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Islamist Group In America: We Will Impose Sharia Law Upon All Christians

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Barack Hussein Obama is already doing that for them …

By Ryan Mauro, Frontpage Mag – “Hizb ut-Tahrir, a group so radical that the Muslim Brotherhood won’t even touch it, lives and breathes in America. Part of the reason it’s a fringe group in the U.S. is because it is mostly honest about its objectives. For example, one of its websites answers a question about the status of Christians in an Islamic State by frankly admitting that Sharia is imposed upon them and other non-Muslims.

‘Everyone who carries the citizenship of the [Islamic] state enjoys the rights and is bound by Shari’ah obligations,’ the Hizb ut-Tahrir (HUT) website says.

The article later reiterates that the Islamic state ‘implements Shari’ah upon all of those who carry the Islamic citizenship whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims…’

Of course, Islamists view this as a great aspiration, otherwise they wouldn’t believe in it. The article extols the fairness of Sharia-based governance. The ‘basic needs’ of all Muslims and non-Muslims are guaranteed, income is redistributed and health care and education are free. Non-Muslims can even be appointed to administrative positions and file official complaints if they are abused by authorities, at least in a way that isn’t consistent with Sharia.

The description sounds swell to those that don’t notice the important caveats.

Non-Muslims have religious freedom, as long ‘as they are within the general system.’ Non-Muslims’ attire and diet are regulated according to their own religions, as long as they are ‘within that which the Shari’ah rules have permitted.’

The HUT article, written by a spokesman in Lebanon, becomes vaguer when discussing the more sensitive issues. It was written in English for a non-Muslim audience, after all.

On the question of Muslims who abandon the faith, it explains, ‘The rule of the apostate is applied upon those who have apostatized from Islaam if they are apostates.’ That means execution, but that isn’t exactly the loveliest word you want to use when promoting your ideology.

HUT then glosses over the other aspects of Sharia law:

‘The state implements the rest of the Shari’ah rules and all remaining Islamic Shari’ah matters in regards to the [transactions], punishments, testimonies, ruling and economic systems amongst others upon everyone. The implementation of these matters is the Read more…

Loony Tunes: Egyptian ‘Donald Duck’ Tweets Desire To See Israel Destroyed, ‘I Have So Much Hate Inside Me’

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Maybe he was trying to win a hundred ducks

By Ari Soffer, INN – “In most of the world, children’s entertainment is about happy, innocent fun, child-friendly education and positive vibes.

Not so in much of the Arab world, where children’s TV programs – from cartoons to poetry recitals – are all too often used as a tool to incite violence and hatred.

Who can forget Hamas’ answer to Mickey Mouse, Farfur, who together with his co-host Saraa, preached antisemitism and encouraged children to take part in terrorism?

At the time, after seeing how the Islamist terror group had appropriated her father’s workto encourage genocidal hatred, Diana Disney Miller – daughter of Walt Disney – voiced her disgust to the New York Daily News:

‘…Indoctrinating children like this, teaching them to be evil. The world loves children and this is just going against the grain of humanity… What we’re dealing with here is pure evil.’

Now, the Egyptian voice of Donald Duck has illustrated how such hatred goes far deeper than a pre-written script, adding his voice to the chorus of hate by tweeting a distinctly non-child-friendly message.

Wael Mansour, who on his profile claims to be an ‘Egyptian Singer, TV & Radio Host… Official voice of Donald Duck in Disney Middle East,’ tweeted yesterday that ‘I truly wish #Israel is demolished, I hate Zionism, I have so much hate inside me with every child they murder or land they seize!'” Read more.

Flashback: Al-Qaeda: ‘Raise Your Children In The Cult Of Jihad And Martyrdom … Instil In Them A Love For Religion And Death’ – “The wife of Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has congratulated Muslim women for the role they have played in the Arab Spring and urged them to raise their children for jihad. ‘I congratulate all Muslim women for these blessed revolutions,’ Umaima Hassan Ahmed Mohammed Hassan wrote in a letter posted on the Al-Fajr website on Friday. ‘I advise you to raise your children in the cult of jihad and martyrdom and to instil in them a love for religion and death,’ she wrote.” Read more.

