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Florida Teenager Converts To Islam, Suddenly Has An Urge To Murder People And Blow Things Up

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For peaceful purposes …

The Washington Post – “JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Florida teen accused of traveling to the Middle East to train with terrorists is facing federal charges.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa announced Thursday that a grand jury has indicted Shelton Thomas Bell, 19, of Jacksonville, on charges of conspiring and attempting to provide material support to terrorists. He faces up to 15 years in prison for each of the two charges.

According to the indictment, Bell had planned to travel to the Arabian Peninsula and join Ansar Al-Sharia, which is an alias for al-Qaida there. The group has taken responsibility for multiple attacks on Yemeni forces, including a suicide bombing during a parade in May 2012, which killed more than 100 Yemeni soldiers. The group has also claimed credit for a series of armed assaults in March 2012, killing more than 100 people, including Yemeni soldiers.

A woman who answered the door at one of Bell’s last known addresses in a small, rural neighborhood in Jacksonville said she was his mother and that his lawyer had advised her not to talk. Asked if she had any indication of what led to the charges, she said, ‘None at all.’

Investigators reported that Bell and others between May and September 2012 engaged in physical, firearm and other training to prepare for armed conflict in the Middle East. Bell is also accused of soliciting others, including young people, to travel overseas with him to train.

According to court records, Bell made video and audio recordings intended to be distributed to others once he arrived in the Middle East. The purpose was to solicit and recruit others there to participate in violent jihad, federal authorities said.

The federal indictment says that Bell and an unidentified person performed ‘a night-time mission’ and vandalized religious statues at a Jacksonville cemetery. The court records also describe how Bell participated in firearms training for an upcoming fight, recorded terrorist recruiting videos and bought a pair of black, tactical gloves for use in combat.

In September 2012, Bell and a juvenile went to Amman, Jordan, and made contact with someone who investigators claimed could help them travel to Yemen to participate in violent jihad.” Read more.

Flashback: Obama Admin: The War On Terror Is ‘Over’ – “… a senior State Department official has announced, ‘The war on terror is over.’ ‘Now that we have killed most of al Qaida … people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al Qaida see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.’ The article itself describes the Obama administration’s new vision of foreign policy, which admits no enemies. Everyone, in this view, is a friend. Islamism, says the Obama administration, is just fine, so long as it does not openly support terrorism. This, of course, is utter foolishness. Islamism is a religious ideological movement that brooks no real alternatives – so while the State Department proclaims ‘a legitimate Islamism,’ it fails to acknowledge that Islamism, ‘legitimate’ or not, is deeply intolerant of any other modes of expression. Not only that, but Islamism works hand-in-glove with terror groups around the world.” Read more.

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Georgia: Muslim Woman Murders Neighbor, Hires Allah As Her Attorney, Says He’ll Seek ‘Vengeance’ If She’s Not Released

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Unfortunately, Allah failed to pass the bar exam because he kept changing his mind after every other question. He can’t even decide whether he’ll bill his client in dollars or Allahu Akbars …

WYFF 4 – “DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. —A Georgia woman accused in her neighbor’s stabbing death appeared in court, threatened a judge and demanded to be released from jail.

Sahara Tabriz Fakhir, 32, is charged with murder in the death of Jerry Wheeler, 66. Fakhir appeared in court Thursday morning.

When a judge asked if Fakhir planned to get an attorney, she said Allah was representing her and would seek vengeance if the judge didn’t release her from jail.

Wheeler, who owned an auto shop, was found dead June 19 when his son came to check on him. Authorities have not disclosed a motive in the homicide.

Jail records show Fakhir is being held without bond on a murder charge. She is charged with giving a false name, birthdate or address.” Source – WYFF 4.

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Expert: Something Massive Might Be ‘Tilting’ The Universe, But We Have No Idea What It Is

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Psalms 19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.”

Job 26:7, “He stretches out the north over empty space; He hangs the earth on nothing.”

By Sarah Griffiths, Mail Online – “Space is a mysterious place and could contain unknown massive structures that act like ‘giant vacuum cleaners that suck galaxies towards them and tilt our universe’, according to one expert.

He points out that cocooned on our relatively comfortable planet, humans tend to think that we have quite a good notion of the laws of the universe.

He claims that we believe we live on a small planet orbiting the sun on the fringes of the Milky Way galaxy, which space enthusiast David Glenn dubs a ‘thoroughly unremarkable galaxy’ in an infinite universe.

