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Muslim Brotherhood’s Hamas Smuggling Enough Rockets Into Egypt To ‘Destroy An Entire Neighborhood’

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Muslim Brotherhood supporters know that they cannot fight and win a direct battle against the Egyptian military. Given the fact that Islamists are directly blaming and even targeting Egypt’s Christian community since the ouster of Mohammed Morsi, I cannot help but wonder what the Brotherhood and their fellow Islamists are planning, and against whom? …

Brotherhood Supporter Promises A New Taliban And Al Qaeda In Egypt

Brotherhood Supporter Promises A New Taliban And Al Qaeda In Egypt

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag – “The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t have the patience to wait around for arms aid from Obama the way that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood running the Free Syrian Army has. Instead it’s getting rockets from its Hamas outlet over in Gaza.

A high-ranking Egyptian general on Wednesday accused Hamas of smuggling rockets into Egypt for use by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hamas started out as an offshoot of the Egyptian Brotherhood and maintained close ties with the deposed Egyptian regime led by Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi.

Maj. Gen. Osama Askar, commander of Egypt’s Third Army, accused Hamas’s armed wing, the Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, of smuggling 19 Grad rockets. Egyptian soldiers intercepted the rocket shipment along the Suez-Cairo highway, which Askar charged was on its way to Cairo to help the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The confiscated rockets were enough to destroy an entire neighborhood, indicating they were on their way to be used in terror activities against the Egyptian people,” Askar told reporters.

The captured rockets are the same type used by the Qassam Brigades against Israel. Egyptian troops also discovered military uniforms last Sunday that that Askar said were “enough for an entire army.”

The Muslim Brotherhood certainly has no objection to a bloody civil war, but the Egyptian Army is a much harder target than the Syrian Army and the Brotherhood won’t have the kind of support it does in Syria.

Still enough weapons can create some very bloody disruptions while destabilizing the situation. Attacks can be blamed on the military, especially if they’re carried out as false flag operations by Muslim Brotherhood personnel in uniform.

The Muslim Brotherhood is making it clear that they are not going to limit themselves to protesting while waiting for political pressure from Obama to force a reversal. Instead they’re going to disrupt things in a much bloodier way.

But what else would anyone expect from a terrorist group?” Source – Frontpage Mag.

Islamic Extremists Reportedly Attacking Egypt’s Christian Community Over Morsi Ouster – “The Muslim Brotherhood reportedly is attempting to blame Egypt’s Coptic Christian community for the recent ousting of President Mohammed Morsi and even resorting to violent tactics in an effort to gain back power.Reports have surfaced out of Egypt that sectarian attacks against Copts by Islamic extremists are on the rise since Morsi was ousted July 3… ‘The sectarian attacks against Copts are one of the controversial strategies pursued by Islamic extremist currents in their bid to intimidate Christians … Whether it is out of revenge for participating in the political process or as a result of the radical ideologies these groups have, [they are] creating a state of anarchy and insecurity across the Egyptian streets …” Read more.

Flashback: Egypt: Military Closes Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters In Cairo After Finding Stockpile Of Weapons Inside – “Egypt’s prosecution ordered the closure of the Cairo headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party after police found weapons inside it on Monday, a security official said. Police found ‘flammable liquid, knives and arms to be used against the June 30 protests,’ the official said, in reference to demonstrations that saw millions take to the streets to demand the resignation of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.” Read more.

Lying Wonders: Death-Loving Jihadists Post ‘Miracle’ Photos Of ‘Smiling Martyrs’ On The Internet

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Behold, yet another one of the Qur’an’s many lying wonders miracles. But whatever you do, don’t question it. Because one should never question the Greatest of DeceiversAllah” …

Revelation 12:9a, “So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world …”

Qur’an Sura 3:54, “… Allah is the best of the deceivers.”

2 Thessalonians 2:9-10, “The coming of the [lawless one] is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.”

A Grinning Martyr

A Grinning Martyr

By Michael Carl, WND – “A campaign on Twitter aims to inspire Muslim men to join war in the Middle East by featuring the faces of the dead – smiling.

The Middle East Media Research Institute report says the macabre images are to convince additional fighters to join the effort to overthrow Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Besides the images, there are messages. One of the Tweets even mentions the smile on the jihadist’s face and invokes the war against Assad.

