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Syria: Christian Towns Are Being Emptied By Islamist Savagery

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Revelation 13:15, “And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain.”

In the reprobate minds and hardened hearts of these Islamists, the “Word of Allah” is speaking loud and clear …

Qur’an Sura 48:29a, “Mohammed is [Allah’s] apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers [non-Muslims] …”

Qur’an Sura 9:14, “Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace …”

Qur’an Sura 8:12b, “… terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.”

By Ruth Sherlock, The Telegraph – “Tens of thousands Syriac Christians – members of the oldest Christian community in the world – have fled their ancestral provinces of Deir al-Zour and Hasakah in northeastern Syria, residents have said.

‘It breaks my heart to think how our long history is being uprooted,’ said Ishow Goriye, the head of a Syriac Christian political Hasakah.

Mr Goriye, told The Daily Telegraph how, over the past two years he has watched as Christian families from Hasakah pack their possessions on the rooftops of their vehicles and flee their homes ‘with little plan to come back’.

Conflict in the area, desperate economic conditions, lawlessness, and persecution by rebel groups born from the perception that Christians support the regime, remain the main reasons for why Christian families are fleeing the area.

The growing presence of radical jihadist groups, including al-Qaeda, has also seen Christians targeted.

‘It began as kidnapping for money, but then they started telling me I should worship Allah,’ a male Christian resident of Hasakah who was kidnapped by jihadists said.

‘I was with five others. We were tied and blindfolded and pushed down on our knees. One of the kidnappers leant so close to my face I could feel his breath. He hissed: ‘Why don’t you become a Muslim? Then you can be free’.’

Another Christian in Hasakah said he knew of ‘five forced conversions’ in recent weeks.

Mr Goriye’s Christian ‘Syriac Union’ party has long been in opposition to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

While speaking to The Telegraph, its members were loath to criticise the opposition rebels, but many confessed that the situation had become ‘too bad’ not to talk about it.” Read more.

Flashback: The Desolation Of Syria’s Christian Community

Tennessee: Memphis Imam Spews Jew-Hate During Sermon

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If he were to say anything kind about the Jewish people he’d cease being a “good Muslim” …

Hadith, Tabari 7:97, “The morning after the murder of Ashraf, the Prophet declared, ‘Kill any Jew who falls under your power.’”

Qur’an Sura 33:21, “Indeed in Allah’s Messenger (Mohammad) you have an excellent example to follow for him who hopes in (meeting with) Allah and the Last Day…”

By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch – “Here is more from this hateful imam, Yasir Qadhi. According to Charles Jacobs, Qadhi tried to preserve his ‘moderate’ credibility by scrubbing this and another clip in which he called Christians mushrikun (those who worship others besides Allah) from the Internet by filing a copyright claim with YouTube. However, Jacobs’ Americans for Peace and Tolerance filed a legal counter-notification and had it restored.” Source – Jihad Watch.

Flashback: The Prophet Mohammed’s Teachings Are The Fire With Which ‘We Harvest The Skulls Of The Jews’; ‘We Move Closer To Allah Through Blood, Body Parts, And Martyrs’ – “Praise be to you, our Lord. You have made our killing of the Jews an act of worship, through which we come closer to you… Allah’s prayers upon you, our beloved Prophet (Muhammed). You have made your teachings into constitutions for us – the light with which we dissipate the darkness of the occupation, and the fire with which we harvest the skulls of the Jews.” Watch video.

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Germany: ‘Islamic Activist’ Suspected In Hiring ‘Hit Man’ To Murder Outspoken Critic Of Islam

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When it comes to defending the indefensible teachings of their “prophet”, Islamists are unable to fire anything but blanks in the war of words. Which is why many of them feel so compelled to fire real ones instead …

Zahid Khan

Zahid Khan

By Cheradenine Zakalwe, Islam verses Europe – “This relates to the attack on Islam critic Zahid Khan, which I wrote about a few days ago.