According to Glenn, most us us think ‘the laws of physics do not change across the universe, even if what we are examining is billions of light-years away.’

This theory is called the Copernican Principle, upon which experts base most of their scientific knowledge about the universe.

But, Glenn said it could be very wrong.

Scientists have started to look more carefully at the structure of the universe by analysing light from distant galaxies to look at the speed and direction of moving objects like planets and stars.

They have observed that rather than moving apart as expected, some distant clusters of galaxies actually appear to be caught in a space current, much like a river.

And they are moving at incredibly fast velocities or around two million miles an hour, along a certain path.

Scientists are unsure why but have labeled the phenomenon ‘dark flow’.

To work out why this must be happening, Glenn said scientists believe there must be ‘something huge out there.’

‘It would have to be so large that it is bigger than anything scientists have seen in the known universe before.’

Glenn added that it could be so massive it could dwarf galactic clusters, which could be drawn towards it as if the huge object were a giant space vacuum cleaner.

Scientists thinks that this mysterious massive body is so large that is possibly titling our universe.” Read more.

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‘Comet Of The Century’ Nears Earth

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By Megan Gannon, FOX News – “About 10,000 years ago, Comet ISON left our solar system’s distant shell, a region known as the Oort cloud, and began streaking toward the sun. This November, the icy wanderer will reach the climax of its journey, potentially providing a stunning skywatching show here on Earth.

Comet ISON was discovered just last September by two Russian amateur astronomers. Scientists have since recognized ISON as a possible “comet of the century,” but to live up to its promise, it will have to survive its dangerous perihelion, or closest approach to the sun.

ISON is what’s known as a sungrazing comet. These suicidal objects have orbits that bring them within 850,000 miles of the sun, and scientists estimate that ISON’s closest pass will be about 730,000 miles above the surface of Earth’s star. [Photos of Comet ISON: A Potentially Great Comet]

Sometime this month or perhaps in August, ISON is set to cross what’s called the frost line. At this boundary, which lies some 230 million to 280 million miles from the sun, our star’s radiation will start taking its toll on the comet, driving off more of its water and making ISON appear brighter.

ISON’s road will only get rockier from there. After the comet flies by Mars in October and then Mercury in mid-November, intensifying solar radiation will boil more material off ISON; pressure from solar particles could break the comet into pieces; tidal forces will create great gravitational stress; and one ill-timed solar storm could rip the comet’s tail right off.

All eyes will be on ISON as it makes this perilous journey. The comet has already had its picture taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and Swift spacecraft, and in the coming months, the agency has a slew of ISON observations planned for its solar telescopes in space and some instruments on the ground.

In September, NASA will even launch a comet-watching balloon almost 23 miles above Earth’s surface to capture images of ISON with minimal interference from the atmosphere.

If the sun is merciful to ISON when it whips around the star on Nov. 28 (Thanksgiving Day), the comet could light up the sky for weeks. In the Northern Hemisphere, it could be visible in the morning near the east-southeast horizon in early December. Later in the month, and into early January, the comet could be visible all night, according to NASA.” Read more.

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Washington: Muslim Man In Seattle Charged With Kidnapping, Operating Child-Sex Prostitution Ring

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If it's ok with Mohammed, then it's ok with all good Muslims

If it’s ok with Mohammed, then it’s ok with all good Muslims

By Dana Rebik, Q13 Fox News via Sharia Unveiled – “WEST SEATTLE — On any given night in Seattle, there are 1,000 young people with no safe place to sleep. It’s estimated that one in three of them will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home.

‘The next thing you know, they’re in someone’s home who is requiring this of them for a safe place to sleep and from there the dark path begins,’ said Melinda Giovengo, Executive Director of YouthCare.

It happened to a 16-year-old girl in West Seattle. She was kicked out of her house and a friend said she could stay with her and 32-year-old Yussuf Abdulle at an apartment in the 8400 block of Delridge Way SW.

Investigators said Abdulle made the girls have sex with different men three to seven times a day and drugged them with marijuana, ecstasy and methamphetamine. The victim told police Abdulle would sleep near the door of the apartment with a gun and told her there would be a price to pay if she tried to leave.

‘Guns, beatings, the stories are pretty horrific of what happens to these young people to keep them under the control of these monsters,’ Giovengo said. ‘Our biggest efforts have to be in preventing how young people end up in that situation.’

The 16-year-old was able to get out of the apartment and went to a local hospital for help.

