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Pakistan: Christian Teenager Tortured, Murdered While In Police Custody

It seems like many of the police in Pakistan are only there to serve and protect … Islam …

Christians in Crisis – “Thousands of Christians in Punjab had recently taken to the streets in protest at the alleged torture and murder of a teenager who was held in police custody. Eighteen-year-old Adnan Masih died at Sharaqpur Sharif city police station in the district of Sheikhupura on June 10th, after being detained for six days. More than 4,000 Christians staged road blocks on the day of his death, demanding justice and the immediate arrest of the police involved. Three police officers have since been arrested.

Adnan, a fridge and air-conditioning mechanic who worked in nearby Lahore, was arrested on June 4th over the alleged kidnapping of a young Muslim woman. His family say he did not even know the woman and was entirely innocent. They also state that Adnan was brutally tortured during the six days of his detainment and then killed. The police are reportedly claiming that Adnan committed suicide.

The Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) was summoned by villagers to help them register a case with police against Adnan’s alleged attackers. They believe that Adnan was targeted because of his faith as other non-Christian suspects were released within a day. Learn more about the challenges of believers in Pakistan by going to www.persecution.net/pakistan.htm.” Source – Christians in Crisis.

Flashback: Pakistan: Christian Beaten By Police For Drinking Water From Glass Belonging To Muslims – “A Christian worker at a veterinary dispensary building shared by a police post has accused two police officials of beating and humiliating him for drinking water from a glass used by the policemen… According to the complaint, Sarfaraz took Nisar Masih to the office of Ahmed on seeing him drink water from the office cooler. Ahmed asked Nisar Masih about his religion. When he responded that he was a Christian, Ahmed remarked, ‘How dare you drink from a Muslim’s glass?’” Read more.

Flashback: Pakistan: Police Refuse To Open Formal Investigation After Murder Of 14-Year-Old Christian Boy – “A brutal murder, of a shadowy nature, has shaken the Christian community in Pakistan … police in Faisalabad found the horribly mutilated body of Suneel Masih in an isolated area of ​​the city. They boy a Christian orphan from the city had disappeared two days earlier… But investigators have yet to open an investigation into the terrible murder of the 14 year old orphan Christian, whose funeral took place yesterday in the presence of minority leader and local politicians.” Read more.

Flashback: Pakistan: Christian Couple Tortured by Police, Resist Pressure to Convert to Islam – “Salma Emmanuel and her husband, Rashid Emmanuel, were tortured by Pakistani police over a three-day period after Salma, a maid, was falsely accused of stealing from her employer, according to news reports. ‘I begged them for mercy, pleading that I am five months pregnant, but they continued their merciless onslaught,’ said Salma, referring to the policewomen who tortured her. ‘They continued to try to force me to admit to the crime, even threatening that they would kill my baby, but I refused to confess a false allegation.’” Read more.


  1. Leya
    06/23/2013 at 7:49 PM

    Could this be America’s future? Are we slowly allowing violent Muslims take over our laws and our freedoms? Wake up, people! Soon it will be too late to stop the Muslim murderers and it will be a nightmare. So wake up now!


  1. 06/23/2013 at 10:57 AM

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