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Tunisia: Thousands Of Angry Protesters Take To Streets After Critic Of Islam Shot Dead In Front Of Wife And Children

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For peaceful purposes …

AFP/Reuters – “A leading opposition figure and critic of Tunisia’s ruling Islamists, Mohamed Brahmi, has been shot dead by unknown gunmen near the capital Tunis.

The interior ministry, cited by the official TAP news agency, said Mr Brahmi, a 58-year-old MP and vocal critic of Tunisia’s ruling Islamists, was assassinated as he left home.

‘Mohamed Brahmi, general coordinator of the Popular Movement and member of the National Constituent Assembly, was shot dead outside his home in Ariana,’ Watanya state television reported.

Watanya said Mr Brahmi was struck by a hail of 11 bullets fired from point-blank range.

‘He was riddled with bullets in front of his wife and children,’ Mohsen Nabti, a fellow member of the small leftist movement, said in a tearful account aired on Tunisian radio.

Shortly after the shooting, thousands of people protested in Sidi Bouzid, the birthplace of the Tunisian revolution, witnesses said.

‘Thousands have taken to the streets, people have blocked roads and set tyres alight,’ Sidi Bouzid resident Mehdi Horchani said.

‘People are very angry.’

The February 6 assassination of Chokri Belaid, another opposition figure, in front of his home sparked a political crisis in Tunisia.

Condemning the latest killing, lawyer Mabrouk Korchid said that Mr Brahmi was ‘assassinated in cold blood on the day that Tunisia is marking’ the 56th anniversary of the republic’s declaration.” Read more.

Flashback: Tunisian Salafist Declares The Future Conquest of Andalusia, Rome, And Jerusalem, ‘This Is The Age Of The Muslims’ – “I would like to declare loud and clear that the Al-Nusra Front, Ansar Al-Sharia, Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State of Iraq, and the mujahideen in Somalia, in Mali, and in Algeria – we all stand united against the enemies. Our goal is to support the Islamic nation, to support the religion, to elevate the shari’a, and to spread the law of Muhammad… This is the age of the Muslims. Gone are the days of secularists and democracy. We are looking down upon them. We are looking down upon them from above. They are beneath us.” Read more.

Flashback: Al-Qaeda Eyes Tunisia Front Setting Off Alarm Bells Around The World – “Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s recent appeal for recruits is setting off alarm bells around the world. The new message from al-Qaeda urged supporters to fight at home against secularists and liberals. The plea for aid from like-minded Islamists was met with a warm response by Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia, further heightening concerns that the country could become a new battleground for the terror network.” Read more.

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Pakistan: Muslim Man Threatens To Abduct, Disfigure Christian Nurse For Refusing To Marry Him And Convert To Islam

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According to Islam, all women are like mere animals that can be treated as possessions, so it matters not what women desire. They are all inferior. Christian women, however, are among the “vilest of animals” since they believe in YHWH and His Messiah, not in the god of Islam and his (false) “prophet.” But to live in a Muslim land also means that they have now been “conquered” and have therefore been given by “Allah” to the men of Islam as the spoils of a 1400-year war …

Sura 33:50a, O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war…

Daniel 11:37a, “Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women …”

By Jibran Kahn, AsiaNews – “Pakistan’s small Catholic community has been shaken again by another case of violence. An influential Muslim businessman in the district of Sanghar has repeatedly threatened a Catholic nurse who has refused to marry him, filing a case against her when she became engaged to another man. Despite the threats, the situation seems under control for now. Police, which so far aided and abetted the Muslim man, has been forced to provide protection to the Catholic woman thanks to pressure from Christian groups and moderate Muslims.

It all began when Ghulam Muhammad decided he wanted to marry Nazia Masih (pictured), a Catholic nurse from Padri-Jo-Goth, Sanghar District, who works at Cheniot Hospital.

Muhammad approached her with a proposal to marry him and convert to Islam. After she turned him down, he threatened to abduct her and disfigure her with acid.

Regrettably, Muhammad has a certain reputation in the district as someone who has already abducted, raped and forcibly converted local Hindu women to Islam. Those who dared sue him for rape were in fact unable to obtain justice.

On her way home on 10 May, Nazia Masih was approached by four armed men who warned her to accept Muhammad’s proposal or else. After harassing her, they drove away. Frightened, she sought help at work but hospital authorities refused.

The girl’s parents decided then to anticipate her engagement to Ejaz Joseph, a local Christian, on 26 May. However, Ghulam Muhammad interrupted the ceremony accompanied by several police officers who, without evidence of any crime, tried to arrest the couple.

Luckily, after the involvement of village elders, police took her father and brother away, but released them a few hours later. Eventually, Nazia’s persecutor decided to change tactic and tried to pressure Joseph with dire consequences if he do not leave the nurse.

The girl’s family decided again to ask the authorities for help and filed a complaint at the police station in Sanghar. Once more, Muhammad’s influence thwarted an investigation into the matter.” Read more.

Australia: Bomb Placed Near Sydney Police Station Linked To Muslim Protests

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If police had been killed or wounded, would they have deserved it, too? …

Hadith – Al Bukhari, 2977, “I have been made victorious with terror” – The ‘Prophet’ Of Islam, Mohammed

Australian Muslims Carrying Jihadist Flags

Australian Muslims Carrying Jihadist Flags

9 News National – “A bomb found behind a Sydney police station and linked to last year’s Muslim riots could have been deadly if it had detonated, police say.

