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Egypt: At Least 9 More Killed In Clashes, Muslim Brotherhood Calls For Supporters To Siege American Embassy

Just lay siege to the US embassy “peacefully.” We know all too well, however, just how peaceful the “Religion of [Non-Existent] Peace” can be …

By Alaa Shahine and Maram Mazen, Bloomberg – “Clashes between supporters and opponents of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi killed nine people, as violence following his ouster by the military showed no sign of ebbing.

The deadliest eruption of fighting took place near Cairo University, where six people were killed, state-run television reported, citing the health ministry. The Brotherhood said security forces attacked unarmed protesters. Another person died in Tahrir Square near the U.S. embassy after Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam El-Erian urged Egyptians to peacefully lay siege to the mission.

Daily violence that has claimed the lives of dozens over the past three weeks risks undermining the interim government’s plan to return to elected rule. At the same time, moves to put that process in motion have buoyed markets.

The military-appointed government is repeating the same mistake Mursi made, ruling ‘in an exclusionary, confrontational manner,’ said Yasser el-Shimy, an analyst in Cairo at International Crisis Group. ‘This could eventually lead to a very dangerous prospect, which is basically the normalization of violence in the political context in Egypt.’

Militants have also stepped up attacks on security forces in the Sinai peninsula, and yesterday, unidentified gunmen shot dead a police sergeant in the northern town of El-Arish, the interior ministry said today in an e-mailed statement.” Read more.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Scoffs At Reconciliation – “As the military and Muslim Brotherhood square off, violence is rising. Nine people died overnight in clashes, most in Cairo. About 100 people have died since Morsi was ousted on July 3. Brotherhood leaders say they will continue to protest until Morsi is reinstated – even if only long enough to call early presidential elections. Until then, they will not recognize or participate in the political process, they insist… Yet outside Rabaa el Adawiya square many Egyptians in Cairo refer to Brotherhood members as ‘terrorists’ and say there is no need for the group to participate in public life… Brotherhood leaders are now under growing pressure from members to hold firm. Many of the protesters at the sit-in say they will not leave until Morsi is restored to the presidency and say they are prepared to sacrifice their lives for that goal.” Read more.

  1. Mike
    07/23/2013 at 3:18 PM

    Obama’s friends sure aren’t friendly ;)


  2. 07/23/2013 at 7:08 PM

    Has anyone asked, Obozo, “point-blank”, whether or not he “favors” the “Muslim Brotherhood???”


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