PA TV Gives $100 Prizes For Anyone Defining Israeli Cities As “Palestinian” (Video)

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Pakistan: Muslim Teacher Breaks 7-Year-Old Child’s Arm For Failing To Learn Qur’anic Lesson

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Muslim teachers, clerics and scholars continually berate Jews and Christians as “the vilest of animals”, yet here they are once again behaving like vicious monsters …

Qur’an Sura 8:55, “Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve [non-Muslims] …”

Qur’an Sura 3:110, “Ye [Muslims] are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind …”

The Express Tribune – “A seven-year-old child’s arm was broken allegedly in beating by his seminary teacher on Sunday, Satellite Town police said.

He was taken to Civil Hospital, where doctors treating him said he was now out of danger.

A case has been registered against the teacher, but he had yet not been arrested. Rana Nadeem, an uncle and guardian of the boy, Ahmed Raza, alleged that Raza’s teacher Qari Ataullah had beaten him for not learning his lesson.

He said some of Raza’s class fellows told him that the teacher had twisted his arm and beat him with a stick. Nadeem said Raza had returned him crying in pain. He was taken to the hospital, where doctors said that his arm was broken.

He said he later went to the seminary to talk to the teacher, who, he said, started abusing him. He them went to the police station to report the incident, he added.” Source – The Express Tribune.

Flashback: Experience Is The Best Teacher

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Somalia: Islamist Militants Attack Mogadishu, Promise More Bombings Before The End Of Ramadan

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For peaceful purposes. When Islam considers murder and death a holy endeavor to commit and to love for the sake of “Allah”, what better time to seek them both than during Islam’s “holiest” month? …

Proverbs 8:35-36, “For he who finds Me finds life And obtains favor from the LORD. But he who sins against Me injures himself. All those who hate Me love death.”

By Abdi Sheikh, Reuters – “Islamist militants set off several explosions in the Somali capital on Sunday, their spokesman said, demonstrating the rebels’ ability to attack the heart of government-controlled areas despite security gains.

The guerilla-style attacks were typical of al Shabaab rebels who have waged a six-year campaign to impose their strict interpretation of Islamic law on the country.

The militants had fired five mortar shells and hurled several grenades, wounding at least two women, senior police officer Abdiqadir Mohamud said.

Somali security forces responded with volleys of gunfire, witnesses said. Casualty numbers were thought to be low.

‘We started a massive military operation across Mogadishu at dusk. It will go on until tomorrow morning,’ said rebel spokesman Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, promising more attacks over the next few days as the Muslim holy month of Ramadan ends.

Al Shabaab said late last month the rise in coordinated attacks conducted by its fighters pointed to its enduring strength and at the time warned of more attacks in Ramadan.

The African Union peacekeeping force, known as AMISOM, has struggled to control areas won back from al Shabaab. The central government extends little influence beyond the capital where security has improved since peacekeepers flushed the militants out of their bases two years ago.

Uganda’s Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa told leaders from troop contributing countries – including Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Djibouti and Sierra Leone – at a summit in Uganda on Sunday that AMISOM had been stretched to its operational limit. But a summit communique stopped short of calling for extra troops.

‘I am afraid the remaining nights of Ramadan will be the worst for Mogadishu,’ local elder Farah Bulle told Reuters. ‘They have managed to indoctrinate many fighters to die in the holy month.'” Read more.

Somalia: Murder? Commit it. Death? Love it. For the sake of Allah.

South Korea: Red Tide Of Summer Wipes Out 11 Million Fish

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Korea JoongAng Daily – “Fisherman Kim Yeon-bok, 58, went down to check his jwichi (tilefish or leatherfish) farm last week off Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang, and found thousands of his fish floating on the sea or washed up on the beach.

They were killed by a toxic red tide that has engulfed a large swath of the southern coast.

