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Iran: Female Swimmer’s Time Goes Unrecorded Because Her Head-To-Toe Bathing Suit Was ‘Too Revealing’

In the logical Islamic Republic of Iran, women’s hair releases mind-controlling sex rays. Women’s clothing causes earthquakes. And, who knows, maybe women’s nail polish is somehow responsible for their lack of rainConsidering how hot and bothered the Iranian authorities are over what women wear and how they look, perhaps we’ve finally stumbled upon the real cause of global warming 

France 24 – “An Iranian woman has taken on a difficult challenge: to swim as long as possible in open waters, where she has to wear a diving suit, a full jacket, and a headscarf. However, this was still not enough for the sports authorities, who she claims told her they could not record her latest swim because her outfit was too revealing.

 In Iran, women swimmers usually compete in all-female pools, and only at the national level, not abroad, to avoid being seen by men. Professional swimmer Elham Sadat Asghari, however, prefers swimming in the sea, and has repeatedly asked the authorities to certify her attempts at breaking her own records, which they did just once, in 2008.
She told Iranian media that on June 11, she swam 20 kilometres in the Caspian Sea, near the northern city of Noshahr. However, she explained that representatives from Iran’s sports ministry tried to knock her distance down by two kilometres, and in the end decided not to officially recognise her feat at all due to the fact that her figure was ‘visible’ when she came out of the water. The sports ministry has not made any statements on this incident, and has not as of yet replied to requests for comment.
In the past week, thousands of Iranians have voiced their support for Asghari on Facebook. In the video below, subtitled in English by her fans, she thanks them for this.” Source – France 24.
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  1. Sharon
    07/02/2013 at 11:03 PM

    Brave lady


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