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Sweden: Danish Family Seriously Injured After ‘Vandals’ In Muslim-Dominated Malmo Place Large Rocks On Highway

And it’s apparently not the first time this has happened. Will quick ‘n easy “transporterror” become the latest jihadi fad? …

By Nicolai Sennels, Islam verses Europe – “Half a year ago Al-Qaeda’s magazine Inspire told Muslims to hit the transport sector. Since then Canadian Muslims have been arrested for planning terror against a train, another train that was derailed in France was robbed by Muslims – who probably are also guilty in derailing that same train… And now this:

“A Danish family crashed and rolled around in their car on the highway in Malmo last night, after vandals -presumably with evil intentions – threw stones across the road.

The mother, according to Malmo police, has fractures of the pelvis due to the accident, while the father received injuries on his face. The couple’s three teenage children escaped uninjured …

The press spokesman of the police in the region, Nils Norling, said to Ekstra Bladet that the parents were still in hospital in Malmo, but their condition was stable and there were no life-threatening injuries.

He says the family was lucky that it did not go worse, but he described the accident as very serious.

‘- It wasn a powerful collision. Someone placed stones across the road and the car collided with them and overturned …

‘- Is it possible that a car simply lost stones from the load by accident?’

‘- We do not think so. It is not the first time big rocks have been placed on the road at that particular place,’ says Nils Norlin

Source – Islam verses Europe.

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    Watch for this in America’s mountainous regions like the Rocky Mountains, Appalachians, and Sierra Madres.


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