The number of fish killed this year along the southern coast is 11 million, according to the South Gyeongsang Provincial Government yesterday, generating 6.05 billion won ($5.45 million) in losses.

‘The catch has been down this year,’ Kim said, ‘So I looked forward to selling 250,000 jwichi. But 90 percent of them have been killed by the red tide.’

The fisherman estimated his loss at over 500 million won. There were so many dead fish, Kim said it would take two to three days to clear them away.

Kim is one of hundreds of farmers suffering from the red tide, caused by massive algae blooms exuding chemicals harmful to marine animals. They are not good for humans to inhale either.

The algae blooms turned the sea a reddish brown color a few days ago.

‘My fish farm was totally ruined by the red tide,’ said Park Soon-bok, 59, who raises chamdom (red sea bream) and jwichi in the southern waters off Tongyeong.

‘It is really daunting to deploy cranes to move hundreds of thousands of dead fish from the sea into the land,’ he said.

In Tongyeong City, one of the most heavily-affected areas, 42 fish farms have lost 80 to 90 percent of their fish.

The government is considering offering financial assistance to the affected areas in the South Gyeongsang regions.

Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Yoon Jin-sook visited Tongyeong last weekend and pledged compensation for the damages.

Fish farms along the coast off Yeosu and Goheung, South Jeolla have been put on a red tide alert.

‘I suffered a lot last year when the red tide killed a huge number of doldom [parrot fish],’ said a 57-year-old fish farmer in Yeosu.

This year’s red tide is expected to be more severe than last year’s, which was blamed on sweltering heat, although the exact cause was never conclusively determined.” Read more.

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Syria: Islamist Rebels Threaten Christians With No Jobs, Death If They Fail To Comply With Islamic Law

08/05/2013 1 comment

Revelation 13:16-18, “… it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate [‘psēphizō’ – reckon] the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is χξς.”

AINA – “Accounts by Assyrian refugees from al-Thawrah (also known as al-Tabqah) reveal the real face of the Islamist undercurrent within the Syrian opposition. Furthermore, these accounts serve as a stark and chilling reminder of what has already been suffered by non-Muslim communities in Iraq since 2003.

On February 11, rebel fighters from the al-Nusra Front took control of the city and its strategic dam, the largest of its kind in the country. They also seized control of the three quarters that housed dam workers – many of whom were Christian Assyrians. Whilst they allowed the dam’s original staff to remain in the city in order to continue its operation, management and upkeep, those who were not Sunni Muslim were not afforded the same privilege.

‘Everything is now in Jabhat al-Nusra’s hands,’ complained one Assyrian refugee, ‘All the Muslims stayed there, but if any Christians want to go back they have to become Muslim or else they will be killed.’

Christians report their property being stolen, their homes being confiscated, and their possessions being sold on the black market in order to buy weapons and ammunition. In many of these cases, those forcefully dispossessed were not even allowed the chance to take with them any of their personal belongings.

According to the jihadist Islamist ideology espoused by such forces as the al-Nusra Front, the properties and possessions of such ‘infidels’ are halal (fair game), and it is not a sin to plunder them.

They also threatened Christians with death if they did not comply with strict Islamic laws. ‘They would call and text me on my cell phone, ordering me to do as they say, or else they would kill me! Can you imagine it?’ said a Christian man from al-Thawrah, who had lost all he owned, and is now internally displaced with his family. ‘Even though I have left they still call me from there to bother me, so I keep my phone switched off unless I really need to use it.’

The gruesome story (AINA 4-3-2013) of an Assyrian man from al-Hasakah Governorate, allegedly shot by rebels in an execution-style murder just outside al-Thawrah in April 2013, still sends shivers up the spines of those who knew him. He used to earn a living transporting people between al-Hasakah and al-Thawrah, until his car was confiscated by al-Nusra fighters. ‘They told him that he could buy it back from them, so he returned to his village to bring them the money,’ one refugee related, ‘He should have stayed put and thanked God that they hadn’t killed him then and there, but he didn’t listen to reason and left with the money they’d requested. No one ever saw him alive again. How will his wife and four children support themselves now?'” Read more.

