moroccan men were sentenced for a racist assault on three people in Helsinki in May. The men asked two passing women and a man if they were Finns. When the answer was yes, they attacked the three – this was a racist act according to the Helsinki District Court which sentenced the men to six months’ imprisonment suspended and damages and fines.” Read more.

Flashback: Priest In Finland Defrocked For Calling A Terrorist A ‘Terrorist’ – “A Finnish Priest has been defrocked for openly speaking out against a terrorist website hosted in the country… Juha Molari had earlier been charged in Helsinki for inciting racial hatred, after he described one of the world’s most-wanted criminals as a terrorist… Later on Thursday, Johan Backman, a Finnish human rights activist and the chairman of the Finnish-Caucasus Friendship Society, told RT that Finland is sheltering terrorists in the country because of very strong lobbying from the political elite and a manipulated public opinion.” Read more.

Flashback: UK Islamist Anjem Choudary: The Flag Of Islam Will One Day Fly Over The Finnish Parliament – “Anjem Choudary led the Islamist group Islam4UK in Britain before it was proscribed under the UK’s counter terrorism laws in 2010. Choudary was in Helsinki last Thursday to speak at a secretive gathering held to mark the tenth anniversary of the jailing in Norway of Kurdish radical Islamist leader Mullah Krekar. Last week, the Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) confirmed to Yle that it was aware of the gathering. A Supo representative also told Yle at that time that it has long been known that there are increasing numbers of individuals in Finland with links to radicals. According to the British newspaper The Sun, Choudary spoke to 60 Kurdish immigrants, telling them to ‘rise up’ and predicted the Islamic flag would one day fly over the Finnish parliament building.” Read more.

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