The 36-year-old Frankfurter, who is said to have attacked the Islam critic and self-described prophet Zahid Khan, in a forest parking place between Rodgau and Dietzenbach on Monday, may have been commissioned to do it by someone else, said Sebastian Zwiebel, spokesman of the Darmstadt state prosecutor’s office, yesterday to the Frankfurter Rundschau.

One person suspected of issuing the contract, an Islamic activist, has been arrested in the meantime. The man, who is now in custody, disputes the charges. Offenbach District Court has issued warrants against the 36-year-old Frankfurter as well as the suspected mastermind for conspiracy to murder.

One line of inquiry could lead into the Salafist scene. One year ago the Darmstadt state prosecutor’s office investigated prominent radical Islamist leaders because of suspects plans to commit murder.

Source: Via: Reconquista Europa

On Friday Offenbach district court issued a warrant for conspiracy to murder against the Marburg Islamist Stefan Salim Nagi erlassen. The Darmstadt state prosecutor’s office assumes that he commissioned a drug-dependent homeless man from Frankfurt to murder the Islam critic and self-declared prophet Zahid Khan from Rodgau.

The Frankfurter identified Nagi as the person who had hired him based on a photograph, said Sebastian Zwiebel, spokesman for the Darmstadt state prosecutor’s office. If it turns out to be true that Nagi had also driven the Frankfurter to the scene of the crime, then he would be considered not only the paymaster but an accomplice, he said.

Source:” – Source – Islam verses Europe.

Flashback: German Muslims Turn Violent During Zahid Khan Speech In Offenbach, Germany

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UK: British Soldier Attacked By ‘Hateful Mob’ In Broad Daylight, ‘They Kept Shouting Lee Rigby Like They Wanted To Re-Create What Happened’

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Lee Rigby was the British soldier who was beheaded by two Islamists on the streets of London in May. Although the suspects in this latest incident have yet to be identified, the “fingerprints” of this attack do seem to point in one specific direction …

Lee Rigby

Lee Rigby

This Is Exeter – “A SOLDIER was attacked in an Exeter underpass by a gang who chanted ‘Lee Rigby’ as they kicked him on the floor.

The 18-year-old, known as Alexander, has been a member of the Coldstream Guards for six months.

But on route to his home in St Thomas, Exeter, he said he was targeted by the hateful mob as he is a serving member of the armed forces.

After a period of about two minutes he managed to escape after fighting off but fear his injuries could have been a lot worse.

The incident happened at just before 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.

He said: ‘I was walking home from the train station at Exeter Central and got to the ruins at Exe bridges. As I went into the underpass a group of lads walked past me.

‘They stopped and asked if I was in the forces. I replied yes and before I could say why, fists were coming towards my face.

‘I was knocked to the floor and then carried on kicking me for what felt like a couple of minutes.

‘I crawled up in a ball but couldn’t get up. One was trying to get a screwdriver out of his pocket. I managed to get it off him and fight him off.

‘They were all covered up so I couldn’t see any of their faces. They kept shouting Lee Rigby – like they wanted to re-create what happened.’

After managing to escape and run off Alex was left with a split lip, sore ribs and a swollen jaw. H was treated at the NHS Walk in Centre

He said: ‘I have only been in the army six months but this is the first time anything like this has happened. I was very shaken up by it but am starting to get to grips with what happened.'” Read more.

Flashback: Metamorphosis Of Evil: Australian Muslims Discussing The Beheading Of Lee Rigby Say ‘He Deserved It’ – “Are these Muslims simply outliers within the Ummah, or do they now reflect the true inward sentiments of many ‘moderate’ Muslims living in the West? It appears that the latter is much closer to reality than many of us wish to believe. The Islamic world that has been in a relative ‘cocoon-like’ state is now approaching a new phase in its metamorphosis. And what is emerging is far from beautiful …” Read more.

