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Mississippi: Red Tide, Low Oxygen Blamed As 80+ Tons Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore Southern Coast

WLOX – “Eighty tons of dead fish and there’s still more. On Wednesday crews with the Harrison County Beach Authority were back cleaning up the dead fish from Monday’s Jubilee fish kill.

The Jubilee left thousands of dead fish floating in the Mississippi Sound mostly between Long Beach Harbor and the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor. Several people got in the water to scoop up an easy catch. But, beach vendors say the fish kill is also an easy way to hurt busy.

‘Fifteen-feet of just straight fish floating out in the water and by midday they all washed out onto the shoreline. So when our customers saw that they kinda, they all decided to leave. It smelled pretty bad. Your eyes were burning if you were down here. You kinda hurt your respiratory system. You could feel it tingling,’ said beach vendor Damien Mckeown.

Harrison County Sand Beach Director Chuck Loftis says crews will be back out Thursday to clean up the left over fish found primarily inbetween Debuys Road and the coliseum. All the fish are going to a landfill.” Source – WLOX.

Researchers Blame Red Tide, Low Oxygen Blamed For ‘Jubilee’ Fish Kill – “Researchers now know what caused a widespread fish kill along the beaches of South Mississippi Monday. Thousands of dead fish started washing ashore in Harrison County, Hancock County, and Cat Island in the early morning hours.The Department of Marine Resources says one reason is low oxygen levels, due to the warm water. Several samples also pointed to Red Tide algae blooms in the Mississippi Sound that can deplete the oxygen and clog the gills of fish.” Read more.

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