‘A deceased martyr smiling … your glory oh Allah (oh Allah make the ending better) #martyr #Syria Oh God, your glory eclipses the land of Bashar.’

Another Tweet mentions the smell coming from the martyr’s body.

‘The scent of musk emanated from his pure body, and it was smelled by the mujahideen. Women trilled loudly after they smelled the musk emanating from his body.’

Another Tweet told of a man who didn’t marry because of his coming martyrdom.

‘He refrained from marriage because he was hastening to meet the virgins under the shadows and the trees. As he died, he will be honored with the company of the prophet Muhammad’s companions and the love of the prophet Muhammad.’

Another references Syria and a Muslim convert coming from Europe.

‘He came from Spain, leaving behind him a well-off and blissful life; Abu Adam the Moroccan was killed, may Allah have mercy on him, in one of the battles in Aleppo.’

This is MEMRI’s second installment on the topic. WND reported in February on the launch of the jihadist recruiting campaign.

The celebrants note that in some cases, the ‘martyrs’ killed in ‘holy wars’ in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere seem to be smiling.

Among the ‘martyrs’ are prominent Muslim sheiks, writers on online jihadi forums and ordinary Muslim men who died carrying out jihad.

Center for Security Policy Senior Fellow Clare Lopez says that jihadists believe the tweets and photos will inspire young Muslim men to become martyrs.

‘They’re trying to encourage other fighters saying, if you give your life in the way of Allah, death is sweet, and the reward awaiting you on the other side is paradise, is better than you can imagine,’ Lopez said. ‘In the case of these jihadis, they’re promised a reward of 72 virgins if you die in jihad as well as avoiding the torments of the grave.’

Lopez noted that Read more…

Escalating Extremism In The West Bank Should Be Sounding Alarm Bells In The U.S., Britain And France

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Unfortunately, they’re all suffering from a chronic case of spiritual narcolepsy. Cheers …

1 Thessalonians 5:6-8a, “Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk are drunk at night. But let us who are of the day be sober …”

Revelation 18:3a, “For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her …”

By Khaled Abu Toameh, Gatestone Institute – “What happened at the al-Aqsa Mosque during last week’s Friday prayers should be sounding alarm bells in the U.S., Britain and France.

After the prayers, during a demonstration in support of Egypt’s deposed President Mohamed Morsi, thousands of Muslims began shouting slogans against the U.S., Britain, France and Israel

‘Allahu Akbar, destroy the U.S., Britain and France!’ the demonstrators chanted in scenes that appeared as if they were taking place in a remote Taliban-controlled village in Afghanistan.

But the protest did not take place in Afghanistan or Pakistan. It took place at the Aqsa Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan, during which Israel allows hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank to enter Jerusalem for Friday prayers.

Why did the Muslim worshippers chant slogans against the US, Britain and France? Because they believe that these countries are the enemies of Islam and were involved in the ‘conspiracy’ to remove the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Egypt.

But of course such demonstrations cannot occur without also shouting threats and slogans against Jews.

Why Jews? Because the declared goal of these extremists is to destroy Israel and establish an Islamic Caliphate.

It is frightening to see thousands of Muslims chanting, ‘Khaybar, Khaybar Jews — the army of Mohamed will return!’

They were referring of course to the Battle of Khaybar, fought in the year 629, between Muslims and Jews living in the oasis of Khaybar in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Jews there were attacked after being accused by the Muslims of inciting hostilities among Arab tribes. The Jews finally surrendered and were permitted to live in Khaybar on condition that they gave one-half of their produce to Muslims.

The demonstrators at the Aqsa Mosque are hoping that the Muslims will again attack the Jews, this time in Israel, and force them to succumb, and either to leave or agree to live as a humiliated minority under the rule of an Islamic Caliph.

What is worrying is that some of these demonstrators were Israeli citizens affiliated with the Islamic Movement in Israel, headed by Sheikh Raed Salah. This movement, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, has thousands of supporters among the Arab community inside Israel.

Two days later, on Sunday, the Islamic Movement Read more…

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India: Muslim Member Of Congress Threatens To Behead Political Opponent, ‘It Would Not Take Me Even A Minute’

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Maybe his political opponent believes in scriptures other than the Qur’an. And that would be insulting to Islam’s “prophet” …

Qur’an Sura 8:12b, “… terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.”

