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Egypt: Islamist Group Calls Upon Supporters To ‘Take To The Streets’ After Friday Prayers, Morsi Supporters Clash With Police

By Gil Ronen, INN – “There is fear in Egypt that bloodshed will take place on Friday, the first Friday after the military deposed elected Islamist president Mohammed Morsi following demonstrations by millions of citizens.

The Egyptian Islamic Coalition, headed by the Muslim Brotherhood, called on supporters to take to the streets after the Friday prayers and hold huge rallies. Citizens were asked told to “demonstrate peacefully and say ‘no’ to the army’s arrests and ‘no’ to the military coup.

The Coalition said it was time ‘to break the collusion with corrupt figures from the period of the Mubarak regime.’

Al Ahram explained that the Coalition is an umbrella group that unites 40 Islamic movements, parties and organizations. It is headed by the Muslim Brotherhood and its polical party, the Freedom and Justice party.” Read more.

Muslim Brotherhood Announces It Wants Nothing To Do With Military’s New ‘Civilian Government‘ – “‘We declare our complete rejection of the military coup staged against the elected president and the will of the nation,’ the Brotherhood said in a statement that the group’s senior cleric Abdel-Rahman el-Barr read to Morsi’s supporters staging a days-long sit-in in Cairo. ‘We refuse to participate in any activities with the usurping authorities,’ it said. There are fears of a violent backlash from Islamists against the army move, particularly from hard-liners, some of whom belong to former armed militant groups. Clashes between Islamists and police erupted in multiple places around the country after the army’s announcement of Morsi’s removal Wednesday night, leaving at least nine dead.” Read more.

Supporters Of Deposed Morsi Clash With Police And Military Near Cairo University – “Violence in Egypt has been renewed, some 24 hours after elected president Mohamed Morsi was deposed by the military. Egyptian media reported that there were clashes Thursday afternoon between supporters of Morsi and security forces at A-Nahda, near Cairo University. Several protesters climbed atop military armored personnel carriers and called out slogans against the military council that deposed Morsi. Security forces fired in the air to disperse the crowd. One person was arrested on suspicion that he held explosives.” Read more.

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