California: San Francisco On High-Alert After Terror Threat

08/05/2013 2 comments

I thought Christians and Islamophobes were the real terror threat? …

The “Prophet” Mohammed, Al Bukhari Hadith 2977, “I have been made victorious with terror.”

Qur’an Sura 33:21, “Indeed in Allah’s Messenger (Mohammad) you have an excellent example to follow for him who hopes in (meeting with) Allah and the Last Day…”

By Lilian Kim, KGO-TV – “The Department of Homeland Security is beefing up its presence at airports, train stations and other travel hubs in the United States in the wake of global travel warning imposed on all U.S. citizens.

Local authorities are not going into specifics but the San Francisco Police Department does acknowledge receiving a bulletin by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and DHS. The SFPD says their officers are monitoring various areas of the city and will determine if additional resources are necessary.

They say they have the ability to rapidly deploy and redeploy resources as the department deems necessary.

No specific location has been mentioned, but authorities are keeping a close eye on airports, train stations and other transportation hubs. There is also increased scrutiny of visitors coming into the United States.

These latest measures have been implemented out of an abundance of caution.” Read more.

Flashback: Al Qaeda Magazine Praises Boston And London Attacks, Urges More Terror Against Those Who Do Not Worship Allah – “A new issue of the al Qaeda-published propaganda magazine Inspire crows about recent terrorist attacks in Boston and the U.K. and urges young Muslims to carry out similar ‘lone wolf’ operations against the West… ‘When one looks at the terrific Boston Marathon operation and its aftermath, including the accusation of the two brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, he understands how a single lone jihad operation can force America to stand on one foot and live in a terrified state, full of fear and rare restlessness,’ reads one article under the byline Abu Abdillah Almoravid.” Read more.

Flashback: ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ – Al-Qaeda Calls on US Muslims to Buy Guns and Start Killing Americans – “If an event were to occur in the world that would be eschatologically pivotal for Muslims this would be sure to awaken any radical elements within the Muslim population, regardless of where they live, and even radicalize some of those who were previously considered ‘moderate’… If we are complacent into believing that any such scenario could never happen or is highly unlikely, we don’t need to look far before we come face to face with the sobering reality that Islamic terrorist cells are, today, already forming within our own borders.” Read more.

Flashback: Study: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Muslim Americans Believe Anyone Insulting Mohammed Should Face The Death Penalty – “Nearly half of 600 Muslim-American citizens polled who plan to vote in the 2012 presidential election believe parodies of Muhammad should be prosecuted criminally in the U.S., and one in eight say the offense is so serious violators should face the death penalty… The poll also found 40 percent of Muslims in America believe they should not be judged by U.S. law and the Constitution, but by Shariah standards.” Read more.

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Germany: Muslims Break Into Couple’s Home, Beat Pregnant Mother, Kill Unborn Child Because Of ‘Immoral’ Behavior

08/05/2013 12 comments

Qur’an Sura 48:29a, “Mohammed is [Allah’s] apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers …” (Translation) – “Islamists from Chechnya have severely abused a couple in the central receiving point [for asylum seekers] in the Brandenburg, Germany. Their motivation: The couple, who are refugees from Caucasus, had behaved immorally.

Ten men forced their way into the couple’s bedroom. The attackers kicked the 23-year old Zulikhan in the stomach, who thus lost her unborn child. Her husband, who was seriously injured by numerous blows, was sent to the hospital for inpatient treatment.

The ‘punishment action’ for allegedly immoral behavior occurred last week, on Friday. The 38-year-old leader of the Islamists has enforced ‘traditional values​​’ of Islam on several occasions in the area, according to police interrogation records.

According to FOCUS information, the man apparently belongs to the radical separatist movement ‘Caucasus Emirate’. The two Boston bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers, were also part of this movement.

An investigator from the Federal Criminal Office told FOCUS: ‘The people come from the civil war, they’re so brutalised.”” Source – Islam verses Europe.

Flashback: Vorsicht, Islam Auf Dem Losen

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