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The Wall Street Journal: Let Al-Qaeda And Hezbollah Fight It Out In Syria

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Let Allah sort it out“. With the Muslim Brotherhood & Al-Qaeda standing firmly in one corner while in the other the Ayatollahs & Hezbollah dig in, this divided kingdom will remain a kingdom divided. As long as there remains no secular fighting force to speak of in rebel-controlled Syria, arming anyone would only serve to needlessly draw more parties into an already expanding abyss of death …

Proverbs 22:24-25, “Make no friendship with a man given to anger, nor go with a wrathful man, lest you learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare.”

By DOUGLAS MURRAY, The Wall Street Journal – “The war in Syria has been a catastrophe for the Syrian people. But as the composition of the military opponents has become clearer—al Qaeda-linked Islamists dominating one side, Bashar Assad’s forces and Hezbollah the other—it has become obvious that the window of opportunity for outside intervention is closed. We must now have in mind Henry Kissinger‘s famous remark during the Iran-Iraq war: It’s too bad they both can’t lose.

Western governments no longer have the will, capability or patience to act in such a forum. And to dabble without wishing to get more deeply involved is a pathetic option.

So when the British prime minister and foreign secretary talk of arming a ‘moderate opposition’ to Assad, they are talking of a diminishing and soon-to-be extinct force. If there was ever a chance of helping such moderates into power, it has passed. What moderates existed have been replaced by extremists, and the West must have no part in assisting them.

It is not Assad propaganda but the simple flood of news that now confirms this. What Vladimir Putin alluded to at the opening of the G-8 summit last week was true: that a young Syrian opposition fighter called Abu Sakkar was captured on video last month cutting out and biting into the lung of an opponent. Similar atrocities include those of ‘opposition’ forces who recently tortured and executed, in front of his parents, a 15-year-old coffee seller in Aleppo. Mohammad Qataa’s ‘crime’ was an overheard comment alleged by these judges, jurors, torturers and executioners to be blasphemous.

Other ‘rebels’ include the killers of Andrei Arbashe, a 38-year-old Christian taxi driver who was recently beheaded and his body fed to dogs near the Turkish border, all because his brother was allegedly overheard referring to the opposition as bandits.

Of course, the atrocities do not go in one direction. Assad’s forces have been performing acts of barbaric violence from the outset of this war, aided by Hezbollah. We did nothing to stop them then. Yet the British government now appears eager to arm someone—anyone—to tip the balance in the war. This is a mistake.

The moment they do so, their complicity will shift from the tangential complicity of the bystander to the more serious complicity of the enabler. This is not just a moral question, but a practical one too: How do David Cameron and William Hague hope to go about arming only the ‘good’ rebels while ensuring that their weaponry does not fall into the hands of the ‘bad’ ones?” Read more.

Michigan: McDonald’s Drops Halal Food From U.S. Menu After Paying $700,000 In Muslim Lawsuit

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Here’s an update on this story. It may have sounded like a good idea at first, but McDonald’s execs are now left with a bitter taste in their mouths after offering halal menu items in Dearbornistan. This win may encourage others to engage in yet another form of lawsuit jihad, but whether or not other halal-serving restaurants and food distributors begin rethinking their efforts to bow down to Allah and the best of peoples, however, remains to be seen …

By Niraj Warikoo, Detroit Free Press – “DETROIT — There have been only two McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. that have offered halal food. Both were in east Dearborn, Mich., which has a sizable population of Arab-American Muslims.

But after a contentious lawsuit that accused the restaurant chain of selling non-halal items advertised as halal, McDonald’s has yanked its Halal Chicken McNuggets and Halal McChicken sandwiches off the menu. The move brings to an end a unique product that made the two McDonald’s restaurants popular with Muslims.

‘Those items have been discontinued as a result of our continued efforts to focus on our national core menu,’ a spokesman for McDonald’s said Friday.

At one of the two restaurants, the Ford Road location, a sign in Arabic and English on its drive-through menu informs customers that halal items are no longer available. The decision to discontinue the products after a 12-year run drew a mixed reaction in Dearborn: Some were disappointed, while others said it was a good move because McDonald’s had problems before with selling halal food.

The removal of the halal items, which was done last month, comes after a lawsuit filed in 2011 alleging that the fast-food restaurant was selling non-halal chicken it claimed was halal. Halal is the Muslim equivalent of kosher, requiring that meat be prepared according to Islamic guidelines, such as reciting a prayer while the animal is cut. In some cases, employees at the Ford Road location were mistakenly giving non-halal products to customers who asked for halal ones.

A $700,000 settlement was reached in April that allocated $275,000 to the Huda Clinic, a Muslim health center in Detroit; $150,000 to the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, and $25,000 to Ahmed Ahmed, a Dearborn Heights man who filed the lawsuit against McDonald’s. The rest went to attorney fees.” Read more.

Flashback: The West Bowing Down To Halal Allah

Algerian Writer: Islamists And Jihadis Are A Cancer On The Face Of The World

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Or, according to the inspired Word of God, a “dreadful and terrible” Beast, exceedingly strong that devours, breaks in pieces and tramples the residue with its feet …

Daniel 7:25, He will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law; and they will be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time.

John 16:2b, “… the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing a holy service for God.”

What man and his pompous words does the Islamic world revere above all others?

What man and his pompous words does the Islamic world revere above all others?

By Kamel Daoud, Le Quotidien via Gatestone Institute – “It is not going to stop, [instead] it keeps on reproducing itself in the cities of the Sahara, it becomes vocal and shouts, then kills, taking you by the throat; it destroys giant Buddhas and [people’s] bodies and advances like a desert that dries out even the desert itself: salafism/Islamism/fundamentalism, the cancer on the face of the world and on the will to live.

All this no longer obeys the ancient forms of the threat: it is no longer a brigade, a group or a front, but a sort of tumor: it may swell under your armpit or on the streets of London. It kills; we then arrest the killer, but we do not stop the disease. We kill the hostage taker, but not the malignant cell. And it has a banner, a sort of skein of darkness, that is waved in the dry and dead wind of a theological infinity. It is everywhere and it is like barbed wire running over your bare skin. Everywhere, as the living dead himself explains: ‘It is Allah who says that Sharia should be implemented.’ And ‘in Islam there is no democracy, for that would mean that people have the right to challenge Allah and to decide in His stead. This is inadmissible and one will not allow this heresy, may God protect us.’

Who is speaking? A dead cell, convinced that God spoke to it and that it has the right to infect a world that shines and replace it with a world that kills.

Unbelievable: at first, one might think that Islamism is an ideology, a policy or a line of thought. This is a simplistic point of view — political orthodoxy, conventional wisdom and ideas. No, we must also see through the prism on biology: It is a disease, which intends to devour the world, it is not an issue of faith and belief.

A salafist man is not looking for God, but in the dark, he is after your throat. He believes that the whole world must believe the way he does and, if it does not, it is the whole world that is ‘sick’ and must be brought back to the right path. By persuasion or by blood.

The salafist man finds it unbelievable that there are people who do not think the same way he does! He considers this difference as a personal attack. He is astonished that the whole world is not Muslim and he is going to correct this.

First of all, we must stop talking about ideas: It is a disease like the Plague in the Middle Ages. It is the disease of the century, but without poetry. It is a Read more…

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