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Video: Extreme Weather, Earthquakes, Sinkholes, Landslides, Volcanoes, Animal Deaths, Signs In The Sun … In July Alone

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Luke 21:10-11, “Then He said to them, ‘Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven …'”

The Greek word for “earthquakes” in Luke 21:11 is “seismos” and also means “commotion” or “tempest”, as in Matthew 8:24 when “suddenly a great tempest [seismos] arose on the sea, so that the boat was covered with the waves”. The earth has been shaken and will continue to be shaken by “seismic events” both literally (geophysical and hydrological hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) and figuratively (wars and rumors of war, terrorism, insurrections, revolutions), for in sin this world has fallen and, until the restoration of all things, the whole of creation will continue to groan and labor with birth pangs because of it (Romans 8:22) …

US State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert Because Of Al-Qaida Terror Threats

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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

By Brett LoGiurato, Business Insider – “The State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert because of the threat terrorist attacks from al-Qaida and affiliated organizations, it said Friday.

The State Department cited the potential for terrorist attacks in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula.

‘Current information suggests that al-Qaida and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks both in the region and beyond, and that they may focus efforts to conduct attacks in the period between now and the end of August,’ the department said in a statement.

The department said that the alert does not expire until Aug. 31.

On Thursday, the State Department said it would close at least 18 diplomatic posts in the Middle East and surrounding areas because of the threats.

The full release from the State Department is below:

The Department of State alerts U.S. citizens to the continued potential for terrorist attacks, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, and possibly occurring in or emanating from the Arabian Peninsula.  Current information suggests that al-Qa’ida and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks both in the region and beyond, and that they may focus efforts to conduct attacks in the period between now and the end of August.  This Travel Alert expires on August 31, 2013.

Terrorists may elect to use a variety of means and weapons and target both official and private interests. U.S. citizens are reminded of the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist infrastructure.  Terrorists have targeted and attacked subway and rail systems, as well as aviation and maritime services.  U.S. citizens should take every precaution to be aware of their surroundings and to adopt appropriate safety measures to protect themselves when traveling.

We continue to work closely with other nations on the threat from international terrorism, including from al-Qa’ida.

Read more.

Britain: Muslim Prison Population Up 200% — 8 Times Faster Than Overall Prison Population

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As one Danish psychiatrist recently acknowledged, the problem is Islam. Lawlessness and violence is accepted, even encouraged, by the perfect man they view as an excellent example for any “good” Muslim to follow …

2 Thessalonians 2:9-10, “The coming of the [lawless one] is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.”

By Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute – “The number of Muslim convicts in British prisons has surpassed the 11,000 mark for the first time, according to data included in a new report produced by the British Parliament.

The statistics — from a July 29 House of Commons research report entitled, ‘Prison Population Statistics‘ — show that the number of Muslim inmates in England and Wales jumped to 11,248 in 2012, up from 3,681 in 1997. Stated another way, over the past 15 years, the number of Muslims in British prisons has jumped by more than 200%.

The rate of increase of Muslim inmates in British prisons is eight times faster than that of the overall prison population, and the numbers show a clear overrepresentation of Muslim convicts: Muslims, who make up roughly 5% of the British population as a whole, now make up 13% of the British prison population (compared to just 6% in 1997).

The growth in the number of Muslim inmates is fueling fears that British prisons are becoming hotbeds for Islamic radicalization.

Although most of the Muslims in British prisons are immigrants from Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, an increasing number of Muslim inmates are converts to Islam.

According to a research report recently commissioned by the British Ministry of Justice, many non-Muslim inmates in British prisons are being bullied into conversion or are embracing Islam in exchange for promises of protection from physical assault.

The study examines the Islamic ‘gang culture’ inside the Whitemoor Prison in Cambridgeshire, which houses around 500 of the most dangerous prisoners in Britain. Researchers from the Cambridge Institute of Criminology who wrote the report found that more than one third (39%) of the prisoners at Whitemoor are Muslims.

Prisoners told the researchers that they had felt overwhelming pressure to convert. In some instances, they said, Muslim inmates had left Islamic literature in their cells and ordered them to “read this.” In other instances, inmates were promised that if they converted to Islam, they would be safe from physical assault.

The report states that if loners, including sex offenders, converted to Islam, fellow Muslims would defend them; they could thereby gain safety from a large and dominant group. Others used their newly acquired faith as a tool for status in establishing influence.

