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Obama CAIRs: Obama Condemns Egypt’s Islamist Crackdown After Brotherhood Front Group Demands It

CAIR demanded that Obama condemn the military, and Obama obliged. When the Muslim Brotherhood was in power the Obama Administration largely ignored Egypt’s crackdown on Christians and even prepared to send the Islamist President a number of F-16 fighter jets. But with the Muslim Brotherhood forced out of power the Obama Administration has decided to condemn Egypt’s crackdown on Islamists and even halt F-16 shipments. Given the fact that Barack Hussein Obama actively employs members of the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House while inviting scores of known radical Islamists to meet with top administration officials hundreds of times, should we even be surprised? The Egyptian people who want to be free of Islamist rule can see what America’s President is doing. Unfortunately, the people who elected him cannot …

Egyptian Protester with sign of Obama saying:

Egyptian Protester with sign of Obama saying: “We don’t negotiate with terrorists. We finance them.”

Reuters – “The White House condemned the Egyptian military’s bloody weekend crackdown on demonstrators on Monday but took no immediate steps to suspend US military assistance to Egypt.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the crackdown, in which 80 people were gunned down in Cairo, sets back the process of democratization in Egypt and does not square with the interim government’s pledge to swiftly return to civilian rule.

But asked if the violence would prompt the United States to suspend aid to Egypt’s military, Earnest said: ‘I don’t have any change in our posture to report to you today.’

He said aid is under review, as it has been since Egypt’s military takeover on July 3.

Europe’s top diplomat shuttled between Egypt’s rulers and the Muslim Brotherhood on Monday in an urgent mission to pull the country back from more bloodshed, but both sides were defiant and unyielding after the violence of this past weekend.

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, making her second visit in 12 days as one of the few outsiders still able to speak to both sides, made no public comment. Supporters and opponents of Morsi left no doubt about the depth of polarization in the Arab world’s most populous nation.

‘It’s very simple, we are not going anywhere,’ said Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad, making clear the group intends to defy government orders to abandon a protest vigil of thousands of followers demanding Morsi’s return.

‘We are going to increase the protest,’ he told Reuters. ‘Someone has to put sense into this leadership.’

Backers of the military that deposed Morsi on July 3 were equally unbending, despite Saturday’s dawn carnage when security forces shot dead at least 80 Brotherhood supporters after a day of rival mass rallies.

‘We asked her (Ashton), would you accept an armed sit-in under your roof?’ said Mahmoud Badr, a leader of the Tamarud youth movement that mobilized huge protests against Morsi before the army moved against him.

‘What if al Qaeda had a sit-in in a European country? Would you leave it be?’ he asked reporters after meeting Ashton, echoing the army’s branding of its opponents as terrorists.” Read more.

CAIR Calls On Obama To Condemn Attacks Against Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt – “The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America’s largest and most powerful Muslim advocacy group, called Saturday for the Obama administration to condemn military attacks against the Freedom and Justice Party, the controversial religious party removed from power in a recent coup that the Obama administration is insisting ‘was not a coup.’ The administration reportedly fears that declaring a coup d’etat in Egypt would force the U.S. to suspend all of its assistance programs in the country, which also help block weapons smuggling to Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.” Read more.

Egyptians Protest Obama By Photoshopping Him As Osama – “The media isn’t eager to report it, but Obama isn’t exactly popular these days. The latest wave of signs show Egyptian protesters are taking up conservative photoshops of Obama in Muslim garb and fashion to denounce his support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Liberals in a Muslim country protesting by depicting Obama as a Muslim has to be a paradox to blow the minds of American liberals.” Read more.

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