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Muslim Immigration And The Fate Of Europe

Proverbs 14:12, “There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.”

By Nikolaas de Jong, The Brussels Journal – “Is European civil war inevitable? Increasingly the question is posed these days not only by those who were in the past labeled alarmists and political amateurs, but by all sorts of people who are waking up to the disconcerting aspects of Muslim immigration in Europe. At first thought, predicting civil war would indeed still sound somewhat irresponsible to many westerners, especially the middle and upper classes who have retreated in pleasant and quiet suburbs, and therefore believe the whole country must look like their quiet, pleasant suburbs,  populated by the same friendly and orderly kind of people. Indeed it is stunning to what extent  this group have become totally isolated from evolutions in their own country, to the point that once again we may refer to ‘the two nations’; the pays réel, so to speak, composed of people who are often confronted with Muslim behavior and simply don’t like what they see, and the pays légal, composed of the estranged upper middle classes and politicians of all parties. I can very well imagine that all warnings about growing Islamic influence in our cities, and eventually in the country as a whole, strikes these people as apocalyptic. Nonetheless, -and this is also an answer to critics of Islam who aren’t very impressed by the Islamic threat and believe a Muslim takeover is impossible- it is very hard to deny the overwhelming evidence, both relating to current affairs and to larger historical patterns, that within the next century Europe will witness, if not an Islamic takeover, at least serious internal tensions that will probably complete the process of decline that set in after the First world war.

The problem of large numbers of Islamic immigrants arriving in Europe each year, is serious enough in itself. Currently, the Muslim population is believed to exceed ten percent in France, and in all major European countries it has reached the five per cent mark some time ago. It may be true that, as some critics of the ‘Eurabia’ thesis reassuringly note, a less than ten per cent total for western Europe as a whole is not alarmingly great, because their influence on society as whole is negligible even if they pose grave problems by themselves. But this is to ignore the long-term evolution: since 2000, the Islamic population in Europe and the United States has almost doubled, and there is no  reason to assume that this trend will not continue in the next decades; already, it can be predicted with certainty that some major European cities will have a Muslim majority some years from now. Arguments to counter this prediction are unconvincing and, mostly, simply ignore reality: Muslim birth-rates may be slowly declining, but as Muslim communities in the west become larger and form their own closed systems, impervious to western influence, this decline is already becoming less marked.  Second, even with declining birth rates, there is not much hope if immigration continues as it does today, legal as well as illegal. It has been estimated that in the worst case of the United Kingdom, about two hundred thousand immigrants arrive each year, undoubtedly for a large part Muslims, and Sweden is actively encouraging immigrants and expects to receive another forty thousand of them this year. In total, more than a million immigrants are still arriving in Europe annually, and current democratic policies and standards can in no way suffice to stem this avalanche. Europe will probably only be shaken out of complacency when it is too late, and the apparatus of state coercion will already partly be dominated by the Islamic community.

But the problem is not simply a demographic problem: as readers of the BJ will know, the Muslim immigration question in the West is intimately connected with political and cultural factors, first of all the influence of the Arab oil countries, and secondly the demographic explosion in the Muslim world. In fact, the revival of Islam stems from these two factors, combined with the cultural crisis in the west and the corresponding dominance of political correctness. You do not have to accept the Eurabia theory to appreciate the weight of these factors: maybe it cannot be ascertained that at a given moment political leaders from Europe and Saudi Arabia concocted some scheme and that all current evolutions have been planned in some way, but what is certain is that Saudi oil money has bought large segments of the American and West-European campus and has decisively influenced the academe and policy makers with its propaganda campaign to obscure the real nature of Islam. And of course, it must be visible to all that the foreign policy decisions of western nations have been determined by Arab demands and preferences, as in the Bosnian crisis when the US deployed an air force to protect Bosnian Muslims who were in fact the original aggressors, while at the same time hundreds of thousands of Christians were slaughtered in Darfur by Jihadist, and the international community even refused to impose an air blockade. Similarly, the Obama administration rushes in to complain to the Burmese government about its treatment of Muslims, while Christians and other minorities are almost without exception persecuted in Islamic countries, first of all in Egypt and Nigeria, and all western response is lacking.” Read more.

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