By IANS Kolkata, India Today – “As a controversy rages over a ruling Trinamool Congress leader asking party workers to attack houses of Independent candidates in the ongoing panchayat polls, a Trinamool legislator Sunday publicly threatened to decapitate a Congress leader.

The threat was directed at Bapi Dutta, a Congress leader of Birbhum district.

‘Bapi Dutta, it would not take me even a minute to behead you,’ shouted Monirul Islam, Trinamool’s member of assembly from Labhpur in Birbhum district, at an election rally.

Continuing in the same vein, the Trinamool Congress MLA claimed he had ‘squashed’ three people under his feet for committing atrocities against women.

Dutta, the target of the verbal attack, reacted sharply: ‘There is no doubt that Trinamool Congress is a party of anti-socials. People will give Islam’s comments a befitting reply through the ballot.’

The threat comes close on the heels of the party’s Birbhum district president Anubrata Mandal saying at a rally: ‘If Independent candidates issue threats, set fire to their houses.’

Asking the people not to vote for Independent candidates, many of whom are believed to be dissident Trinamool workers, Mandal said: ‘If the administration thinks of supporting the Independents, then hurl bombs at the police and the administration: I am telling you.’

However, facing widespread criticism, Mandal backtracked Thursday claiming it was a ‘slip of tongue’.

The State Election Commission has asked the state government and the district administration to take steps against Mondal, but nothing has been done so far.” Read more.

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Nigeria: Islamic Leader Says Underage Marriage Is A Muslim Right, Demands Respect For Muslim Sensibilities

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Should sensible people respect the insensible? …

9jabook – “A prominent Niger Delta Muslim, Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari, has lashed out at critics of the moves by Nigeria’s Senate to approve under-age marriage.

Expressing his opinion on the issue this morning, Dokubo, who converted to Islam as an adult, insisted that it is the right of Muslims to marry or give out their daughters at any age they wish, adding that this is not the business of non-Muslims.

Said the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF) leader through Facebook:

‘People should learn to respect other people’s sensibilities…We Muslims have the right to marry when we want or give out our daughters at any age we want. It is not your business and the law must respect our right to do so. Anything short of that is an infringement on our rights. We did not ask you to marry ladies of that age or give your daughters out in marriage at that age. Plzzzzzzzz respect our sensibilities.’

News Express reports that the Nigerian Senate has come under fire from outraged Nigerians and the international community after being convinced by Senator Ahmad Yarima to drop a constitutional amendment outlawing marriage to girls under 18. The former Zamfara State governor who once came under fire for marrying a girl believed to be aged 13 had argued that Islam recognises under-age marriage.

Issues pertaining to religion usually evoke strong reactions in Nigeria, a deeply religious nation that has Christianity and Islam as the dominant faiths.” Source – 9jabook.

Flashback: Religiously Sanctioned Pedophilia

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Human Rights Group: Young Christian Women Are Bearing The Biggest Brunt Of Syria’s Two-Year-Old Civil War

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Daniel 11:37a, “Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers [Yahweh], nor the desire of women …”

Al Rod Al Anf, Volume 2, Page 182: “You see [our god Allah] will soon make you inherit their land, their treasures and make you sleep with their women.” (The Words of Mohammed as Recorded by Ibn Hisham)

By Michael Carl, WND – “Syria’s young Christian women are bearing the biggest brunt of the two-year-old civil war, according to a human rights group.

The report by Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, released by Open Doors USA, estimates there have been more than 100,000 casualties since the war’s beginning in 2011.

Five thousand of those casualties are children under the age of 16.

Open Doors spokesman Jerry Dykstra told WND that a disproportionate number of the casualties are young Christian women and girls.

‘The fact is there have been reports of rape of women and girls in Christian communities of Syria. In some of the areas, students stay home from school and church. One report said 5,000 children 16 and below have been killed in the war,’ Dykstra said.

International Christian Concern’s Middle East area specialist Todd Daniels says that non-Muslim Christian women are the target of a fatwa, a religious instruction under Islam.

‘Women, especially those who are non-Sunni, have been particularly affected by the influx of militant Islamic extremists,’ Daniels said. ‘They have taken to abusing non-Sunni women who are viewed as infidels or worse.’

