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Iran: New President Boasts About Deceiving The West Over Iranian Nuclear Program

Here’s an important addendum to this story about Iran’s new “moderate” President, Mr. Hassan “Israel-Is-A-War-Monger” Rouhani. The Qur’an — which calls the god of Islam the greatest of all deceivers — is the quintessential source of influence for the Islamic Republic’s own constitution as well as its foreign policy. If the god of Islam, however, is the greatest of all deceivers according to the Qur’an, yet it is the Devil himself who is the one who deceives the “whole world” according to the Bible, then the implications of just who it is that Muslims around the world bow down to and worship each and every day are abundantly clear. Lies. Hypocrisy. Deception. Where would Islam be without them? …

Revelation 12:9a, “So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world …”

Qur’an Sura 3:54, “… Allah is the best of the deceivers.”

Revelation 13:4a, “And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast …”

Rouhani: Israel Must Be Removed

Rouhani: Israel Must Be Removed

By Reza Kahlili, WND – “In a newly revealed videotape of a pre-election interview, Iran’s new president bragged about deceiving the West over the Islamic regime’s illicit nuclear program and claimed credit for vastly expanding it.

Hassan Rowhani, dubbed a ‘moderate and reformist’ by worldwide media in June after his election, took the oath of office Sunday with the blessing of the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

However, the video shows Rowhani is anything but a moderate – one who not only is committed to the ideals and goals of the Islamic regime, but also who proudly boasted of his deceptions during his tenure as the regime’s nuclear negotiator starting in October 2003 in talks with France, Britain and Germany.

‘The day that we invited the three European ministers (to the talks), only 10 centrifuges were spinning at (the Iranian nuclear facility of) Natanz,’ Rowhani said on the tape. ‘We could not produce one gram of U4 or U6 (uranium hexafluoride). … We did not have the heavy-water production. We could not produce yellow cake. Our total production of centrifuges inside the country was 150.’

But then Rowhani admitted the purpose of prolonged negotiations: ‘We wanted to complete all of these – we needed time.’

Rowhani said the three European ministers promised to block the U.S. desire to transfer the Iran nuclear dossier to the United Nations, using veto power if necessary. He called Iran’s claim that it stopped its nuclear program in 2003 a statement for the uneducated and admitted that the program not only was not stopped, but further was significantly expanded under his tenure.

While President George W. Bush was increasing pressure on Iran in 2007, a report by American intelligence agencies concluded that Iran halted its nuclear program in 2003 and that the program had remained frozen since.

In the interview, Rowhani said that when he took over the country’s nuclear project, the country’s 150 centrifuges grew to over 1,700 by the time he left the project.

‘Do you know when Bushehr’s (Iran nuclear power plant) first phase was completed? The beginning of 2004,’ Rowhani said on the tape. ‘Do you know when the next phase was inaugurated? The fall of 2004. Do you know when the project was completed? March of 2005. How about the heavy-water plant? Do you know when the production started? The summer of 2004. Do you know when yellow cake was produced? The winter of 2004. Do you know when the number of centrifuges reached 3,000? In 2005.’

Then Rowhani made his boldest statement: ‘We did not stop. We completed the program.’

He said that Iran’s nuclear activity was under the supervision of the supreme leader and that he, as Khamenei’s representative, was to make sure of this deceit.

Today Iran has over 10,000 centrifuges spinning at its Natanz facility and has stockpiled enough low-enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs while its stock of the higher-enriched uranium is constantly rising.

Reports suggest the country’s heavy-water plant will go online ahead of schedule in 2014, which could put the country on a dual track for building nuclear bombs, which means spent fuel could be used for plutonium bombs.

Other reports indicate that the Islamic regime will likely complete its intercontinental ballistic missiles program in 2014, which would put the United States within its reach.

Despite U.N., U.S. and European sanctions, the Islamic regime never halted its illicit nuclear program and is inching ever closer to production of nuclear bombs. Its decade of negotiations with the West managed to buy it time while making gains in both its nuclear and missile programs.

World leaders have shown an eagerness to engage the new Iranian president, stating that Rowhani could possibly break the impasse and make way for constructive negotiations over Iran’s illicit nuclear program. The White House issued a statement that Rowhani would find ‘a willing partner’ in the U.S. if he chooses to ‘to engage substantively and seriously to meet its international obligations and find a peaceful solution’ to the country’s nuclear program.

In an exclusive May 20 report WND revealed the vast ‘Quds’ site, where Iranian scientists are trying to perfect nuclear warheads at this underground facility previously unknown to the West.” Source – WND.

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  1. 08/06/2013 at 4:38 PM

    The nuclear show-case starring US, EU, Russia, and with Israel on the sideline, has already gone too far. The deceivers in Tehran are laughing out loud while the West tries to act as a strongman. In reality, they all act like Neville Chamberlain in Munich. By his homecoming, this pompous appease waved a paper with Hitler’s signature as this has to be a guarantee of “Peace in Our Time”.
    The civilized world knows of the bestiality of Islamofascism, but the elite pretend not to know the fact. They are in reality scared – if not, they are simply deaf and dumb.
    Take the ShariaState out of the game right now. If a nuclear blast is too much then drop on them the new high explosive concrete blasters on their under-grown nuclear hide-away.


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