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Kashmir: Grand Mufti Caught On Tape Enjoying Music In Public After Issuing A Fatwa Against It

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In the world of Islam, religious leaders evidently don’t need to lead by example. After issuing a fatwa against music, the Grand Mufti of Kashmir himself refuses to face it after being caught enjoying the very thing he declared so evil. Hypocrisy. Islam couldn’t exist without that, either

By Ishfaq-ul-Hassan, dna – “The Grand Mufti of Kashmir, Bashir-ud-din Ahmad, is in the line of fire of singers’ community who want the controversial cleric to apologize for allegedly forcing young girls to disband their rock-band, Praagaash, five months ago.

Mufti Bashir was caught on tape enjoying music at a public function despite issuing fatwa calling music un-Islamic practice. The video, which has gone viral, has put the Mufti in an embarrassing situation.

‘Mufti sahib is seen enjoying the music — the same activity for which he imposed ban on these girls. It is hypocrisy. We should not have restricted the girls at that time… It’s high time he apologized to those girls,’ Waheed Jeelani, chairman of Kashmir Music Club, an apex body of singers and musicians, told dna.

Praagaash was disbanded in February after the Grand Mufti, who heads the self-styled supreme court of Shariat, issued a fatwa saying music is un-Islamic and asked the girls to stop their activities. ‘Mufti sahib is a human being and he too can enjoy music… But the decision to issue fatwa against young girls was wrong. The issue got so much hype that the girls have refused to rejoin the field. He has demolished their career,’ Waheed said.

Qaiser Nizami, another noted singer who sang gazals and Sufi kalams during the function attended by the Grand Mufti,  said he asked the Mufti Bashir about the fatwa and he replied that ‘he had opposed the way the girls were performing because it was not acceptable to the society’.

‘If the Mufti issues fatwa that music is haram (forbidden) then people like me who have no other source of income than singing will die of hunger,’ Nizami said.
However, a spokesman for the Mufti said there would be no compromise regarding the verdict against Praagaash.” Read more.

Kashmir’s Grand Mufti Pictured Enjoying Music After Branding It ‘Un-Islamic’ Threatens Legal Action – “Caught on camera enjoying music, which he had earlier dubbed un-Islamic, Kashmir’s Grand Mufti Bashir-ud-din Ahmad on Sunday claimed that an attempt was being made to tarnish his image and threatened to take legal action. A video of the cleric – showing him enjoying a musical performance in the company of former Doordarshan director Shehzadi Simon in a houseboat on the Dal Lake – has gone viral on social networking sites.” Read more.

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India: Muslim Mobs Riot And Murder After Hearing Hindu Music From Hindu Temple During Ramadan

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In the Islamist mind, music only seems to be permissible when it is glorifying martyrdom and murder, otherwise it could conceivably tempt someone to tap their feet. And tapping feet, it seems, will eventually lead you towards the path of immoral behavior

Hadith Qudsi 19:5, ‘The Prophet said that Allah commanded him to destroy all the musical instruments, idols, crosses and all the trappings of ignorance.”

The Chakra – “On Friday July 26, 2013, Many Hindus were injured and 2 people were killed, including a Hindu women who died when Muslim mobs rioted on late Friday. Friday is the day that Muslims hold congregational prayer called Jumu’ah, usually preceded by sermons.

The violent clashes occurred in the Nagla Mal area of Meerut, a city within the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP, and is a few hours away from the capital New Delhi. It has been reported that the violence began when groups of local Muslims were upset that a Hindu temple was playing Hindu devotional songs (bhajans) and forced the loudspeaker to be shutoff while beating a few Hindu men in the temple. Police tried to control the violent mob and is looking for the rioters involved. The governing party of Uttar Pradesh during these riots is the Samajwadi party.

Religious violence and riots are not new to Uttar Pradesh and India during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan as it is a sensitive month for many in the Muslim community . In the past few years there have been similar cases where Muslim mobs have vandalized Hindu temples and injured Hindus due to hearing Hindu religious songs on route to a Mosque or if a religious procession is passing a Hindu temple that is playing music.” Read more.

Flashback: Mohammed Forbids It: Top California Clerics Declare Music Evil Because Good Sounds Lead To Bad Behavior – “Muslim hip-hop artists, poets, singers and classical musicians will perform today at the Crest Theatre in ‘An Islamic Expression of Traditional & Contemporary Art.’ The event – perhaps the first of its kind in the nation – challenges the belief among some orthodox Muslims that music can lead to sinful behavior. ‘It’s kind of risky. It’s something we have not done before,’ said Imam M.A. Azeez of Salam Islamic Center, which organized the evening at the Crest… The imams of Sacramento’s two biggest mosques declared that music is not permissible according to the Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s messenger.” Read more.