Yussuf Abdulle has been charged with kidnapping and two counts of promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor.” Read more.

Flashback: CAIR-Washington Member Omar Abdelbadie Arrested For Raping Twelve-Year-Old Girl – “Omar Abdelbadie was born in Egypt, but has lived in the United States for the past eight years. He is currently studying Neurobiology at the University of Washington. In his free time, he volunteers with CAIR-Washington, promotes interfaith unity as Vice-President of Bridges (the University of Washington’s Interfaith Council), and walks the streets looking for little girls to ply with drugs and take back to his apartment… Of course, perverts can come from all sorts of backgrounds. The point here, however, is that Muslim preachers keep telling us that Islam is the solution to Western immorality. With so many recent cases of Muslim pedophiles targeting little (non-Muslim) girls, I’d say that Muslim preachers have lost the right to tell us what Islam can do for the West.” Read more.

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Pakistan: Christian Father Violently Attacked For Protecting His Daughters From Potential Muslim Rapists

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By Shafique Khokhar, AsiaNews – “Insulted, threatened, beaten and humiliated: this is what happened to a Christian family in Pakistan, attacked by some Muslims, who own a brick factory. The attackers wanted to ‘punish’ Rafique Masih, a 50 year old father, for trying to defend his daughters, harassed by the constant taunts of Muhammad Umai and Muhammad Zubair, nephews of the owner of the factory.

‘This inhuman act – Rafique Masih tells AsiaNews – happened because we are poor and we had requested a loan of 70 thousand rupees (770 dollars) from the owners of the brick factory. They think that poor Christians do not deserve respect and that therefore they can do whatever they want. I may not be rich, but I will fight for justice and for the respect and the dignity of my family.’

Rafique and his wife have seven children, four girls and three boys. After his eldest daughter, Iram, 17, was yet again verbally harassed on July 10 last, the father went to tell the two young men not to bother his daughters anymore. In response, Muslims began to verbally abuse him, insulting him and his family and threatening to ‘teach him a lesson.’

After the argument the Christian returned home, but the same evening Muhammad Umai and Muhammad Zubair appeared at his door looking to continue the argument. Mehboob Masih, 23, one of the sons opened the door, refusing to call his father. At that point the two burst into the house armed with wooden sticks and bricks and began to beat the boy and his father, who came to see what was happening.

The attackers wounded Rafique’s head and broke his arm. Then they slapped and insulted his daughters, trying to drag them into the street to humiliate them. Only the intervention of some neighbors made them desist. At that point, the Muslims held the Christians in their own home, threatening to crush anyone who rushed to their aid and preventing the family from receiving medical treatment.

A few days later, on July 13, some relatives were able to rescue the family with the help of the Justice and Peace Commission (Ncjp), which has been providing medical care and assistance. However, the culprits are still at large.” Source – AsiaNews.

Flashback: Pakistan: Increasing Number Of Christian Girls Kidnapped By Muslims, Raped, Forced To Convert To Islam – “In the recent months there have several reports about the ongoing persecution, kidnapping and abduction of the Christian women and girls in Pakistan… For the last several years there has been an alarming increase in the kidnapping and false conversion of Christian girls. According to a report from the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), last year 1800 Christian and Hindu girls were forcibly converted to Islam. The police hardly registered any cases against the Muslim kidnappers and sometimes even supported them. On some occasions courts even used Islamic laws in favour of the perpetrators.” Read more.

Flashback: Pakistan: 74% of Non-Muslim Women Sexually Harassed By Muslim Men – “Around 74 percent of Pakistani women from minority communities — Christians and Hindus — were sexually harassed, while 43 percent faced religious discrimination at workplaces in 2010 and 2011, a study said. Around 27 percent of minority women faced discrimination in admission to educational institutions and were forced to take Islamic studies for absence of any alternative subject, said National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) executive director Peter Jacob.” Read more.

An Obama Nation: The FBI Has ‘Gone Soft’ On Islamic Terror To The Detriment Of Us All

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Barack Hussein Obama sure knows how to pick ’em


Investor’s Business Daily – “Homeland Insecurity: If there’s any doubt the FBI’s gone soft on Islamic terror and may be overlooking more Boston-style plots, witness the bureau chief’s recent Hill testimony.

In a testy exchange with Republican lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee, FBI Director Robert Mueller reluctantly acknowledged FBI counterterrorism training materials have been purged of references to ‘jihad’ and ‘Islam’ and that counterterrorism agents have been restricted from doing undercover investigations at mosques.

