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Experts: Muslim Brotherhood Will Strengthen In Egypt Despite Military Control

Now that Egypt’s Islamists have had a taste of power they will never be satisfied with anything less than the main course

By Daniel Wiser, The Washington Free Beacon – “The seizure of control by the military in Egypt will likely embolden the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and could push the country into a devastating civil war resembling Algeria in the 1990s, experts on the region said Monday.

The experts presented a dour outlook for Egypt, a country struggling to erect a functioning democracy after sixty years of military and dictatorial rule, at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Violence has spread in the country since Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi deposed President Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Brotherhood, on July 3 in response to protests of his increasingly authoritarian rule. Almost 300 people have died in fighting between pro- and anti-Morsi camps as the military attempts to restore stability and stage elections within six months.

The Muslim Brotherhood has so far declined invitations to meet with the interim government, an early indication that they could be disillusioned with democracy after Morsi’s downfall, said Samuel Tadros, a research fellow at the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom.

‘The idea that only through the bullet can you have the dream will certainly tempt another generation of Islamists,’ he said.

There are also early signs that continued Brotherhood intransigence could spark an overcorrection from the military, said Reuel Marc Gerecht, a senior fellow with the foundation. Egyptian security forces shot at least 83 Brotherhood supporters over the weekend, according to reports.

Further crackdowns by the Egyptian military would parallel civil strife in other African nations, such as Algeria, the experts said.

Efforts by the Algerian armed forces to ban the country’s Islamist party from elections in the early 1990s triggered a larger conflict that raged until a ceasefire in 1997.

‘Algeria later said the violence was a mistake,’ Gerecht said. ‘I don’t know that that type of wisdom will be translated well through North Africa.'” Read more.

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