He said the fatwa is an ‘example of the kind of ideology that is not only permitting but in some instances even encouraging treatment of these women in what is really an inhumane way.’

The fatwa was issued by Jordan-born Salafi cleric Sheikh Yasir al-Ajlawni, who said Muslims fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad can legally ‘capture and have sex with all non-Sunni women.’

Daniels says that means the sheik is permitting rape of all non-Muslim women. Even though the fatwa includes all non-Sunni women, he said, Syria’s Christian women are getting the worst treatment.

Daniels said he has met with Syrian who still have close links to the country and has heard a number of stories of attacks.

‘There have been a lot of refugees who have fled from the Qusair region to Damascus, and they have very bad stories of what they are experiencing,’ Daniels said.

A young Syrian Christian woman told WND through Open Doors that before the war, Christians were on the fringes. She said that now they’re rebel targets.” Read more.

Flashback: Raping Women In Syria Is Blessed By “Allah”

Egypt: Christian Girls Being Snatched By Islamist Traffickers

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AINA – “The recent upheaval in Egypt once again brings to the forefront the plight of the country’s Christians who have come under increased attack from Islamists since the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi.

Now they’re hoping and praying Egypt’s next government will do a better job of protecting them from attacks and the trafficking of Christian girls.

Funerals like the recent one at St. Mina Church in North Sinai have become all too familiar for Egyptian Christians. Friends and family recently paid final respects to Father Mina Aboud, a beloved Coptic priest. Islamist gunmen opened fire on Mina July 6 while he drove his car after shopping in the northern Sinai town of el Arish.

Father Mina’s murder was no surprise to Egypt’s Christians because they are frequent targets of attack during times of political instability. Christians have struggled for years–not only to protect their churches, homes and businesses, but also their daughters.

One of the challenges facing Christian families, particularly in Upper Egypt, is the kidnapping of young Christian girls. It generally happens when the girls enter their teen years.

To help avoid this tragedy, some families re-locate to Christian villages. But with that comes a whole new set of challenges.

Manel moved her family from a Muslim village to a Christian one near el Minya because she wanted to protect her oldest daughter Maryam from abduction and forced conversion. She made the decision after noticing some Muslim girls and boys attempting to lure Maryam away from her family and faith.

‘The girls used to tell Maryam, ‘Come with us, we will give you a some money, you are having a hard life.’ The young boys were sending the young girls to do this,’ Manel explained. ‘I feared they would kidnap her and then demand a lot of money to return her, or they would return her and she wouldn’t be in the same way as they took her.’ Now residing as strangers in a new town, Manel’s husband has difficulty finding work.

‘I’m much happier now because it is safe for my daughters here, but the working opportunities for my husband are little because few people know my husband,’ she said.

Maryam’s family borrowed money to buy food and make their house payment. They prayed God would provide help.

She and her family are not alone. Last year, a Helsinki Commission hearing revealed the number of disappearances and abduction of Christian girls is increasing. Human trafficking expert Michel Clark told of more than 800 cases.” Read more.

Flashback: Heartbreaking Video Gives Viewers A Taste Of The Growing Plight Of Egypt’s Christians – “A procession of Christians bravely vows to stand firm in the faith of Christ, even unto death. An anguished church leader cries out to the Lord to deliver His people from their turmoil. A Christian mother languishes over the abduction of her daughter. This is but a mere drop in what has now become a sea of Christian persecution …” Read more.

Iran: Eight Iranian Christians Sentenced To Prison For Reasons Of ‘National Security’

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Those believing in Truth will certainly make a nation whose foundations are based upon lies feel insecure …

Christianity Today – “Eight Iranian Christians received heavy jail sentences on July 16 after being found guilty of ‘action against the national security’ and ‘propaganda against the system’.

According to a story by Morning Star News, human rights group Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) reported that the eight members of the Church of Iran were sentenced in Shiraz, 571 miles south of Tehran.

Seven of them were originally arrested in Oct. 2012, when security forces raided an evening prayer service. The eighth, Massoud Rezaid, was arrested six days later.

Sentences ranged between one and six years.

Morning Star News said Iranian Christian leaders denied the eight were involved in politically subversive activity.