Non-Muslims and prison officers inside Whitemoor described Islam as an ‘organized gang’ and a ‘protection racket,’ which ‘glorified terrorist behavior and exploited the fear related to it.’

Prison guards said there were ‘proper Al-Qaeda’ members in the prison who were regarded with ‘awe’ by younger inmates. Some prisoners described Whitemoor as a ‘recruiting drive for the Taliban’ and fertile ground for hatred and a new generation of extremists.” Read more.

Flashback: UK: Fearing Another Beheading, Riot Squad Frees Prison Guard After Crazed Muslim Prisoners Attack, Take Guard Hostage – “Prison staff feared their colleague, locked in a room and being attacked by crazed extremists, was facing the same gruesome death as murdered soldier Lee Rigby. Leading the thugs was al-Qaeda fanatic Parviz Khan, serving life for plotting to behead a Muslim member of the Army – and thought to be the inspiration for last week’s horrific slaughter. The terrified officer, in his 30s, was finally freed by a specialist riot squad who stormed the room where he was held for five hours and beaten mercilessly by the extremists, who told him he would die.” Read more.

Flashback: UK: British Man Who Converted To The ‘Religion Of Peace’ In Prison Threatens To Kill Prince Harry – “A white Muslim convert threatened to kill Prince Harry just a day after the shocking murder of a soldier in Woolwich. Ashraf Islam, 30, formerly known as Mark Townley, confessed to police that he wanted to kill the third in line to the throne, who has served in high profile tours of Afghanistan. Islam walked into a police station in Hounslow on May 23 and told detectives that he wanted to murder the prince hours after soldier Lee Rigby, 25, was killed.” Read more.

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Al Qaeda Related Threat Forcing US Embassies To Close Sunday All Across Middle East And Asia

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It’s a good thing Muslim hostility eased the day Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated and that the war on terror is finally over, otherwise we’d be closing embassies all across the Muslim wor… Please hold. News from the real world just came in …

By TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF – “US embassies and consulates across the Middle East and Asia — including in Israel — will be closed on Sunday due to an al-Qaeda-related terror threat, officials said Thursday.

Diplomatic posts in Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan are among those that will be shut for at least one day, according to an NBC News report.

The US has been ‘apprised of information that out of an abundance of caution and care for our employees and others who may be visiting our installations, that indicates we should institute these precautionary steps,’ said State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf.

She added that the closures may be extended, ‘depending on our analysis.’

Messages alerting US citizens of the closures went out in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates, according to the report.

US officials said the threat appeared to have originated somewhere in the Middle East, and that it was aimed at overseas diplomatic posts, not at facilities inside the US.” Source – The Times of Israel.

Flashback: Obama Administration: The War On Terror Is ‘Over’ – “… a senior State Department official has announced, ‘The war on terror is over.’ ‘Now that we have killed most of al Qaida … people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al Qaida see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.’ The article itself describes the Obama administration’s new vision of foreign policy, which admits no enemies. Everyone, in this view, is a friend. Islamism, says the Obama administration, is just fine, so long as it does not openly support terrorism. This, of course, is utter foolishness… Islamism works hand-in-glove with terror groups around the world.” Read more.

Flashback: Barack Obama 2007 Radio Interview: The Day I’m Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease – “‘I truly believe that the day I’m inaugurated, not only does the country look at itself differently but the world looks at America differently. If I’m reaching out to the Muslim world they understand that I’ve lived in a Muslim country and I may be a Christian but I also understand their point of view… That will ultimately make us safer…” Read more.

Flashback: Since Taking Office There Has Been ‘An Ongoing Sharp Increase In Jihad Activity In Obama’s America’ – “It is almost every day now. Jihadi attacks in America. This past week there were three attempted jihad attacks. And what does the media consider the problem? Racistislamophobicantimuslimbigots, of course. On Saturday, a Muslim named Sami Osmakac was arrested in Florida on charges of plotting to go jihad on nightclubs and the Tampa, Florida, sheriff’s headquarters. ‘We all have to die,’ Osmakac said, ‘so why not die the Islamic way?’” Read more.

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