Officers are following a number of ‘very strong leads’ as they investigate online threats against police that refer to the explosive device.

Counter terrorism commander Peter Dean said the threats seemed to link the bomb to last year’s Islamic protests in Hyde Park.

‘There’s a comment in the Facebook blogs and also in the email that talks about protests in Sydney so there is an assumption that there’s some link there,’ he told reporters in Sydney on Thursday.

The hand-sized device was found in the rear car park of Campsie Police Station on Tuesday afternoon.

An inspection by the bomb squad established that the contraption contained explosives but had been constructed in a way so that it could not detonate.

Commander Dean says the device could have been deadly if it had exploded.

‘If it had been constructed properly and it had detonated it would have been very dangerous to somebody standing nearby’,’ Commander Dean told reporters in Sydney on Thursday.

‘It also could have created a shrapnel effect with objects around it like the fence and the glass windows of the station, which could have caused damage or injury.’

It is not clear whether the device was specifically designed not to explode, he said.” Read more.

Flashback: Metamorphosis Of Evil: Australian Muslims Discussing The Beheading Of Lee Rigby Say ‘He Deserved It’ – “Are these Muslims simply outliers within the Ummah, or do they now reflect the true inward sentiments of many “moderate” Muslims living in the West? It appears that the latter is much closer to reality than many of us wish to believe. The Islamic world that has been in a relative “cocoon-like” state is now approaching a new phase in its metamorphosis. And what is emerging is far from beautiful …” Read more.

Flashback: Australia: Police Commissioner Outraged To See Muslim Children Carrying Signs Calling For The Beheading Of Non-Muslims – “NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says he was outraged to see children holding signs that called for the beheading of anti-Islamists at a Sydney protest… ‘It was an outrage,’ he told reporters in Sydney today. ‘To see a young child with a placard thrust in his hand calling for the beheading of a person is simply something I cannot comprehend. ‘It’s just not what we teach our children.’” Read more.

Flashback: Australia: Radical Imam Calls Democracy ‘Evil’, Calls For The Overthrow Of Australian Law – “Democracy and parliaments are evil declared a radical Australian Muslim cleric in Sydney on Friday night during a debate with two Christian politicians. Ibrahim Saddiq Conlan also called for the overthrow of the Australian legal system in favour of the controversial sharia law, the Islamic legal system. ‘[the Australian legal system is] the primary cause of the spiritual, economic and environmental crisis in Australia,’ he said. ‘Democracy is evil, the parliament is evil and legislation is evil,’ said Mr Conlon.” Read more.

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Report: Muslim Brotherhood Kills Its Own To Demonize And Frame The Egyptian Military

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It’s a good thing the Muslim Brotherhood is a “moderate” terrorist organization, otherwise they’d be stockpiling weapons and smuggling in rockets to kill others as well as … hey wait a minute …

By Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute – “New evidence indicates that some of the pro-Morsi protesters reportedly killed by the Egyptian military, after the Muslim Brotherhood president’s ouster, were actually killed by fellow pro-Morsi protesters. They did this, according to the report, to frame the military, incite more Islamist violence and unrest, and garner sympathy from America, which has been extremely critical of the military, especially in the context of the post-Morsi violence.

The Arabic satellite program, Al Dalil, (‘The Evidence’) recently showed the evidence, which consisted mostly of video recordings.

One video records events on July 8, during pro-Morsi protests in front of the Republican Guard building in Cairo, where Morsi was being held, and where the bloodshed between the military and Brotherhood began. The video shows a young man with a shaven head and a Salafi-style beard approaching the Republican Guard barrier; he gets shot, collapses to the ground, and dies—as other protesters fly into a rage against the military. As the video plays, it seems clear that the military shot him.

However, watching the video in slow motion and in zoom clearly indicates that someone from behind him, from the pro-Morsi throng, shot him. The whole time he falls, in slow motion, he is still facing the Republican Guard. Yet when the camera zooms in, the bullet wound and blood are visibly at the back of his head; his front, facing the military even after he falls, does not appear to have a scratch. Considering that the military was facing him, it seems apparent that a fellow Morsi-supporter shot him from behind.

On the same day this man in the video and others were killed, Muhammad Mahsoub, a former Brotherhood member and politician tweeted the following: ‘The Brotherhood sacrifice their youth in the streets, even as the sons of their leaders are at the beach resorts… Allah curse the hypocrites [based on a Koran verse];’ and ‘I repeatedly warned al-Baltagi against his plan to antagonize the military in order to implicate it an attack on the protesters, but he insists on his plan…’

Baltagi is a Brotherhood leader who has been especially vocal about ‘getting back’ at the military; he apparently also enjoys close relations with the widely disliked U.S. ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson.

Another video shown on Al Dalil is even more obvious. An armored vehicle appears slowly driving by a group of pro-Morsi protesters, many easily discernible with their Salafi-style beards. A shot is heard and the man nearest the passing vehicle collapses. Again, at first it appears that the men in the armored vehicle shot him.

Played, again in slow motion, however, it becomes apparent that the Read more…

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