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France: Butcher Terrorized And Driven Out By Muslims Because He Sold Pork

Maybe the Anti-Crest found pork in his toothpaste

At least one of the signs is right

At least one of the signs is correct

By Claire Staes, Le Mensuel de Rennes via Islam verses Europe – “Intimidations, proselytism, drug trafficking… For several months, shopkeepers and locals in the Italie shopping centre, in Rennes, have been complaining about pressures and they talk about a deteriorating climate. In the crosshairs: a handful of troublemakers.

In the Italie shopping centre, in the Blosne district of Rennes, the butcher-processor has finally closed its doors at the end of April. ‘Worn out by the pressure,’ the shopkeeper sold his premises. At the beginning of June, in renovated premises, a halal butcher will move in, the second in this site which has fifteen shops.

In eleven years of operation, the butcher has had his window smashed a dozen times. Why? ‘Because I had the misfortune to sell pork!’, assures Jérôme. A few years ago, a message of about fifty centimetres was engraved by knife on to a wooden door in the back of his shop: ‘Death to the pigs, we will bleed you.’

‘As in previous cases, I filed a complaint at the police station. As in the previous cases, the police refused to come here to take note of it. I am bitter.’ According to the man in his forties, the intimidations even went as far as physical threats. ‘Three years ago, one evening, a dozen thugs came into my shop. They told me that if I cooked galettes-saucisses [tn: sausage pastries, a delicacy associated with Rennes] outside, as has been the tradition since forever, it would end very badly. Right away, I stopped making galettes-saucisses on Friday, a day of prayer for Muslims. I made them on Saturday in the early morning, when the troublemakers in this district are still asleep.’

Shocked by what they consider ‘racist’ acts, the inhabitants have circulated a petition to denounce these actions and show their solidarity with the butcher. Several hundred signatures were collected. ‘Nothing changed,’ Jérôme admits publicly. ‘I tried to resist, but I’ve given up. Today, I’m abandoning the ship. However, my business is doing well.’

In the district, the butcher’s misfortunes are known to everyone. All the more so as they do not appear to be isolated. Abdalah, owner of the neighbouring halal grocer’s shop, set up in the Italie only a few months ago. The young men recounts how, several times, people demanded that he stop selling alcohol. ‘I changed the place of my bottles, but I held firm. It passed. Today, there’s no hostility.’ A chemist who has been here for nine years, Anne explains: ‘There is no crime problem here. It’s quite calm. But there is a problem of intolerance, something we didn’t see before.'” Source – Islam verses Europe.

Flashback: France: Two Muslim Men Attack 23-Year-Old Man … For Eating A Ham Sandwich – “A few years ago, Muslim cabbies at the Minneapolis airport began to refuse to carry passengers who were carrying alcohol. It became a big controversy, as some counter-jihad activists began asking whether the cab drivers would soon begin enforcing other Sharia rules upon their non-Muslim customers. Would they, for example, refuse to carry a passenger who had a ham sandwich? Such concerns were dismissed at the time as hysterical exaggerations of what was presented as a completely innocuous attempt by the cab drivers to exercise their religious freedom. But now, with this incident, we see the next step that we predicted all those years ago: the violent enforcement of Sharia provisions on non-Muslims — in what still is, for the moment, a non-Muslim country.” Read more.

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  1. 07/01/2013 at 12:17 PM

    Before you know it we’ll have Halal deodorant, shaving cream, mouthwash…


  2. ICA
    07/01/2013 at 4:14 PM

    They already do.



  3. 07/01/2013 at 7:05 PM

    Wow, can’t even make a joke about this. I had no idea it goes that far…holy, I mean, halal cow!


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