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Tunisia: Thousands Of Angry Protesters Take To Streets After Critic Of Islam Shot Dead In Front Of Wife And Children

For peaceful purposes …

AFP/Reuters – “A leading opposition figure and critic of Tunisia’s ruling Islamists, Mohamed Brahmi, has been shot dead by unknown gunmen near the capital Tunis.

The interior ministry, cited by the official TAP news agency, said Mr Brahmi, a 58-year-old MP and vocal critic of Tunisia’s ruling Islamists, was assassinated as he left home.

‘Mohamed Brahmi, general coordinator of the Popular Movement and member of the National Constituent Assembly, was shot dead outside his home in Ariana,’ Watanya state television reported.

Watanya said Mr Brahmi was struck by a hail of 11 bullets fired from point-blank range.

‘He was riddled with bullets in front of his wife and children,’ Mohsen Nabti, a fellow member of the small leftist movement, said in a tearful account aired on Tunisian radio.

Shortly after the shooting, thousands of people protested in Sidi Bouzid, the birthplace of the Tunisian revolution, witnesses said.

‘Thousands have taken to the streets, people have blocked roads and set tyres alight,’ Sidi Bouzid resident Mehdi Horchani said.

‘People are very angry.’

The February 6 assassination of Chokri Belaid, another opposition figure, in front of his home sparked a political crisis in Tunisia.

Condemning the latest killing, lawyer Mabrouk Korchid said that Mr Brahmi was ‘assassinated in cold blood on the day that Tunisia is marking’ the 56th anniversary of the republic’s declaration.” Read more.

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  1. Healthy Earth Healthy Inhabitants~ Global Human Rights~ Peace On Earth
    07/25/2013 at 4:22 PM

    Second time an opponent of Islam has died in that area in less than a year. Good family men, heads of households, what will be done about this atrocity?


  2. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com
    07/26/2013 at 1:16 AM

    This is the effects of the Arab Spring 2/11/2011. Religious blindness is ruling with black ages mentality.jalal


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