Flashback: Cell Phone Music Sparks Muslim Mob Attack Against Christians – “A mob of Muslims, apparently angered by Christian youths playing music on their phones from the back of a rickshaw taxi, responded by attacking residents of the mostly Christian Francis Colony section of Gujranwala, near Pakistan’s city of Lahore. The incident started after the prayer leader of the Lahore suburb’s largest mosque accused the teenagers of playing their music too loudly. A scuffle resulted, but the argument quickly erupted into an armed attack by a Muslim mob on the Christian homes in the Francis Colony.” Read more.

Flashback: Egypt: Islamist Hardliners Dance To The Beat Of A Different Drum After Hearing Christian Music Played In Public – “Mohamed Talaat didn’t like the fact Christian music was being played at a party to promote interfaith harmony in the Egyptian town of Minya south of Cairo, so together with a group of like-minded Islamist hardliners, he showed up to put a stop to it. It was simply un-Islamic to broadcast Christian songs, Talaat explained. ‘Egypt is Islamic and so we all have to accept Islamic rules to halt any strife,’ he said by telephone… Seemingly sporadic incidents are turning into what rights activists describe as an emerging pattern of abuses in the street by radicals…” Read more.

Flashback: Pakistan: Children Attacked, Church Wrecked After Children Singing Christmas Carols Angers Muslims – “A group of people praying in a mosque were so irked by the voices of children singing carols at a nearby church that they decided to silence them—by attacking their house of worship. On Saturday evening, four men attacked the Philadelphia Pentecostal Church in New Mianwali Colony in Manghopir. A young boy, Samson, was standing outside the church as his friends sang carols on the microphone inside. The children were preparing for mass to be celebrated the next day which was a Sunday. The loud cheers became terrified whimpers when suddenly four men, one of them with an axe, barged into the church.” Read more.

Colorado: ‘Islamist Jihadist’ Threatens To Murder Christians In The Next Two Weeks, They Will Be ‘Destroyed’

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A James Holmes copycat wannabe? And since Mormons are non-Muslims, he threatened to kill them, too. Spiritual issues notwithstanding, my first inkling tells me that this man has mental issues more than anything else. But then again, so does every self-proclaimed “Islamist jihadist” …

Fort Collins Police Protect Church During Sunday Service

Fort Collins Police Protect Church During Sunday Service

Coloradoan – “Fort Collins police have asked local religious organizations to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior after a self-proclaimed ‘Islamist jihadist’ threatened Mormons and Catholics ‘would be destroyed’ in the next two weeks, a memo sent by authorities said.

The man hadn’t been seen in the Fort Collins area as of Sunday, and there is no immediate danger to the public, Fort Collins Police Services Sgt. Mike West told the Coloradoan.

No further details, including the man’s identity, were immediately available. Threats were made in general regard to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Catholic Church; no local organizations were specifically referenced in the FCPS memo.

Rev. Steven Voss said the Archdiocese of Denver shared with him on Friday the Fort Collins Police Services memo and reading its words of caution made his ‘blood run cold.’ But between Sunday Masses at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 300 W. Mountain Ave., Voss said he’s ‘pretty confident’ he and his parishioners won’t have an interaction with the man he was told was ‘nonviolent.’

To give worshipers a sense of peace, he asked an FCPS officer to keep watch during weekend services.

When he read the police bulletin during Mass Saturday, an ‘audible gasp’ escaped those seated in the pews. A day later, ‘after the initial, kind of having your breath taken away moment,’ there was a greater sense of calm, he believes was due in part to police presence.” Read more.

Flashback: Report: Colorado’s ‘Dark Knight’ Killer James Holmes Converts To Islam, ‘Is Now A Muslim Who Prays Five Times A Day’ – “James Holmes, the gunman behind the Dark Knight massacre in Colorado last July, has reportedly turned Muslim and prays five times a day. The killer showed off a lengthy, thick beard during a court appearance earlier this month, and a prison source has claimed it is a symbol of his new-found faith. The source said Holmes has turned to Islam as a way of justifying his horrific murder spree in an Aurora, Colorado cinema on July 20 which left 12 people dead and 58 people wounded.” Read more.

Flashback: Colorado: Outrage As High School Recites Pledge Of Allegiance In Arabic Saying ‘One Nation Under Allah’ – “Here’s an update on yesterday’s news out of Rocky Mountain High. What wasn’t pointed out is that in order to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic, students must use ‘Allah’ in place of ‘God.’ Although the word ‘Allah’ can also mean ‘God’ in Arabic in a generic sense, the insinuation of its usage is loud and clear and creates America into one nation under the god of Islam, not one nation under the Judeo-Christian God of the founding fathers …” Read more.

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