These outrageous policies likely contributed to the FBI missing signs of radicalization in the Muslim community — including that of the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston. The marathon bombers operated in plain sight of the FBI before killing three and wounding 260.

During the hearing, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, blasted Mueller for concluding his agency had done an ‘excellent’ and ‘thorough job’ protecting the public and for saying he didn’t know what more could have been done to disrupt the marathon bombing plot.

Gohmert also read aloud from IBD’s recent editorial on the subject, ‘Obama’s Snooping Excludes Mosques, Missed Boston Bombers.’

Mueller confirmed that instead of investigating the militant Boston mosque where the bomber brothers were radicalized, the FBI partnered with it for political ‘outreach.’

Asked if he was aware the mosque was co-founded by a convicted terrorist cited by the Treasury Department as an al-Qaida fundraiser, Mueller sheepishly replied, ‘I was not.’

The same mosque also has graduated several other convicted terrorists. The FBI helped put all these terrorists behind bars, yet didn’t tie them back to the mosque. If the bureau had, it would have seen something rotten with the leadership there.

FBI documents recently released from the 9/11 investigation of al-Qaida cleric Anwar Awlaki reveal he was a close associate of the current lead imam of that same Boston mosque. Yet agents still reached out to the imam as a trusted ‘partner.’

The FBI, moreover, had the Tsarnaev brothers on its anti-terrorist radar — thanks only to a tip from Russian intelligence — yet didn’t track them back to the mosque or monitor their behavior at that mosque.

Even with the brothers’ photos and case files in the FBI database, the bureau had to appeal to the American people to ID the evil jihadists on national TV.

It’s a sorry — and scary — state of affairs when the director of the FBI and his field agents know less than the public about major threats from Islamic fanatics living among us.

Mueller wasn’t always Mr. Magoo. Who put the PC blinders on him? Eric Holder.” Read more.

Flashback: Eric Holder’s Willful Ignorance About The Religious Roots Of Islamic Terrorism Is Endangering Americans – “Attorney General Eric Holder is stereotyping Muslims in America, and his willful ignorance about the religious roots of Islamic terrorism endangers Americans and marginalizes Muslim reformers, say experts on Islamist terror groups. That assessment was prompted by Holder’s announcement during a Tuesday congressional hearing that American Muslims ‘have the same desires that we all have.’ His declaration came during an answer about the training manuals used by some FBI trainers, which have drawn furious criticism from Islamist lobby groups. Those manuals, Holder said, contain training lessons that ‘can really undermine, really undermine, the really substantial outreach efforts that we have made and really have a negative impact on our ability to communicate effectively, as we have in the past, with this community.’” Read more.

Beasts Of The Earth: The Western ‘Media’ Is Minimizing And Ignoring Atrocities Being Committed By Islamists

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While the West continues to sleep, we must not. Caution: Please be forewarned that the videos linked to in the article below will be extremely disturbing to some …

By Raymond Ibrahim, Frontpage Mag – “Based on a widely circulated video and statements from the Vatican, it was believed that Fr. Francois Murad, a Catholic Syrian priest, was recently beheaded in Syria.  It was not long before others ‘vigorously denied‘ the story, saying that the Christian priest was actually shot dead.  And now that’s fast become the ‘big’ news.  For example, according to the Telegraph, ‘The footage, said to show Father Francois Murad, 49, as the victim in a brutal summary execution by foreign jihadists is likely to be an older video that bares no relation to the death of the Catholic priest. Father Murad ‘died when he was shot inside his church’ in the northern Syrian Christian village of Ghassaniyeh on June 23, three separate local sources, who did not wish to be named, told the Telegraph.’

So apparently that makes it better?  That seems to be the Telegraph’s take, for it continues: ‘Claims that Father Murad was one of two men to be decapitated by a foreign jihadist group went viral, with outrage expressed in blogs and articles worldwide.’ So now that he wasn’t beheaded, only shot dead inside his church, there’s no longer any call for ‘outrage’?

At any rate, welcome to the ‘distraction’ tactic being exploited by the many elements trying to minimize the atrocities being committed by the jihadis—also known as the ‘Free Syrian Army’ (FSA)—in Syria.  Supporters of these jihadis exploit the fact that, in a time of war, as currently in Syria, news is not always reliable.  They also claim that any news that portrays the Syrian government as the ‘good guys’—such as nonstop videos of the FSA committing atrocities—is just pro-Assad propaganda, that cannot be trusted (they never seem to see the flipside to this logic, that Western media can be disseminating false anti-Assad propaganda).