‘In accordance with the gospel, the church is apolitical,’ said a statement released by the National Council of the Church of Iran.

‘While individual Christians are entitled to hold political opinions, the church does not. These charges are entirely without foundation.

‘However, as loyal citizens we will continue to pray for our leaders and for peace and reconciliation in our nation.’…

Morning Star News said the sentencing comes a month after the presidential election of Hassan Rouhani. Many international analysts believed he would be a modernising force after the eight-year presidency of hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his crack-down on religious minorities and political dissidents.

Little has changed in terms of religious freedoms for non-Muslims since Rouhani’s election, CSW Press Officer Kiri Kankhwende told Morning Star News.” Read more.

Flashback: Iran Intensifies Violent Crackdown On Christians, Even Imprisoning Nursing Mothers For Being Non-Muslim – “Iran’s hard-line regime has intensified its violent crackdown on Christians and other religious minorities, even imprisoning nursing mothers for practicing their faith, according to a new UN report. The March report provides a rare, detailed view into the shocking treatment of Christians in Iran, where American Pastor Saeed Abedini is serving an eight-year sentence for his alleged work with Christians. ‘The persecution of Christians has increased,’ said Ahmed Shaheed, the UN’s expert on human rights in Iran.” Read more.

Flashback: Unable To Buy Or Sell: Iran Refusing Business License For Convert To Christianity, Orders Businesses Not To Employ Christians – “Iranian authorities refuse to allow a young man to start his own company because he converted to Christianity and was previously detained on charges of ‘apostasy’, or ‘abandoning Islam’, Iranian Christians said Saturday, July 14. The Iranian Christian, who was not identified, had reportedly been trying to obtain a business license for ‘a technical company’ in northern Iran… Outside prison, government offices are reportedly ordered not to employ Christians and Christians have been deprived from high school or university education, or running their own schools, according to Iranians with close knowledge about the situation.” Read more.

‘We Can Attack Christians’: Muslims In France Riot For Second Day Over Veil Ban, At Least 20 Cars Torched

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Firing weapons, throwing gas bombs, torching cars. France’s interior ministry is urging “calm and dialogue”, but what sort of dialogue can they expect when Muslim rioters disregard everything you have to say? Here’s an update on France’s “moderate” Muslims not-so-peacefully demonstrating for “peaceful purposes” …

Happy Ramadan 2013: Trappes, France

Happy Ramadan 2013: Trappes, France

ynet News – “Some 20 cars have been torched and four people detained in a second night of violence in suburbs west of Paris.

The night before, about 250 people clashed with police in the nearby town of Trappes in apparent protest over the enforcement of France’s ban on Islamic face veils. Interior Minister Manuel Valls said police presence will be reinforced in the area until calm returns.

France’s interior minister said Sunday that the incidents overnight targeted the town of Elancourt. Police union official said on BFM television that about 50 assailants were involved, some firing weapons and a gasoline bomb at police.

About 250 people hurling projectiles clashed with police firing tear gas west of Paris, in apparent protest over enforcement of France‘s ban on Islamic face veils Saturday. Five people were injured and six detained in the violence, authorities said Saturday.

The interior minister urged calm and dialogue, insisting on both the need for public order and respect for France’s Muslims. The incident in the town of Trappes on Friday night reflected sporadic tensions between police upholding France’s strict policies of secularism and those who accuse authorities of discriminating against France’s No. 2 religion.

A few garbage dumpsters in the area were torched and a bus shelter shattered in the Trappes unrest. Spent tear gas capsules lay on the road Saturday near the police station at the center of the violence.

A 14-year-old boy suffered a serious eye injury in the violence, from a projectile of unknown provenance, Prosecutor Vincent Lesclous told reporters. Four police officers were injured and six people were detained in the violence, said an official with the regional police administration.” Read more.

Muslim Immigrant: This Is Only the Beginning, ‘In Twenty Years Trappes Will be Chechnya’ – “Kamel Laouadi, 32 and a father, proudly shows off his two imposing rifles… water rifles. ‘There, that’s a large calibre!’, he jokes, before becoming serious again. ‘We don’t have this hatred for no reason. We would fight for France, but this going into religion all the time has to stop.’ For him, ‘what is going to happen tonight’ is only the beginning. ‘In twenty years, Trappes will be Chechnya!'” Read more.