Thus, let’s not focus too much on the exact particulars—for indeed, exact information is not always clear—and rather acknowledge the big picture: namely that beheadings have become very common in Syria, even if we don’t always know the identities of those beheaded.  But we do know who are doing the beheadings: al-Qaeda linked jihadis who are trying to transform Syria into a Sharia-ruling emirate.

Consider the video which some are now saying was not Fr. Murad—who was only shot (whew!)  Whoever the men being beheaded are, what you are witnessing is the true face of the Syria ‘rebellion’—jihadis, most of them obviously foreigners.  The ring leader appears perhaps Chechnyan, and can hardly speak proper Arabic (but one of the few phrases that he utters that is understandable is ‘we are enforcing the rules of Allah’).  The bound men are then beheaded to wild cries of ‘Allahu Akbar!’

To appreciate the frequency of such beheadings, do a quick YouTube search with words like ‘Syria’ and ‘beheadings,’ and you will see any number of graphic videos of Syrians being beheaded by U.S.-backed jihadis.  These are the videos that have still not been identified and removed by YouTube, but which likely soon will.  Before them, there were many others that are now gone.

Among some of the ones currently up, are Read more…

UK: Man With ‘Middle Eastern Accent’ Sexually Assaults 75-Year-Old Woman In Broad Daylight In Public Park

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He claimed that he wanted to “practice his English”, but it wasn’t English that he was practicing. There is not a single verse in Islam’s “holy book” which even remotely discourages forced sex upon non-Muslim women, but there are several verses that green-light rape and other sexual crimes for the cause of “Allah” …

BBC – “A 75-year-old woman has been ‘sexually assaulted in broad daylight’ while sitting on a bench in a Salford park, police have said.

Her attacker asked if he could ‘practice his English with her’ in Peel Park at around 14:00 BST on Thursday.

He then asked her sexual questions and ‘kissed her and touched her inappropriately’, before running off.

Det Con Lucy Pearson said he ‘took advantage of kindness and sexually assaulted an elderly woman’.

The man was described by police as being in his mid 20s and of average build, with a middle eastern accent.

He was wearing a black sweatshirt with a yellow logo on the left sleeve, black trousers, black shoes, black rimmed glasses and was carrying a pink A4 folder.

Ms Pearson said there were ‘a number of people in the park due to the recent good weather’ who may have witnessed the attack.

She added that the man had ‘made off towards the Maxwell building at Salford University’.” Source – BBC News.

Flashback: Muslim Rapist: Women Have No Rights Or Opinions In Islam – “A practicing Muslim man raped and threatened a young Norwegian girl for several hours. Numerous rapes in Sweden over the past several years have been committed by ‘non-Western men,’ e.g., Muslims… ‘He said that he had the right to do exactly as he wanted to a woman. Why? Because that is how it was in his religion. Women did not have rights or opinions. He was in charge.’ Islam teaches utter disrespect for women, who are mere possessions of savage men, to be raped whenever the beasts feel like it.” Read more.

Flashback: Canada: Muslim Cleric Wants To Force All Women To Wear Burkas, Head Scarves And Face Veils (Or They’ll Get Raped) – “But don’t worry, this enlightened Muslim cleric only wants all non-Muslim women to dress like Muslim women because he cares so much for their safety.  Indeed, nothing shows you care more for the inferior sex than blaming them for being sexually assaulted. Because they’re asking for it, right?” Read more.

Flashback: Egyptian Cleric: Christian Women Who Refuse To Dress Like Islamic Women Should Get Raped – “‘I was once asked: If I came to power, would I let Christian women remain unveiled? And I said: If they want to get raped on the streets, then they can,’ Ashry told Nahar TV last week. Introducing a Saudi-style anti-vice police force to enforce Islamic law was ‘not a bad thing’, he said, and added: ‘In order for Egypt to become fully Islamic, alcohol must be banned and all women must be covered.’” Read more.

Flashback: Australia: Muslim Teacher Says Raped Women Have Nobody To Blame But Themselves – “A victim of rape every minute somewhere in the world. Why? No one to blame but herself. She displayed her beauty to the entire world … Strapless, backless, sleeveless, nothing but satanic skirts, slit skirts, translucent blouses, miniskirts, tight jeans: all this to tease man and appeal to his carnal nature.” Read more.

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