“We can attack others. We can attack Christians, but we cannot attack a Muslim brother.” (Video at 3:13)

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New Zealand: Powerful Earthquake Sends Residents Screaming From Wellington Buildings

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By Matthew Brockett, Bloomberg – “New Zealanders ran screaming from buildings in Wellington yesterday as a magnitude 6.5 earthquake blew out windows and caused part of the city’s port to slide into the sea.

The earthquake struck at 5:09 p.m. local time and was centered offshore, 57 kilometers (35 miles) south-southwest of the capital city, at a depth of 14 kilometers, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was New Zealand’s biggest quake since a magnitude 6.3 killed 185 people in the South Island city of Christchurch two years ago, and the strongest to hit the central region of the country since 1942, GNS Science seismologist John Ristau said.

There is an 8 percent chance of another magnitude 6 event or larger in the next 24 hours, and 20 percent over the next seven days, Ristau said in a telephone interview. ‘A large earthquake can increase stress or decrease stress on neighboring faults, that’s what we’re looking closely at,’ he said.

The powerful shake, which lasted at least 20 seconds, threw goods from store shelves and caused people to run from buildings such as movie theaters, eyewitnesses said. Four people were hospitalized with minor injuries, state broadcaster TVNZ reported. There were no reports of fatalities.

Downtown Wellington was largely deserted today as aftershocks continued to shake the city. Civil Defense advised people to stay at home and many companies and government departments told staff not to come to work. Parts of the CBD remain cordoned off as smashed glass and debris is removed from sidewalks and engineers assess the safety of high-rise office towers…

The earthquake was the latest in a so-called ‘swarm’ of tremors centered in the Cook Strait that separates New Zealand’s North and South Islands. The nation of 4.4 million people sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a belt of volcanic and quake activity that circles the Pacific Ocean…

Three major earthquakes have rattled Wellington within three days. A magnitude 5.7 event shook office towers and sent workers diving under desks on July 19, while a 5.8 magnitude tremor woke people shortly after 7 a.m. yesterday.

More than 100 aftershocks have been recorded since the magnitude 6.5 quake, some as strong as magnitude 5.2, according to GNS Science’s Geonet website.” Read more.

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China: Strong Shallow Earthquake Strikes Rural Gansu Province, At Least 75 Dead, Hundreds Injured

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CBC News – “A strong earthquake that shook an arid, hilly farming area in northwest China sparked landslides and destroyed or damaged thousands of brick-and-mud homes Monday, killing at least 75 people and injuring more than 450, the government said.

The quake near the city of Dingxi in Gansu province toppled brick walls and telephone lines, shattered mud-and-tile-roofed houses and sent cascades of dirt and rock down hillsides that blocked roads and slowed rescue efforts by crews trying to reach remote areas.

Hospitals set up aid stations in parking lots to accommodate large numbers of injured, while hundreds of paramilitary People’s Armed Police fanned out to search for victims in the region of terraced farmland where the quake struck about 1,200 kilometres west of Beijing.

‘I saw the bulb hanging from the ceiling start swinging wildly around. I woke my two friends and we ran into the bathroom to hide,’ said arts student Li Jingui, 21, who was on the fourth floor of a school dormitory in Dingxi when the shaking started.

‘After the strongest tremors were over, we were worried that there would be aftershocks so we packed our stuff and ran out into a large clearing,’ Li said in a telephone interview.

In addition to the 75 confirmed dead, there were 14 people missing and 459 injured, the central government’s China Earthquake Administration said…

The government’s earthquake monitoring centre said the initial quake at 7:45 a.m. (23:45 GMT Sunday) was magnitude-6.6 and subsequent tremors included a magnitude-5.6.

The quake was shallow, which can be more destructive. The centre said it struck about 20 kilometres beneath the surface while the Gansu provincial earthquake administration said it was just six kilometres deep. The U.S. Geological Survey measured the magnitude of the initial quake as 5.9 and the depth at 10 kilometres.

Initial measurements of an earthquake can vary widely, especially if different monitoring equipment is used.

Su Wei, leader of a 120-member rescue team from the paramilitary People’s Armed Police, told state broadcaster CCTV that they were on their way to the epicentre, but progress was being slowed by mud and rock slides blocking the road.” Read more.

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